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Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014

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Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July

Threaded Canvas is a newer subscription box that sends you three new tees and three pieces of art each month. Threaded Canvas kindly sent us this box to review.

Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Threaded Canvas

The Cost: $20 plus $7 shipping. (You can upgrade the style of shirts too)

The Products: 3 T-shirts and 3 art items from new artists each month

Ships to: US only

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Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing each item included and the artist behind it.

Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Shirt

Angel Rex Tee by Heather Landry AKA Sandpaper Daisy – Value $25

This is my husband’s favorite tee in the box! (I think you can’t go wrong putting a T-Rex on a tee with him!)

Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Blue Shirt

Crescent Moon in Venice Tee by Reza Maulana AKA Rejagalu – Value $25

We’re so impressed with both the designs and the quality of the fabric in these tees. They’re super soft!

Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Red Shirt

Natural Melody Tee by R. Gegen Noviara AKA Carbine – Value $25

There are few different sizing options for tees – you can get regular or fashion sized. (The shirts pictured are regular). You also can upgrade your box to get v-neck or sleeveless shirts instead!

Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Art

A Cold Flutter in the Moonlight Art Print by Robert Austin AKA White Rabbit Recluse – Value $15

Each Threaded Canvas mailing comes with a frame-able print too!

Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Magnet

King Cupcake Button by Gary Logan Hobdy – Value $5

Zombie Gurl Magnet by Susan Michelle – Value $5

We have a friend who is obsessed with zombies – I think he’ll love this magnet!

Threaded Canvas T-Shirt Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Paper

This box also came with bonus Oragami Paper!

Verdict: This is our second box from Threaded Canvas and I am SO impressed with the value – 3 t-shirts for less than $30 and extra art goodies is a great deal in my opinion! And this is officially my husband’s favorite new subscription – he loves all the t-shirts! Plus it’s a great way to support indie artists!

What do you think of Threaded Canvas?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I just cancelled this subscription, and I’ll tell you why (not like you haven’t read all the fiasco earlier this month, but this is new)…

    1. On the afternoon of August 19th, I received an automatically generated email saying my payment had failed. It should be noted that my account wasn’t to be charged until the 25th (this date was actually changed twice). I called my bank and was told no attempts were made on my card.

    2. I sent an email asking what the deal was – and it was NEVER responded to. It should be noted that Kelsey (who you’ve seen comment on here) always responds within a couple of hours to every email sent. As of August 20th, no response.

    3. I went on the Facebook page and commented on their August post asking if they no longer respond to emails. My comment was posted and within a minute was deleted by whoever runs their Facebook page. This is not the first time their Facebook page magically deleted questions from subscribers. You’ll only see positive comments and NO posts to page. (I posted again, and for the moment it is still there)…

    I’m super disappointed because I LOVED what I received in my first box, but this company is in waaaaaaay over it’s head here.

    • I have sadly canceled mine, too. I have sent numerous emails (and FB posts) without a response. I hate being ignored… Too many other great subscriptions out there with fabulous customer service.

    • I too have cancelled after no response. Although the august box went a lot smoother this time. I don’t like when a company ignores you, especially when you are giving them your money.

      • How do you mean August went smoother? I have yet to receive any info on the august shipment…

  2. I also had the same problem others experienced. I ordered on July 23rd but was confused about their shipping dates so I emailed them on August 12th. I was told my order was shipped on the 5th and I was given a tracking number. When I looked at usps it said a shipping label was created on the 5th and it was priority 2 day mail. I emailed on the 13th asking when it would actually ship. Kelsey, emailed me at 12:46pm told me it shipped on the 8th and that they would contact usps and find out what happened. Haven’t received a response yet but when I checked the usps tracking again it said picked up at 3:15 pm August 13th. I was told it shipped on the 8th, which it didn’t. Also on here Kelsey states due to orders they had delayed shipping so why was I told it was shipped and on here it is written that it was delayed? I think they should actually send you a tracking number without having to ask for it, and also tell the truth. I don’t like when I give a company my money and they are dishonest. Maybe next time send a letter letting customers know shipments will be delayed. I emailed her back questioning why I was told it shipped, but no response just yet, its only been a day.

    • Aneta, I think that is odd, too. They did it to me (as I’m sure you read), but I didn’t like that even after I got tracking (of course after I questioned them), that it took many days before they actually shipped it. It just stayed in “label created” mode for a long time.

      I updated the fit of my shirt, and intend to see how it feels/fits for August. Hopefully shipping will be on target and we don’t have to go through this again. I really liked what I got, but I think the company simply cannot keep up. It isn’t the responsibility of the customer to say “where’s my stuff?” I hope I don’t have to cancel, but will do it in a heartbeat if I have to go through this again.

      • Nobody should have to remind ANY company of their order… Period. Imo, Twenty Fourward is much better! And they donate to charity!

        • Thanks, Ashley…I’m looking into them now =)

      • Amber, I did read your comment and and everyone else who had the same issue. I find it strange that so many peope had this problem and they didnt even email to say shipping will be delayed, instead they tried to lie to me and say it was shipped. I also paid the shipping price for the three months which was $21 I think. If your customers have to pay shipping that should be even more reason to tell us shipment will be delayed. Other boxes I subscribe to that have free shpping always notify me if there will be a delay.

        Kelsey was replying to my emails promptly, within a few hours, but now its been 2 days with no response. Normally based on service like this I would cancel. I did how ever subscribe to a 3 month membership. I’ll see how the other months go. But so far I’m not really impressed. My first box is supposed to arrive today. It also doesnt seem like they actually customize by what you say you like, based on what other people have written here.

        • Our box was not customized at all… We received what we stated we DIDN’T want. I don’t think it’s customized… Everyone receives the same designs.

          • That stinks! They should get rid of the customization option since they don’t actually offer customization.

          • Just got my box. Got the same stuff posted here. Except for the color of the shirts. The music not shirt came in green, the dino shirt came in blue and the Venice shirt was the same. The quality of the shirts seem good and the size seems good too. But didn’t get the colors or art style I said I liked. Oh well, maybe next month will be better.

          • from what i can tell the box is merely suggestions, the whole point of this box is to showcase art by specific artists every month, aka they commision a piece to be used by each artist and that piece is screen printed for every one to own, as for colors they can only work with what the brand they use carries, the fashion fit is the Bella Favorite T which I have owned from other places before, and from my experience they offer about 13 different colors. I asked for no duplicate colors in my boxes just in case but other than that any art i may not be interested in I plan on always donating to a local shelter and I’m very happy that the artist get so much back for exposing their art in this box unlike most other similar sub boxes.

  3. Finally got my box! The customer service was good, and the V-neck shirts are soft and worth the upcharge. My two main problems?
    1. I specifically mentioned that I hate heathered colors on tees. They sent me two.
    2. My crescent moon tee came in heather grey, photo attached. The color completely wiped out the background cityscape and took away what I was most excited about in the shirt.
    Still on the fence with this sub…

  4. Anyone have any shipping or customer service issues? I ordered on July 24th, and haven’t heard a thing! Their shipping schedule says that my package would ship between the 1st & 3rd of the following month, but it is the 6th today and I’ve heard nothing. I contacted them and they’ve not responded, either. They are also about to charge my card for a second time (only 2 weeks after charging for the first box), even though I’ve never received a box. Am I the only one seeing red here?

    • I’ve had a lot of luck emailing them at threadedcanvas at gmail dot com 🙂

    • i ordered the same day and got no shipping info, however the day i ordered i second guessed myself on the size and went to change it, apparently I had some how been charged for shipping again after changing it, but best part is I hadn’t even noticed yet, and Threaded got to me first, within 12 hours (over night) saying they noticed it and were refunding me the extra charge right away. They seem really up on their game and I wouldn’t worry just yet. give it til tuesday I say because of the weekends.

      • After a few emails from me, they responded with tracking information. It appears they simply forgot about me, as the tracking showed USPS was just notified to expect a package from them. Odd that they wouldn’t have started my shipment until after I contacted them. That has me highly concerned for the future of my subscription. They also told me that even though my account says I’ll be charged again in 4 days, they don’t plan to charge me again for another 10 days. I kind of get the feeling they are getting more business than they can handle, and things are falling through the cracks.

        • ugh so after reading what you did I went and sent an email asking for my shipping info as well, looks like the same thing happened to me, forgetting to ship it out and doing so today. Hopefully this is a “glitch” from ordering so late in the month with the popularity from my subscription addiction for this box and the future boxes will run more smoothly.

          • Same thing happened to me yesterday, ladies… Email them immediately.

          • Hi Kim,

            We did not forget about you or your order! We just had a delayed shipment for because of the influx of orders at the end of the month.

            We do apologize for the wait and your box has been shipped out with all of the other orders for July!

            Thank you for your patience!


    • Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one having the same issue. But I’m pretty bummed out that it is happening at all. Anyone else notice that they don’t allow posts on their Facebook wall? That is usually how I can tell if a company is reputable or not, but they’ve blocked that from happening. Lots of folks were just complaining in the comments. My fingers are crossed. Hopefully what I ordered will be good (Plus sized and V-neck), otherwise I’ll cancel before they can do this to me again next month.

      • I agree… I have paused my subscription until I see this first shipment. I have a bad feeling that the shirts won’t be as customized because of their onslaught of orders.

    • Hi Amber,

      This is Kelsey from Threaded Canvas. We apologize for your wait on our response but we responded to your question within two hours of us receiving your submission. Once again, we apologize that we didn’t get back to you as quickly as you would of liked.

      We also did not forget about anyone or their order, due to high quantity of orders we received, we had to ship the orders later than expected. We do apologize for the wait on your end, but we wanted to make sure everyone’s box is made to the highest quality before we send it out to them.

      In our system you are set to be charged in four days, as is everyone whose boxes we just shipped out. However due to the late shipment of the boxes, we have changed everyone’s charge date to the 15th so that the charges would not be so close together. This change in billing should be reflected in your account over the next few days.

      This will not affect your shipment for August though as we will still be sending those to you in the middle of August.

      Thank you for your patience with us and we hope you really enjoy the box!


      • Is the charge on the 15th for the August box or September box? Why do you charge almost a month in advance for each box? I’m going to be charged twice without having received my first one.

        • Hi Ashley,

          We take payment in advance for the boxes because we use it for the production of each box so we can ship it out to you.

          The charge on the 15th is for August’s box, when you signed up you paid for July. You will have received your July box by the time we charge you again for August.

          Once we charge you for August, your box will ship out just a few days after that so you will have the box shortly after you are charged.

          If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will answer them for you.

          Thank you for your patience!


      • When did the prices go up ? in this review it says 20$ plus shipping im on your website checking out and its saying 26 plus shipping ..

        • Hi Stephanie,

          We didn’t raise our prices. Our $20 plus shipping is for a Unisex Regular Fit Tee. If you selected an upgrade (Fashion Fit, Women’s Regular/Fashion Fit, Plus SIze, V-Neck or Tank Tops) then that is where the extra 6.00 is coming from.

          Email us at [email protected] if you have any other questions and we’d be happy to answer them for you!



        • my mistake !! i was ordering 3x

      • I also am having a problem with my July (got an email that says “completed”, but I don’t consider things complete until my stuff gets to me.) But it says a lot of good things about Threaded’s CS that Kelsey is here answering questions, so I’m willing to give it another month and see how things get smoothed out.

  5. I have to yell you incredibly impressed I am with this box and their CS. I placed my order then was worried I had ordered too small. I emailed then and heard right back that they would change the size. I recieved my box yesterday and discovered I should have stuck with the original size. Emailed them on a Saturday afternoon stating I had ordered the wrong size. Heard back from them immediately stating they would send the correct size out with a prepaid return envelope. I am so impressed, wish I had not missed out on the first month!!!

  6. I am new to Subscription Addiction and have really been impressed and pleased with the reviews of boxes and information. I just received the special Pet Box and it is a selection of items. I have now also signed up for Threaded Canvas and they have been so nice to work with. Did the 3 month and can hardly wait to get my first order. I think this subscription will be a great gift for some people on my Christmas list. I also signed up for a couple of the Quarterly Co boxes and now the Perfect Fit box. I guess I better stop for now but sure is fun and I have learned a lot from all that post comments.

    • Welcome to the addicting world of subscription boxes! 🙂

  7. I love awesome t-shirt designs and these do not disappoint. T-shirts are a necessity during the summer and spring. Make sure to have great looking t-shirts with creative designs. They make for a great fashion statement.

  8. Signed up for a box. Can’t wait. Great review. Thanks!

  9. This is an awesome box, beautiful shirts and that drawing! I never look into clothing boxes because they rarely have plus-size. This box does though! I’m so excited, I will have to try this one!

  10. i think Liz gets this box for her husband??? i signed my hubby up for it last night using the promo code! he loves unique tees that nobody else has. it’s a great value, for sure! they sound really comfy, too!

  11. Thank you SO much for this review, I just placed my order for this box and I’m so excited! I’m also thrilled because your size sounds just like mine (normally size 12) so I knew just what size to order in the Ladies’ Fashion Fit. 🙂

    Also — thanks SO much to the user that provided the coupon code! It worked and I really appreciate it!

    • I’m confused what size did she get? I am also that size typically in other things I’ve seen Liz review.

  12. I had to sign up for this! I can’t wait to get my first box 🙂 I have recently lost a lot of weight and need a whole new wardrobe and these look so fun. I work at a concrete plant so I can wear whatever I like 🙂 I did the fashion fit and upgraded to the v neck.

  13. I’m so impressed with these boxes. It’s very tempting to sign up. I wonder if they would be able to do 2 different sizes in each box? It would be cool to get one shirt for me and 2 shirts for the hubby not sure if they would be able to customize it that way though. I would’ve loved the Venice tee for myself.

  14. Well, that’s it! I have waited long enough! Liz, your review of this box has pushed me to finally order one for myself. I do have a question, do you order the fashion fit T-Shirts, which are of a softer material? Or the regular women T’s, in the classic fabric? Also, do they run big or small in the chest? If anyone can answer these questions. I would appreciate it. I am not much of a T-shirt wearer, but these designs, are too cute.

    Thanks again!

    • Chelsea,
      For comparison I’m usually a size L-XL or 12-14 in women’s clothing and I wear a 38DDD. I ordered the fashion fit tees in an XXL (it says to size up) and they fit perfectly. I pulled the tiger shirt out of my closet and it measures 19″ flat across the chest. It has been washed and dried once but doesn’t seem to have shrunk. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you, Tacie.
        That really does help! It’s always hard getting t-shirt sizes, due to the fit of the bosom area(yes, I know I sound like a grandma…..). Your info is exactly what I was looking for. Have a great day.

  15. I passed on June because I didn’t like the designs but I MUST HAVE JULY.. I wonder if the designs are the same for the men/womens/plus size sets?

  16. The code SOCIAL10, will get you 10% off!

    • THANK YOU so much for providing this coupon code!!<3

  17. I love this, I have to have this box! Thanks for the info!

  18. I ordered 3 boxes. Two for me one fitted one regular cut and a box for hubby. It’s been a couple weeks so hopefully they will be here any day now.

  19. I actually like this and never thought I’d like a tshirt box! Cool designs and like the extra art.

  20. I think this box sounds like a great deal and I’ve also liked the shirt designs. But, I work at a law firm and can’t wear things like this to work…not sure when I’d get the chance to wear the shirts enough times to justify the cost of the subscription. Sometime maybe I will try 3 or 6 months, though.

    • Yeah pretty much this for me. My husband couldn’t wear to work and I very rarely wear t-shirts outside of the house. Guess it could be a nice pajama box for us though lol.

  21. Man. I’ve really loved both boxes you’ve reviewed so far! They are curating some great art! I really will have to consider a subscription if I can figure out how to alternate between men’s and women’s shirts every month. Of course, then I’ll get really pissed if my fiance ends up with one **I** really want!

    • There’s an option under account settings to change your size. I bet you could just switch the up the size every month before billing. Threaded Canvas’ Customer Service is also excellent, so you could probably just send them an email or a Facebook message explaining what you want.

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