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Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 First Look

Jessica Comingore is one of the newest Quarterly curators. I love the look of her site and blog so I had to sign up for this box.  (Also I’m a little partial to Quarterly and keep subscribing to more and more boxes – I just signed up for Hitha on the Go, and Dave Asprey).

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 Items

The Subscription Box: Jessica Comingore for Quarterly

The Cost: $50 a box

The Products: Items selected by Jessica in the categories of home, lifestyle, and design.

Ships to: US and Worldwide.

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 Letter

Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator detailing the items included and why they were selected. There’s usually an overall theme too. Jessica’s theme for this box:

“My hope with this package is to encourage you to start your mornings on the right foot, inspired and refreshed, calm and centered, organized and energized.”

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 Tote

Jessica Comingore Designed Tote – Value $25?

This was made exclusively for subscribers, and I think it is simple and beautiful. I don’t know if it’s clear from the picture, but it also is wider than a typical tote.

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 Toothbrush

Swissco Toothbrush  – Value $9

If I hadn’t read the letter first I would have been very confused by the inclusion of this toothbrush, but it makes sense for the morning routine theme. (And now I have a fancy Anthropologie-approved tooth brush for the next time I travel!)

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 Tea

Homestead Apothecary Stress Less Tea – Value $9

Elegant Rose Boutique Charcoal Soap – Value $6

Both of these items are made with organic ingredients and smell wonderful. Practical, yet indulgent items = great!

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 Recipe

be home Ceramic Tumbler – Value $18

Breakfast Granola Recipe

This ceramic tumbler is supposed to go with the tea, but I’m thinking it will work better for me as a small planter or bowl. (I need a handle or a double walled cup to drink tea!)

I also like the personal touch of Jessica including her family’s recipe for granola.

Jessica Comingore Quarterly Subscription Box Review #JCS01 Notebook

Muji Notebook – Value $3.50

Palomino Blackwing Pencils – Value $3

Jessica included these as part of her morning routine to always write down what she wants to accomplish every day. While I don’t need any more notebooks, I definitely like the idea and it is something I need to do more often!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $73. (I’m estimating on the value of the tote though – so it could be a little higher or lower). While this isn’t a super high value box, it is very well curated and you can really see her esthetic throughout the box.

What do you think of #JCS01?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (32)

  1. Quarterly changed shipping warehouses! My box shipped 10/1 from Cludahy, WI via Fedex smartpost and arrived today (Monday) on 10/6. This is comparison to the MSA Quarterly box which shipped from Compton, CA on 9/16 and arrived on 9/23. Heads up on the email which was titled “Tendered to Fedex” and had the tracking number. I had no idea it was related to Quarterly.

    I love the box and everything looks great!!! It’s a shame that the box wasn’t continued because I would had subscribed to it. I’m keeping everything except for the tea which I am giving to my sister. It should be excellent tea. I attended a couple herbalist workshops and can tell from the ingredients and the way it looks that this is someone who knows what they are doing. I can’t wait to try out everything else!

  2. I’ve been in contact with Whitney at Quarterly. She is sending me the Jessica Comingore Quarterly box! I see that she is still waitlisted after her first box which I don’t think bodes well for her 🙁

    • Jessica Comingore is no longer listed on the Quarterly website.

      • They dropped 5 more curators including Jessica Comingore and Alexa Penavega. I got surveys on both my MSA box and the Arianna Huffington Box. I liked both boxes and said so but they asked me what they could do to improve and I had like 5 things. I really hope they are improving and that they stay in business.

  3. Liz – when you do Quarterly reviews, can you please tell us a little about WHO the curator is/what they are known for and what the box is advertised as being about? Often I’ve never heard of the curators so I end up having to go look them up to have context/understand about the review. I think this additional detail would really enhance your reviews and your audience’s understanding. Thanks!!

    • Thanks for the feedback Sarah – I’ll try to include more curator info in future Quarterly reviews!

      • Thank you Liz – much appreciated!

        Are you going to be reviewing Ariana Huffington’s box? I’ve seen a lot of comments about it, so I’m curious!

      • Yep – hopefully it shows up tomorrow! 🙂 (Along with my MSA Quarterly box!)

  4. The Ariana box had: her book Thrive, a purple lace sleepask, a Braun travel alarm clock, 2 .24fl oz Aveda concentrate stress relief aromas (roll ons), 2 1.76oz packages of Mother’s Little Helper organic teas, and a one month membership code to Headspace ( described as like a gym membership for the mind ). I took a photo but I am not sure how to attach it.

    • Wow. So glad I didn’t shell out $100 for that one. For one thing, if you’re that big a fan of hers, wouldn’t you probably already have her book…?

      • Sigh. I will have to wait and see the box before deciding if I am returning.

      • Thank you for posting the spoilers. Forgot to add it to my reply.

      • You’re welcome. I am still waiting for my MSA to show up as well, I wish that was the one that was delivered today!

      • The Arianna Huffington box arrived today. I love it! I wonder if something fell through which is why she doubled up on the tea and stress relief aromas.

      • I read the first couple chapters from the book today. I think it is the book and the letter that pulls it all together. Will comment more once the review is up.

    • I can understand why a lot of people were ehh on Arianna Huffington’s box, but I actually like it! The retail value is about $200 based on Amazon and the websites mentioned in her letter. The sleep mask is like Hitha on the Go, custom made with beautiful lace outside. The fall sleep masks from that place retail for $69. The aveda stress relief roll-ons. were $48 based on Amazon, the book (which I was hoping was in there) was $14. The teas $15, the alarm clock on Amazon is $32, and the headspace meditation app is $13. It was consistent with her theme of rest and relaxation. I think Liz’s is an exceptional quarterly box and I think hers will just continue to grow as far as subscribers at the $50 price point. Liz’s and Nina’s boxes work out to about 3 – 4 times price paid and I think that is what we have come to expect. I think that some of the curators price points could be lowered to get into the 3-4 times range and people would be happier with them. For the men’s boxes, I think most of them don’t care about value for price and just want somethig cool and unique whatever the price. The Ariana and the Jessica Comingore box did not meet the value for price test but both have lovely quality items in them. The Rosario Dawson box is a great box, but just not my style. I will stick with Ariana’ box for one more month, if they have it and see what happens next. I think I will use everything in Liz’s box and will probably stick with it forever., Ariana’s box I will use everything in. I guess it is all in what you are looking for.

      • Excellent points — I’m glad it worked out so well for you!

      • I thought the mask was cheap and I hated that everything was doubled to bring up the value of the box. There could have been 1 of each and another item. Maybe I’m too picky. But it was a huge disappointment for me.

      • Thank you for sharing that perspective. It very well could be a box that I enjoy. Every time I go back on this thread I want the Jessica C. box.

  5. Oh I just got the Ariana Huffington box and will be returning for a refund as well.

    • What is in the Ariana Huffington box? I haven’t received my MSA or Ariana Huffington box and am soooo curious about the Huffington box.

      • After seeing the jessica Comingore box, I want it too! ,

  6. I got this box and I’m kinda meh about it. It’s probably my favorite of the Quarterly’s I received. I was hoping it would be more home goods less beauty. I’m gonna give her another chance and not cancel, but if it’s just more beauty I’ll probably cancel. Kinda off topic, I was miserable with this box until I received Arianna Huffington’s and I’m asking for my money back, suddenly this one was great.

    • What was in the Arianna Huffington box? I’m dying to know!

  7. It’s a lovely teacup. Very Japanese. I don’t recall ever drinking tea from a cup with a handle during my years in Okinawa. They’re better insulated than you’d think, at least the authentic kind. This looks pretty substantial. You might want to give it a try with tea before planting anything, lol.

  8. so glad you reviewed this box liz! i also subscribed because of her gorgeous clean minimalist style. can’t wait for her box to arrive because looking at this review and spoilers on instagram, everything is a win for me – the tote in particular is lovely!

  9. I just want to mention that I subscribed to Hitha on the Go from the first box and I love it! The items she selects are high quality, unique and doubles the value. She also has some great travel tips. I am glad you’ll be reviewing her.

    Her first box was interesting (a designer shoe bag) and I was thinking about cancelling it, but then I wanted to try a second box and I loved the second box immensely and use everything from that box. The second box included a gorgeous, designer, luxurious silk eye mask for sleeping on planes, but I use it for when I go to bed at night and I love it. The eye mask alone was worth much more than the $50 price of the subscription.

    I look forward to the next Hitha on the Go Box.

  10. I received this box. I was so-so on it. After reading her letter the curation made more sense. However, I am not a bar soap user. (Although, this soap smells amazing and is making me want to try bar soap!) I have never used loose leaf tea. Ironically, I stumbled upon a tea shop downtown, and I purchased a steeper. So, I might give this a try. The pencils and notebook didn’t feel very special to me. However notepads will always find use with me. The tumbler was very cute, but I also wish it hand a handle. I am happy I got this when we were able to stack coupons (so I got it for $25). I’m not sure if I would be as happy if I paid full price. I’m on the fence about continuing with her box or not.

  11. I received this box and am pretty happy with it. Will probably swap the tote, I have way too many….love the ceramic cup and pencils with the flat tops. Not sure if I’m going to continue. I do like her minimalist style, though.

  12. I should had subscribe! I hope they keep her on. I’m also looking forward to the Eva Srivo box.

  13. I was considering subscribing to this box, but the theme did not lure me in… Im glad it didnt so I like my AM tine more energetic and practical a lo Mizz Fit style! However, the items its what I would have expected in this box after the promo and hints given. I’ve been watching quarterly subs for some time and at this point Im certain that this company its more about curation than value. I did subscribed to Eva Srivo since that theme is more of what Im looking for. I do expect that they don’t calculate the blowout promo in the value since you have to be in NYC in certain days to actually use it. Thaks for the review

    • I subscribed to Eva Srivo too! I’m hoping for an amazing makeup box!

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