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Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Box

Wantable Fitness officially launched today, and Wantable reached out to me to see if I could review the service the day it launched. I know there were a lot of questions about this new subscription, so of course I said yes. (Also, I love fitness clothing!)

Just like the other Wantable subscriptions, you take a very detailed quiz to kick off your subscription, and get products based only on your sizes, color and item preferences.

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review First Look

Wantable sent me this box for review purposes.(Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Items

The Subscription Box: Wantable Fitness

The Cost: $20 for the styling fee plus the cost of clothing.

The Products: 5 athletic wear pieces selected by a stylist based on your preferences. Keep 3 or more pieces save 20%, Keep all 5 save 30%

Ships to: US

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Info

This service is very similar to Stitch Fix. You get a price breakdown on each item, and the $20 styling fee is deducted from any item you keep. If you keep all items you get a 30% discount on the total order.

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Return

The packing list also came with a return label to send back any items you weren’t interested in.

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Hoodie

HPE Luxe Transition Hoodie – Cost to Keep $125

This hoodie is fantastic. I was expecting just a normal hoodie, but when I put it on I could tell that it was somewhat fitted. It still has that wonderful comfort of a hoodie, but it’s actually a flattering fit too!

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Tank

NUX Tava Rouched Tank – Cost to Keep $52

This tank has built-in rouching throughout the middle, and a built-in sports bra too. It’s another super flattering item!

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Capri

Body Language Sportswear Sierra Capri – Cost to Keep $74

When I first saw these out of the box I thought they looked way too tiny to be a size large, but they sent me the right size. Turns out it’s just a super stretchy material. And it has some fun stitching on the back;

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Back

Wantable Fitness Subscription Service Review Bras

DYLN Becoming Sports Bra – Cost to Keep $62

Daquini Lily Sports Bra – Cost to Keep $64

Both of these sports bras are so comfortable, and they also look really fashionable too! I would say they are both good for low to medium impact activities like yoga, strength training etc., but not high-impact sports.

Verdict: I am very impressed with the quality and curation of the items in my first Wantable Fitness box. If I was to keep all items the total cost would be $244.60 – roughly $49 an item. It’s definitely a pricier subscription than Fabletics, but if you’re looking to try out different high-end fitness brands, or like the idea of a stylist sending you items you might not pick out yourself, I think this is a really well done box. It feels very luxe.  And they make it super easy to send anything back – which is very important for a subscription service like this.

What do you think of the new Wantable Fitness Subscription service? Will you be trying it?

Also, answers to two questions that came up from my original post about this service launching:

1) This stylist service is only for Fitness. Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates will continue as they are.

2) They plan on adding more sizes to the service in November.

Wantable Fitness

How do subscribers rate Wantable Fitness?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (29)

  1. If Wantable changed their fitness box to be the same as their other box platforms, ie: keep all or nothing, I’d be all over that, even if it was at a higher price point than the current boxes. Thank God I wasn’t duped (I was ~this close~ though!) into trying something that would only take $20 out of my pocket. Nice try Wantable. I am now also planning on taking a break from the other 2 boxes I receive from them, I feel like they have gone downhill lately and it’s been disappointing to see. Is it me, or do they seem to chuck your profile out the window when packing the boxes these days? It makes no sense! I regularly get items from waay old boxes (like 3/4 months back!). Sure, these items are “new to me” but what good do October spoilers do, when I’m not going to see any of them and I’m also going to get some little chemise that never sold out to wear to bed on the NorthEast coast?? Not so cozy or “Autumny”, these things should be considered! Regionally, it makes no sense to send me lounge wear or nightwear that I’d need to crank the furnace for. Not to mention my entire family would be wondering why I’m wearing a strappy nighty or tshirt/cami/shorts to bed or “lounge in” in October!!! Does anyone else get these “past box items from waaay back” like I do? I have to store them away for the appropriate seasons to come around again. Come on Wantable! Think! Sigh. I used to be such a huge fan. Guess I’m going to sit back and see where they are going with all this. Thanks so much for the vent, ladies.

  2. I received my October Wantable Fitness box this week. It’s pretty similar to Liz’s, a gorgeous lined hoodie in gray ($125), which I kept, a blue/red sports bra ($62), returned, waisted shine leggings in black ($99), lovely but just a bit too small, suitable for wear anytime, returned, freedom cami ($52) in dark pink, too poufy, returned, and navy blue crop pants ($65), nice quality, kept.

    I will sign up for next month again but then probably skip every other month.

    It’s definitely distinct from Fabletics, only the crop pants and sports bra are comparable to that line of clothing. The hoodie is amazingly soft and warm. The shine leggings are almost too dressy for a workout. It’s fitness clothing that’s multipurpose, for the workout as well as casual wear.

    I’m hoping for less yoga and gym clothing and more running clothes next time.

  3. I’m so disappointed! I wanted to love this box, I LOVE the Wantable Intimates and was hoping this was going to be similar. I don’t like the “StitchFix” philosophy for the fitness items. If I was going to spend over $200 on fitness clothing I wouldn’t be purchasing it from a subscription box, I’d go directly to a high-end fitness boutique! I almost purchased a box but changed my mind when I saw it was a purchase after you receive box. I’m so glad I didn’t get the box since the cost to keep is so high. I think this idea/subscription is a bust and I hope they take all these negative reviews/comments to heart and change their idea!

  4. I’m really shocked by these prices and the fact that they are items of unknown brands and that they don’t seem to have the Wow factor that I would look for if I pay that much for something. I’ll never complain about Fabletics prices again! The quality is great and the styles and colors are so much fun, it’s hard to contain myself to just one outfit a month. The items here just seem boring. Waiting to see what Fabletics puts out on the first yay!

  5. I took a hiatus from wantable. I did the jewelry/initmates for two months and it was NOT GOOD. Two broken items, incorrect items sent, and wrong sizes was the death of it to me.

    Been doing Gwynnie Bee since May. It’s changed my life and they are amazing. Their free month of service ends 9/30 so try it now for free.

    • Gwynnie Bee is sizes 10 to 32? I want to make sure that I am on the right site. If so, that is wonderful. Wish I knew about them a year and a half ago. When I was a size 24-26 instead of a 6-8. Do they have a sub box as well or just buy your clothes? I have couple of friends I want to send this to. I am all about companies that do larger sizes. I was with volupties for some time… Really loved them. Had to move over to Splendies… though I like what I have gotten from Splendies… I loved what I got from Volupties. It’s always nice for companies that believe plus size women are sexy too.. Cause we are! 🙂

  6. Wow those prices are outrageous! They may be of good fabric but those prices are way too much, and I’m guessing way out of the price range for a lot of people.

  7. Im a little disappointed. Was really looking forward to this one and was hoping it would be similar to the intimates collection. There’s no way I would ever spend that much on athletic wear. $125 for a plain zip up jacket? Wow!

  8. Everything costs three times as much as I would expect. I was even thinking the other day that fabletics isn’t as much of a bargain, because I saw a ton of adorable cute patterned running capris at kohl’s, target and old navy recently for $15-25. But I looove the outfits I’ve gotten so far through it, very cool patterns. Wantable’s stuff, I’m sorry to say, looks super boring. It may be flattering, comfortable and durable, but if I’m paying more, it has to look special, too.

    If I want expensive but good quality stuff, I will go with Athleta, because they have an amazing return policy and make a wide range of sizes (petite, tall, some plus).

  9. Do the sizes run true to size?
    I would like to give it a try and see how it works out.
    How does the capri pants fit – do you feel the fabric is forgiving?

    • I think the sizes are pretty true to size. I’m a large in Fabletics and all the clothing I got was large from Wantable and it fit well. If anything I would say the Wantable brands run very slightly smaller than Fabletics, but still fit just fine. And the capri fabric is surprisingly forgiving and super stretchy – hope that helps!

      • Liz will the accessories still be the flat rate of 36 or is it changing ?

      • Hi Steph!

        Our Accessories, Intimates, and Makeup collections are still just $36 for a subscription! Those are not changing at all!

        Junior Customer Advocate at

  10. I work out every day, but these prices are way too high for me. We have a really great resale shop in my area, so I can buy high end workout clothes there for next to nothing. Also, I am an XL, and Wantable already seems to have issues sending me the right sizes in the Intimates box, so I imagine I would be sending most of it back. If it were half the price, and they carried plus sizes, I would consider subscribing.

  11. Wow. They sold out 5 hours ago. Apparently there is a need for this sub.

  12. Would be interested if prices were cut in half.

  13. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to try it. I have ordered other wantables boxes and received an email to sign up for the fitness box this morning. When I went to sign up for a box they had already sold out. Liz, did wantables suggest that they would expand their inventory to offer more boxes next month?

  14. I hope they are considering Plus Sizes when they expand in November. This price point is more in line with what larger sized women typically pay for quality clothing. There is a huge gap in availability of stylish athletic wear in plus sizes. The items in Liz’s box are beautiful but when I shop, I’m pretty much limited to black stretch pants and oversized t-shirts. Yuck!

    • There is already an equivalent for plus size women with high end clothes, though you would have to specifically request that you’re looking for athletic gear. They interview you, so they will know to do that for you. plvshstyle does have a pretty great concept, but I haven’t found any reviews anywhere so I haven’t been willing to try them yet. The bloggers who do most of the subscription box reviews are within the smaller size ranges, so you never see them review things like plvshstyle, gwynnie bee, or volupties.

      If they had this in 1x and it was the 38 dollar model I might try it. But really, I just don’t know that I could justify five pieces of fitness clothes at that price, much less at 50 dollars or more for a single piece. I just don’t wear that much fitness clothes.

      • I am a blogger who does subscription box reviews, and I have actually never even heard of the larger plus size clothing boxes you mentioned! I am a size 12/14 and I also find it frustrating that a lot of the clothing services most of the bloggers review don’t come in sizes that I could wear. I am definitely going to be checking out the boxes you mentioned, and hopefully I can find something new to subscribe to that will fit me. Thank you for mentioning them! 🙂

      • Well then please review them! +love ships to me mid October, and I have no idea what to expect. But if I get even one item of clothes that fits it will be worth it for the $30 box cost.

        Gwynee Bee is a clothing rental sub with a pretty good selection, but I have a hard time spending that kind of money to then have nothing to show for it.

        Plvshstyle has too high a pricepoint for their clothes for me to try them without seeing a review, and I can’t find a single review online.

      • Maybe plvshstyle has ended. I could not find them online. Hope Wantables will pick up the ball.

      • I sent emails to both plvshstyle and GB asking about their blogger programs and am waiting to hear back, but even if they don’t want to work with me, I will probably subscribe to GB because I really like their clothes. Plvshstyle does seem very expensive, so I’m hoping they want to work with me to do a review. If you click on my name at the top of this comment, it takes you to my blog, which is where I’ll post the reviews once my orders come in. I’m also expecting my first shipment from Stitch Fix in early October, so I’ll be reviewing that to see how it fits a larger gal, plus I also review boxes that are mostly geared towards smaller ladies (Golden Tote, I’ll be getting Wantables Intimates soon, etc) to let you know if there are clothes in those boxes that would fit us.

        I couldn’t find anything online about +love? What is that? And are there any others you would like me to look into? Volupties looked like it would be too big for me, so I signed up for Splendies instead (I got an XL), but may end up switching after my first box, I’ll have to see how they fit.

  15. Eh. This stuff is so expensive. I’m a full-time fitness professional, I wear yoga clothes and workout clothes every single day, and I’ve never heard of most of these brands. For this kind of money I’d rather shop at Lululemon or Athleta.

  16. There is no way I’d ever pay that much for a sports bra. Granted, I’m only a B cup and don’t need the same amount of support that someone with a larger bra size than I do would need. But I could get 3+ functinoal sports bras at Target or TJ Maxx for the same price. Since I only work out in my own living room, I don’t particularly care about being stylish. I would totally have considered this sub if it was the same model as their others. Well, at least I am saving money this way!

    • And I, with my 38HH chest, would love to have a sports bra that fit great for only $62 dollars. For those with the larger chests it is harder to find bras that fit, so I can’t see how random bras in a sub box would have a good chance of fitting right.

      • Rachel,
        I understand where your coming from in a way because I used to have 60EEE (58F) breast size so finding a bra was no easy feat. Sports Bras, however were much easier & the cheaper way to go. Never though did I spend more than $20.00 on one.
        I think Wantable is being far too greedy. They have very nice Sports Bras indeed but nothing you can’t get at a Target for much lower price which you can still order online.
        If you have the money to spare, I would donate the difference between the many of the empty food banks in your area. NOT telling you what to do, honey. HUGS! Just a thought so that everyone can benefit. Please don’t be mad at me. ♡

      • You probaldly bought wire free sports bras. My chest is heavy, and so I need a lot of support. Now and then I’ve tried an American bra, but they never last long and don’t fit well. The European bras I buy might not be cheap, but they do last a long, long time. I buy two bras about every year and a half, which doesn’t come out to much money over time, even if they’re pricey when I buy them.

        As for Wantable, I was disappointed to see the high cost model they chose for their fitness box.

  17. Definitely a miss for me – their ‘keep’ prices are in line with Lululemon and Zella (actually their sports bras are more expensive) – if I’m spending that much I want to pick the styles/colors I want.

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