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Threaded Canvas Subscription Box Review – August 2014

Threaded Canvas Subscription Box Review - August 2014


UPDATE: Please make sure to read the comments on this post before subscribing – several readers have reported issues with shipping.

Threaded Canvas is a newer subscription box that sends you three new tees and three pieces of art each month.

Threaded Canvas sent us this box to review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


Just an FYI – looking at the comments on last month’s review, it looks like there have been some shipping and customer care response issues with this subscription. (Not sure if things have changed since the July box).


The Subscription Box: Threaded Canvas

The Cost: $20 plus $7 shipping. (You can upgrade the style of shirts too)

The Products: 3 T-shirts and 3 art items from new artists each month

Ships to: US only

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Each box comes with a card detailing each item included and the artist behind it.


Burning Circles Tee by Florent Bodart – Value $25

My husband is a fan of design t-shirt sites like Threadless, so this is pretty much his perfect subscription box.


Lotus Tee by Hector Mansilla Gonzales – Value $25

The t-shirts are made with super-soft cotton.


Water Colorink Tee by Reza – Value $25


Lost Button by Florin – Value $3

Bookmark by Sarah Marie Hawkins – Value $3

Dive Postcard by Vlad Isac – Value $3

In addition to the t shirts, each box also comes with various other artworks, including a print:


HORSE Art Print by Christopher Wilke – Value $15

Verdict: I think this is a great box in terms of value – 3 shirts, plus some art for $27 shipped is a great deal. Since we receive this box at no cost for review purposes I can’t comment on the issues with shipping/customer care response time, so please take this review with a grain of salt!

Do you subscribe to Threaded Canvas? Have you had any issues with this subscription? (I’m hoping things straighten out – I imagine these issues come up when a new subscription gets very popular very quickly and needs to figure out how to handle everything).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (26)

  1. Only received 5 out of 12 boxes for a years subscription (paid shipping, I’m in the UK).

    Have received a bunch of other things I ordered from America and from all around the world, really, so at a loss why their product is unique in not reaching me.

    A couple of the designs cracked in the wash too, but really that’s overshadowed by fact we have received less than half the order and that customer service can’t be bothered to respond to customer queries.

  2. I ordered my box in February, it’s almost April and still no update to tracking and no box. But, I have contacted cc they sent me replies both times, saying the same thing. “You should see an update in tracking no later than (day here)”. I like the idea but till shipping gets better I won’t be subscribing again.

    • same problems here. They’ve taken 2 payments and I still haven’t seen my 1st box. Keep getting the run around with customer service. I’m constantly told my order will ship soon but it’s been over a month since they created the label. I’ve asked for refunds and surprisingly they never reply to those emails. I feel like this is a huge scam at this point and might call the BBB

  3. I just wanted to add to the issues that seem to plague this company. I placed an order with Threaded Canvas, got a confirmation about the order with a tracking number and the order has been sitting for over a month to ship. I’ve contacted their “customer service” staff multiple times and have been told “opps, sorry, it’ll ship in a couple of days”. I’ve now been charged for a 2nd order while waiting over a month for the first. Will I ever get what I paid for? Not a great start with Threaded Canvas.

  4. Unfortunately, it’s now December and NONE of these issues have changed. I loved the idea of getting three unique art printed t-shirts and art prints each month as a box but so far the shipping and customer service has been absolutely worthless. I purchased a three-month subscription and at this point I doubt I will renew it.

    I purchased my subscription in early September… but apparently that wasn’t soon enough to receive a September box. A notification about that would’ve been since instead of me sitting around waiting for a box to show up that never did. October I got my first box… except I got it in November. I was notified that it shipped mid-October via email but the tracking information only said that a label had been created and that I should wait at most three days for the tracking info to be updated and then shipping could take up to 7 days after. Well, two weeks after I got that email, the tracking information was never updated. I got an email October 28th or so from Threaded staff saying that some people were experiencing issues with getting tracking numbers updated and that the issue would be corrected shortly. The resolution being another email with an updated tracking number. I thought, “great!” Several days later–no email. It took me personally emailing them asking what the hell was going on for another day-long response saying that they apologize for the wait and my box was shipped. Really. All I could think of was that their past emails were a bunch of crap and that they hadn’t really sent out anything until I pestered them.

    November’s box was an exact repeat. I still haven’t received my November box and my email that was sent with the tracking number on November 23rd has yet to be updated. I again emailed Threaded asking if this was going to be a repeat experience of last month to which I got a response saying “We apologize that you’ve not received your box yet. We’ve sent the majority of our boxes out and if you do not have an updated tracking number then it will be updated this Friday or Saturday.” It’s now saturday and no tracking updates.

    The sad part is, when I eventually got my box in November, I loved it… I love the shirts, I love the quality, I love the art. However, this shipping and customer service experience is not worth the art anymore. I won’t be renewing my subscription–as much as it pains me to admit it.

    • Me experience has been exactly the same, right down to the identically worded email about the November box, reason for delay, update to tracking, etc. Have you also noticed they don’t allow posts to their FB page and they have removed all comments underneath their self-promoting posts? I think this group is completely uninterested in the idea of customer service.

      I had purchased a 3-month subscription. My last box is supposed to be December, which I’ll probably see towards the end of January. Still no sign of November’s box (sigh).

  5. I have to say, Threaded Canvas seems like such a wonderful idea! And inexpensive too. BUT…they aren’t able to get their sh*t together and it’s frustrating to be charged over and over and NEVER receive anything. I’ve been emailing the customer service people…no response for days and sometimes weeks on end and ultimately, no results. Maybe I’m not as patient as most people but it’s been over a month since I started my subscription and I haven’t received anything yet. I emailed and emailed and…emailed. Finally- 3 weeks later someone got back to me and said they would be shipping the box out that day and I would get a tracking number as soon as it was shipped. Well, no tracking number but they did charge me a second time. I think if a company has time to promote themselves with constant newsletters and facebook updates, they should make the time to take care of the people who are already customers.

    Wow…this turned into quite the rant. Bottom line- it’s a great idea with terrible follow through= failure. Don’t waste your money or your time trying to get your money back.

  6. I have subscribed to Threaded Canvas from the beginning. I’ve been impressed with the quality and I have loved almost all of the art on the shirts. I also like the extras. I plan to make a collage of some sort wit the prints. Although I usually don’t mind that the shipments tend to run late, the October box is Halloween themed and I got it last week. (Bummer) I didn’t want to cancel, but ,as you can imagine, I’ve got plenty of t-shirts. I noticed that they offer the option to suspend, rather than cancel your subscription. I believe that will prevent a price increase when I opt back in. Even though I was kind of disappointed in my post Halloween box, I still recommend threaded canvas. The shirts are good quality and unique. I’ll probably drop my suspension after the holidays. I don’t want to take a chance of getting a Santa shirt in January. 🙂

  7. I’ve ordered from Threaded Canvas for a few months now. Their shipping seems to take a very long time but I believe they are a new company so I don’t mind. What bothers me is that I was suscribed for a women’s fashion fit small but for the October box they sent shirts that say they are small but are too large for me. Previous months the shirts were in the right size. I imagine that they are backed up with orders because this is a great subscription box. Seems like they need to hire more people to keep up with the quality of thier previous accuracy.

  8. Wow, sounds like I’m not the only one that has been disappointed in this box and with their customer service. For my first order (Aug 2014 box) the shirts were too big (totally my fault). So I emailed them to get replacement shirts sent. We went back and forth and they wouldn’t respond for days. I had to keep following up. I just now got my replacement shirts and they didn’t include instructions or a return label for returning the too-large shirts (as they said they would) AND the replacement shirts aren’t v-neck (I specifically paid extra for v-neck). All that, plus the quality of the images on the shirts is not very good. Not happy with this service at all, I’m canceling. Good thing I still get the PopSugar Must-Have Box, that thing is amazing all the time!! 🙂

  9. I have been really pleased with customer service and the shirts. I do feel that they are having problems with growing pains. I had ordered a mixed and some daily deals and this order has had some difficulty. Received wrong shirt sizes, only received partial order and still waiting for the rest. One shirt came looking like it had been dropped on a workroom floor. Ordered one shirt and then told not available. Will see how the rest of my order comes. The monthly service has been great. Liked The July box better. Hope they work thru the issues as I like the concept and the artists.

  10. I received 2 duplicate boxes. I was suppose to get one for me and one for hubby but I ended up with 2 for me and the Dino one at that. I did like the prints on the third box better but no pic in it. They said they would put it in my next box but I don’t know if I want a next box.

  11. FYI, to follow up on my last comment, Blood is the new Black got back to me already and said they WILL be returning their blind bargain bags possibly as early as next weeks. They ship from California, but their bags have always gotten to me FAST and I’m on the east coast. Also customer service just responded to my inquiry within a day. These bags used to be about $25 with $10 shipping and you got FIVE shirts that are normally upwards of $40 each. talk about a fantastic deal. So for those looking for an alternative to Threaded Canvas, or if you just want a larger selection of designs, Bitnb works with a lot of different artists.

    Btw, I know this probably sounds like I work for the company – I don’t. I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I am just a huge, huge fan, and since a lot of you guys are experiencing disappointment with Threaded Canvas, I thought I would suggest an alternative. I also ordered a blind bag recently from Junk Food clothing as well… Theirs isn’t bad either.

  12. This month 2 of my 3 shirts were duplicate prints of the lotus, I didn’t receive the 3rd print at all! I contacted customer service about the issue and sent photos of the error. They said they would ship me the one I was missing but I haven’t heard back since the original email so I’m not sure if it’s actually happening or not…we shall see and I will update on the situation!

  13. I subscribed on 9-5. After reading this, I’m worried. I hope I won’t regret my subscription

  14. I wanted to try the shirts and see how they fit before I ordered a box. So I ordered their daily deal Tshirt for $8 (now $10). This was on august 18th. I didn’t receive it until a good two weeks later. I also had to contact customer service several times to find out when this thing was shipping. And this was one shirt!! I miss Blood is the New Black’s grab bags, which is the only reason I was excited about threaded canvas to begin with, because they have the same concept.

  15. I really do love this box! I signed up after your July review and asked them to send me the August box as my first box. A few weeks later I received the July box and contacted customer service and the immediately responded and stated that they will fix the problem. I won’t know until November if it’s really been fixed (I pre-paid for 3 months) but so far I’m impressed! I think people just need to understand that they bill at the first of the month and ship towards the end. You are pre-paying like you do for your cell phone or your cable. Yes it means you have to wait to see if something is wrong but that’s just how it goes.

  16. I’ve already unsubscribed for the next box, and I’m overall still highly disappointed in the process of ordering/being shipped this box. Unfortunately you did get this one for free, because for a lot of subscribers, the biggest problem will be actually GETTING the shipment. They said they’d charge me later for the August box since they sent the July one out essentially right before the august one was supposed to be billed. About a week before my “new” billing date, they send me a notice saying that my payment has failed. I wasn’t supposed to have made a payment for another week, and I had money in my account anyway, so a “payment failed” notice worries me in a “is this shopping website secure with my money” way.

    Now, I just wonder where their offices are located, because on August 25th, I was told my order had been shipped (which, in their words, they consider “completed” though it hasn’t made its way to the customer yet) and has no tracking number. And I understand its a holiday weekend, but what type of domestic shipping costs $6 and takes over 8 business days?

    I like the shirts, and it makes me sad that I had to cancel this box. I wish those who had had such a problem last month had been offered a coupon or art piece or some extra incentive to stay, because I can imagine most other boxes would offer one. But from last month, nothing changed in the problematic shipment and delivery, so I’m just done.

    • Update, 9/8. I received my box today. I paid the upcharge for a fashion fit and v-neck, but was sent the regular shirt. I’m getting frustrated with this.

      • Update 9/10. Threaded got back to me saying that they’d refund me the upcharges for the V and the fashion fit. On one hand, it does mean that I only paid for what I received. On the other hand, I still didn’t get what I wanted, what I ordered, and I wasn’t offered that. I wouldn’t have paid $20 for regular neck tees because I never wear them. And now it seems like I have. I wouldn’t want to order a $40 face cream from a store, be sent a $20 one instead, and have the solution be to refund me the difference and have me keep a product that isn’t what I ordered. This is kind of unacceptable and cements the unsub for me. Buyer beware.

  17. I started subscribing after the July box was mailed. I did get the July box (yeah!) and the August one arrived in a timely manner.

    No problems so far.

    I’ve worn and washed the July shirts several times, they’re looking great. I liked the July designs better, I’m wearing all three of those shirts. The Water Colorink shirt doesn’t work for me, I’m going to try the Burning Circles one, and the Lotus one is a keeper.

  18. I loved all 3 shirts. The only thing I don’t like is they they don’t send you the tracking number but they do email that it shipped. I am used to getting tracking numbers from all the other boxes.

    • If I’m paying for shipping, here $6, I expect a tracking number. And customers shouldn’t have to request it. If a sub has free shipping, I’m fine with no tracking but for the most part, even the free ship subs still send tracking info without customers having to request it. Just my .02 worth.

  19. I loved the 1st 2 boxes.. I think the tee quality is great. I was rather disappointed in these tshirt designs this month though.. I will probably be canceling my subscription.

  20. Their customer service is awesome! Like really quick and courteous! I’m always surprised at how nice they are, shipping is quick once it happens but doesn’t happen till the end of the month which kills me for anticipation! 😀 I love this box!

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