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Building the #MSA01 Box – Fig + Yarow

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MSA Quarterly Box Ships Thursday + Updates

For the second post in the “Building the Box” series, I’m going to give the background on working with the brand Fig + Yarrow, and how the amazing Coffee + Cardamom Scrub was added to the box. (FYI – the first My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box sold out, but you can sign up for the upcoming winter box!)

First, I knew I wanted a scrub in this box because it’s one of the few items left that I still have to buy – so I knew it wasn’t overly abundant in subscription boxes! And when you get a scrub in subscription box, it is usually a little one-time-use sample, so I was pretty confident that no one would open the box and think “Great…another body scrub.” (This may be how some subscription addicts react to eyeliners though!)

I had seen Fig + Yarrow at Anthropologie, and the coffee scrub sounded amazing so I ordered it to give it a try. It’s pretty much my perfect scrub and I desperately wanted to get it in the box!  Here are just some of the reasons I fell in love with the Cardamom + Coffee scrub:

  • It is made with all natural and organic ingredients
  • It smells AMAZING (I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love the smell of coffee)
  • The grains are fine enough to exfoliate without being too harsh on the skin
  • It leaves your skin moisturized but not overly oily.

After trying the scrub and falling in love with it, I let Quarterly know and they reached out to Fig + Yarrow to work out a deal. I’m SO happy we got Fig + Yarrow in this box for lots of  reasons, but one reason I’m really proud of is because they have never been in a subscription box before! I love discovering new brands in subscription boxes, and I really hope you enjoyed this introduction to Fig + Yarrow if you haven’t tried the brand before.

And, good news – the Fig + Yarrow 20% off coupon QRTLY20 is now working on their site, so if you’ve been waiting to place an order, you’re good to go! Also, I thought I’d do a mini review of some of my other favorite products from their line in case you were debating on which products to try:


Fig + Yarrow has two other scrubs that are just as amazing as the Coffee scrub, but with citrus scents: Lemongrass + Lime Sugar Scrub, and the Citrus + Vanilla Body Scrub. Both of these are predominantly scented with the first ingredient in the title (Lemongrass or Citrus), but the complimenting scent has such a nice subtle effect. The Citrus + Vanilla scrub reminds me a bit of a natural creamsicle scent!


This Yarrow Buttercream is such an indulgent little cream! It’s very moisturizing but not too heavy, and while it’s designed for your face or hands, I’ve been just using it on my hands and loving the results!

The Alpine Foot Butter has a strong and refreshing menthol scent.  It’s one of those a-little-goes-a-long-way products, so this little tin will last me for a while!

The Basil + Cardamom Lip Balm may not be for everyone, but if you love basil like I do, you might also love this basil flavored lip balm! The formula is light and moisturizing with just a hint of sheen. (If you are looking for a slightly more traditional lip balm flavor/scent, there is also the Tinted Rose + Vanilla Lip Bam).

And lastly, the Nail + Cuticle Salve has a wonderful natural herb-y scent thanks to lots of essential oils. It’s also a solid that melts pretty much with your touch, so it’s great for applying to cuticles.


What did you think of the Fig + Yarrow Coffee + Cardamom scrub in the box? (I hope you loved seeing a new brand in the box as much as I loved including it!) Also, are you planning on trying any other products from their line?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Did anyone else thing F&Y’s shipping charges were high? I decided not to order because of this.

    • It also stopped my order- doesn’t do me any good to save a small percentage if I have to pay 40% (literally) to ship it!

  2. I just wanted to update my comment on the scrub, since then I have used it in the shower. Those who only used it on their hands, like me, miss the whole experience. It fills up the shower with this wonderful coffee peppery chicory like sent. It is so good. Like a sauna with a wonderful aroma. At first I wanted to try another “flavor” but for something I wasn’t crazy about in the beginning, using it in the shower really changed that.

  3. My order arrived today! I will be trying the mask tomorrow. Can’t wait to try the other products.

  4. Reading all these comments make me really anxious for my box to arrive. I hope it comes soon. I have messages into quarterly for a status. I know ill love everything just anxious for it to arrive.

    • I thought of something else. Did anyone suggest wallet,billfold? Is that to wide open for different tastes?

  5. Yikes – it stained my white towels brown! 🙁 I rinsed off really well too.

    I did love the scent and how soft it made my skin feel. I’ll have to stick to using it on towel washing days!

  6. Liz, I absolutely loved the first box. Opened it like it was Christmas morning. The scrub is my favorite in the box. Kudos to MSA01. Can’t wait to get the next box!

  7. I love that you are doing these reviews of each item and why/how they got in the box. I adored your box Liz and cannot wait for the next! I haven’t used this scrub yet but I know I will love it. It smells wonderful and I plan to try it this weekend in the bath. I am enjoying the scarf so much – I keep it in the car and put it on my lap for these chilly mornings. Can’t wait to read about the rest of the items!

  8. I’m in the minority, but this was my least favorite item. The oil clung to my skin along with very fine coffee bits, making me look streaky/dirty. I liked the smell, but I think I would have preferred one of the other two versions both for the scent and color/lack of streakiness.

    I’m going to take the other commenter’s suggestion, though, and use it just on my hands– I think I’ll love it for that purpose! It will be easier to get the streakiness off and really rub the scrub around. It still does feel like a luxury item, and it was nice for variety.

    • I agree it left brown streaks and coffee particles on my hands/arms. The initial coffee scent was a little too strong for my taste, but the after scent is nice. Also left my skin a little oily.

  9. If we signed up for (and received) your first box (which is AMAZING!), are we automatically subscribed for future boxes?

    • You should be – as long as you weren’t charged for shipping. (Quarterly offers a one time purchase option that comes with a shipping charge). Subscriptions have free shipping.

    • You should double check! I was thinking the same thing, and I’m glad I checked because I had apparently ordered the box one-time only.

  10. I love the smell, but not a coffee drinker. I love this scrub and used it this morning. I placed my order for the black clay mask, trial size Alpine pumice foot treatment, and trial size oral hygiene rinse.

    • Let me know if you like the Black Clay Mask. I may need to buy that next! 🙂

      • I do like the mask. I can see a difference in skin tone and texture. I first tried mixing it with water which I do not recommend. I felt like I was trying to scrub it out of my pores. Next I tried it with yogurt which made it feel luxurious. It also came out off much easier. I do have honey, but haven’t tried mixing it with honey yet.

        It does make my face a little dry, but I think that is from user error. It sounds more like it will help oily skin, whereas I was concentrating on the detoxifying part of the description. I should had paid more attention to the description. I think my skin would benefit more from rose or white clay. It’s not that oily. I also would like to try doing the herbal steam prior to the mask.

  11. Liz, Fig + Yarrow was actually featured in June’s Vegan Presence box (this was VP’s last box as they stopped sub box service). The Complexion Water was featured in the box and I loved it! And now I’m enjoying every bit of that coffee scrub (thank you for including a full-size product too!). I can’t wait to use my coupon and order a couple more goodies, including that basil lip balm – sounds interesting!

  12. I’ve heard coffee scrubs are one of the things that can help minimize cellulite. Now I’m extra curious about that.

    I sadly missed out on this box but would have enjoyed pretty much everything in it!

  13. I LOVE this scrub too! Usually I shower at night but I might just start showering in the am to wake up to this scent! Mine didn’t come with a label or anything which I thought was really weird, either way an awesome product.

  14. Eyeliners and tea. I have enough to last me a lifetime. Plus some.

  15. I am actually not a fan of the scent (sorry) BUT I do have a mother who loves coffee and indulgent bath items so I am definitely gifting this and I think she will love it!

  16. I was afraid to try the scrub bcs I have never liked cardamom but what I opened it I was shocked how addicting it smelled. I reached out to f+y about the code and they were very quick to respond so I was able to order the full sized scrub. The basil lip balm. And the small size sea scrub. Quite the indulgent but well worth it order. Thank you for introducing us to this amazing brand!!!!

  17. I love this scrub as well! I’m just a little worried that the coffee grinds might clog our pipes- anyone have an opinion on that? I know it’s not too much at a time… But I also know you aren’t supposed to put grinds down the disposal because they clog even when finely ground and washed down with water.

    Liz, I wanted to second your recommendation on the lip gloss. When I got my box my first reaction was that the color was darker than I have been wearing, and it looked dark on my hand when I sampled it. When I put it on, however, it is the perfect shade- neither dark nor bright, and I think I got the darkest color- guava! I would encourage everyone who is worried about their shade being too dark or bright to actually try the shade on. Thank you for such a great value and such thoughtful curation.

  18. I love it so much! Everything you wrote above is exactly my sentiments. It definitely wakes me up with a pleasant coffee smell and I love coffee in the morning.

    I hate to admit it, but I don’t buy stuff anymore because I have so many subs, but this is actually a scrub I am planning to get more of.

    Thank you!

  19. I love this scrub! I think it is my favorite item from your box. Good to know the coupon is working because I want more!!! I also found that they sell it on Amazon, its a little more but with free shipping. I have been using the scrub on my hands and my hands have never felt softer. I’m kind of obsessed with this scrub 🙂

  20. This was definitely a luxury item and I loved it. Although Lush is my all time fave bath and body brand. Have you tried their products before? They are all natural as well.

    • I looove LUSH products too, absolutely my all time favorite!! A sub box that included something from LUSH would be my dream box 🙂

      • It doesn’t seem like lush product are ingredients conscious. There are artificial chemicals there.

        • Lush’s products are basically fragranced food ingredients, not skincare. I don’t know if they are all natural or do contain artificial chemicals, but regardless it isn’t what anyone should be using.

          I really like the reviews on this site; the one thing that gets me is how well recommended products are that shouldn’t be based solely on their exclusion of ingredients that aren’t necessarily problematic.

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