The Simple Soap Subscription Box Review – September 2014

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The Simple Soap Subscription Box Review - September

The Simple Soap is a monthly subscription service that sends you full-size bars of organic, hand-made soap.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Simple Soap Subscription Box Review - September 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: The Simple Soap

The Cost: $14.99/2 bars per month, & $19.99/3 bars per month

The Products: 2 or 3 (depending on your subscription plan) full-size, organic, hand-made soap.

Ships to: US

The Simple Soap Subscription Box Review - September 2014 Soaps

Organic Island Spicevalue: $6.99

This bar’s fragrance is mostly citrus and spice! It has a great balance.

Organic Comfrey-Lavendervalue: $6.99

This bar has a really subtle, very clean scent! I love lavender.

Organic Lemongrassvalue: $6.99

I can definitely understand why this one is sold out on their website! It’s my favorite scent and I can’t wait to use this in my shower in the mornings to wake me up.

The Verdict: The Simple Soap is one of my new favorite subscriptions. All three bars smell great, and I love the packaging – it makes them great for gifts if I decide to pass any along. I wish you could smell these bars yourselves!

What do you think of the Simple Soap? Do you prefer organic/handmade soaps?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. I am using a bar of soap from The Simple Soap right now and I love it. I prefer bar soap and this soap is very creamy and doesn’t leave my skin dry or itchy. The scents are subtle and natural and organic ingredients is a plus. The three bar box is a savings, it comes right to my door and with the cute packaging it is going to make great Christmas basket gifts.

  2. I’ve had a subscription to The Simple Soap for 2 months now and I love them! One bar lasts me an entire month (in the shower). They have fabulous scents and make lovely thick lather. I use the soap for shaving and it works much better than other organic soaps I’ve tried. I’m sensitive to artificial fragrances so I love that I can have yummy smells with no irritation. The packaging is lux and will make for great gift giving if I can’t get through all the soaps before the next delivery. 🙂 Finally I appreciate that this is a business run by a family with locally sourced ingredients.

  3. I’ve recently developed a love of scented and organic bar soaps. I think it started after getting a lovely bar in a “time of the month” box. Now I find myself buying them everywhere. Good thing there are 6 bodies to use them though I don’t think the boys care too much for the “girly” soap. Frankly, as long as they’re using some soap I’m happy.

    For me the value of a specific product box isn’t so much in the subscription savings but in the discovery of new brands and/or product lines (to me that’s different than “curation,” which I don’t factor in when deciding whether a given sub is right for me). As far as the shipping timing, I think all my sub boxes have turned me into an impatient mail stalker. No one should get theirs before me! Lol

  4. For everyone questioning the savings, you save roughly 25% because the sub has free shipping and regular shopping doesn’t.

    You can go through the regular checkout and get 2 bars @ $6.99 (sale price) + $6 shipping for $19.98, whereas with the 2 bar sub, it’s $14.99 with free shipping. A savings of 5 bucks or 25%. On the 3 bar sub, you save $7 or 26%.

    That said, soap is something that I find impossible to use up around the house. We really only use solid soap at 1 of the 3 sinks, and people always seem to gift it. I tried to convert some of our gigantic pile of soap into liquid soap with something I saw on Pinterest, and it was a snotty-textured mess. Yet another Pinterest fail for the books. Anyway, I like that this is an eco-friendly made-in-the-USA subscription, but it’s not practical for us.

  5. Has anyone tried tried sudsy box? – just wondering how it compares. Ever since my fortune cookie fall soap box, I want another soap bath product box

    • I signed up for Sudsy Box for a month (it’s bi-monthly). The soaps are nice and I’ve enjoyed using them, they’re good sized and I think the three bars you get would definitely carry you through the two months if it’s just you using the soap. You also get an “extra” item each month for them which in my month (August) was a bottle of hand sanitizer. It’s beautifully packaged. The box value was $21 and the box itself is $20, so it didn’t have a high enough value differential for me to continue with it. And I know this is common but it kind of annoyed me that bloggers got their boxes literally BEFORE the month they were supposed to go out (a. lot of bloggers had reviews up ON August 1st) and I don’t think I got mine until after the 20th. Petty, yes, but it irked me.

  6. If you get 2 bars you pay more than you would without subscription??
    If you buy 3 you save $1?
    Or am I reading that wrong??

    • I went to their website and I think Haley typed the prices correctly. Although there were some soaps that went for $8 but it appears there was a sale going on.

    • All of our bar soaps retail at $8.00. Retail on the 2 Bar Box would be $16.00 plus shipping. Retail on the 3 Bar Box would be $24.00 plus shipping. Both subscription boxes have free shipping so you can expect to be saving somewhere around $5-10 just on the shipping. What sets us apart from other subscription boxes is that we are a family run business with organic handmade products.

  7. This box seems over priced. For me, value in a subscription box comes from being less expensive than a retail product. Here, the value of the soap isn’t equal to the price being paid for the box- in that case, why get a subscription box (where you don’t have choice in the product you receive)- instead, why not just select what you want on your own, and pay retail for it?

  8. This reminds me a lot of Sudsy Box. I love handmade soaps, but I can get them pretty easily by visiting the farmers market or the Co-Op which allows me to pick out my own scents for basically the same price at about $6 a bar. I think I’d be more inclined to pay $20 a month for a soap box if it even had smaller sample bars but more of them? Or more of a variety of soap/bath items? It’s such an untapped market for sub boxes IMO and the ones who do it put them out are all branded, so you’re not getting to try new things each month, just different scents. I guess I don’t even mind if they’re branded as long as there’s variety…like I love FCS, now that’s a box I wish would go from quarterly to monthly!

    • I would like a good bath and body subscription. I think FCS wouldn’t work for me; I’m still scraping residue from one of their bath bombs off my tub and I’m sensitive to dyes and artificial fragrances. But I have far too many makeup and skincare products to take a chance on any more general “beauty” boxes, though I would love to get something with shower gel, bubble bath, the occasional soap, bath salts, lotion, etc. Kind of like a Bath & Body Works gift basket every month but with fewer dyes.

      • I have the same sensitivity. I never used the fcs soap because of allergies. My favorites have been the cutcle creams, I also got a cinnamonbun soap and a fruit loops soap that smelled great. It did not have the harsher color of dyes in it. The wallnut scrub is also excellent. It would be fun if there was a natural soap box with soap, bath stuff, natural perfume. Yet artsy nothing brandname

      • I recommend the Level Naturals box. They have three different kinds. I am very scent sensitive and have loved everything they sent. I got a three month for my mom for mothers day and she was also a big fan.

        • I was just looking at that one, sounds like it might be exactly what I want. Wish shipping wasn’t $6. I might wait and see if I can find a promo code or flash sale so I can test it out.

          • Let me know if you find a coupon code or a promotion for the levels box. This sounds perfect. Did you see the 1 lb Big Bag of Soap Cuts? for $14.99. — I need to stop to looking at more items on their site, I could see myself spending more $$ then I should.

        • Thank you – I had no idea that box existed. I’ve never tried level before yet I’ve heard many great things about the products.

          • My sister tried out a new subscription box called A&J Smelly Goods. It had bath products in it. Sireff is another one that is fairly new that has different box offerings and reviews have been positive. Gourmet Body Treats is a newer sub that I am receiving. September will be the 3rd box. August’s box concentrated on the face. I loved it!!! Can’t wait for September.

            I ordered the Sudsy box because I like the Haley’s review. I have received one box so far and use my soaps everyday. I’m looking forward to the next box.

        • I’d like to give Level Naturals a try because I hear their shower steamer things are amazing – but I’m with Sneaky Burrito on this, the shipping is annoying. Why don’t they just say the box is $21???

    • I agree, I to wish FCS would have a monthly box. I would sign up for it immediately.

  9. I can’t tell from the pictures – what size are the bars? Are they the size of a normal bar of soap (like Dove or Dial for example) or are they smaller?

    • Kelly — Thanks for asking! Sorry for not including that in the article. The bars are a really nice size – 3.75 oz in weight! =] Hope this helps.

  10. Soap is wonderful because it lasts a while. Soap is also more of a need then a want product so I could take myself into getting soap in a box. Yet price point I can not see myself getting this box. If the box had 10 different soap samples so I could try other soaps out I’d would consider it. Since I don’t like lavender anything I’m glad I skipped getting this.

  11. Considering the prices of the products, this box is a TERRIBLE value. $7 each, and 2 is 14.99? You’re actually overpaying by a dollar… And for 3 you are only saving one dollar off of retail value. You’re definitely better off just buying the bar or two you want instead of subscribing. What a rip off.

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