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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014

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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August

The Social Bliss Style Box is a fashion and accessory subscription box. Each month they send you a collection of items that all tie into the theme for that month.

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 First Look

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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: The Style Box by Social Bliss

The Cost: $39.95 a month plus $9.95 shipping

The Products: $100 to $200 worth of products. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

Ships to: US

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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 Card

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. This month’s theme is End of Summer Daze.

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 Bracelet

Metallic Hex Tattoo by the PI Collection – Value $4

Bare Escentuals Retractable Lip Brush – Value $7

Double Bar Cuff Bracelet – Value $12

This bracelet it totally my style – I love that it’s a bit of a statement piece but also pretty delicate! I love getting new makeup brushes, so this lip brush will be used soon, and the only item that I won’t use is this tattoo. (Temporary tattoos seem to be a trend this summer for subscription boxes).

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 Hat

Papillon Visor – Value $18

This visor is pretty slick. It has velcro so it is somewhat adjustable, and it folds up for travel:

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 Hat Wrapped

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 Bag

Beach Tote – Retail Value $48

This tote is very lightweight and would work well for a beach bag – it’s pretty roomy!

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 Purse

It’s a very light weight faux leather material with no brand tags or markings.

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – August 2014 necklace

Influence Turquoise Necklace – Value $18

I lucked out on the jewelry in the box this month – this necklace is definitely my style.

Verdict: This month’s box has a value of about $107 – double the $50 cost. I think the value is pretty good, and I didn’t feel like there were any cheap filler items in the box this month. It is kind of weird getting a summer box at the very end of summer though – I won’t get much use out of a few of these items. I also would love to see them use a few more name-brand items each month.

What did you think the Social Bliss Style Box this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. HELP! I am trying to cancel and I can not figure it out. I’m sure it’s something simple but I can not fine a cancel button.

    • Okay I feel your pain, I been a social bliss member for 9 months tired of getting disappointed, the $49/month totally not worth it, given there November 2014 box can it get any worst??? So how do you cancel log into your social bliss acct go to my subscription at the very bottom where it say subscription click the little paint brush click the tab to cancel and waalah select reason for cancellation,

  2. Social bliss is great! Last month I received my purse damaged due to shipping. I contacted customer service and they said they would send me a new one or I could try and use the damaged one and choose a different purse from the past months. Which I did. I chose a purse from January and they sent it out 2 days later. They didn’t have to do that. I was really impressed.

    Then when I received my purse that didn’t have a strap. I contacted customer service and they sent one right out. They’ve always been very nice and helpful.

    Plus, I’ve been quite happy with their purses, wallets, scarves, and other accessories. I’m sure the price point and product isn’t for everyone but I look forward to it every month 🙂

    • How did you reach customer service ? They simply do not respond to most people. Plus when they do they seem to be not do what they promise to do. Cancel or replace items. I guess some people do like plastic purses. I think they need to turn into a purse sub and lower the price significantly if they want to survive.

  3. This was my first social bliss box and I liked it. After reading all the reviews I am wondering if I am wrong. I got the bracelet in silver, the tote in yellow, the necklace and the visor. I thought the visor was cool, I am going to use it when I am out gardening. The bad reviews are making me nervous. I hope the next box is better for the reviewers that disliked this box.

  4. Gosh, I wish people would realize that they’re not just insulting the company with their harsh words; they’re also insulting everyone who enjoys the items in this box. I think many people would appreciate it if others remembered to respect the people who like these items by refraining from so much name-calling and degradation of the items themselves. I understand that people don’t like the company and that the items they send out aren’t for them (and they of course most certainly have the right to feel that way), but calling items junk/unwearable is not just criticizing the company; it’s criticizing other people’s taste. And yes, there were people who liked this month’s box, myself included. Name-brands aren’t everything; many designer items are made in China, with a ridiculous markup in price just because of the designer name.

    • I always find it interesting when people are hurt by criticisms of inanimate objects. If someone doesn’t like something I like it won’t impact my opinion nor hurt my feelings. At the end of the day it shouldn’t matter if someone else thinks an item is trash or treasure, it should only matter what you think.

      I could also look at this the same way you do, and claim that you are degrading my taste and insulting my opinion when you criticize what I think of something. Or does that only work in one direction?

  5. SocialBliss labor day sale: 8 off 1 or 20 off 3 mo sub

  6. People seem to really like their purses (not so much their fashion “themes”) maybe they should just do a purse subscription monthly and make it less expensive like $25 or $30 and just target specifically bags & purses and really hone in on what they are good at. I think for some people there is too much going on in each box. I think all the purses they have sent have been really nice (not sure about this month) but overall, I think this is an interesting subscription. I always like to see what they come up with, I don’t like all of it, but there are some items I love!

    • I hope someone reads and implements your suggestion – that a great idea – the only reason i got this sub is for the purse. Even though the tote is not for me, I got lots of swap requests for it.

  7. The main thing this subscription service would benefit from is customization. The items in this box seem to be so fashion-forward and in-the-moment trendy that a customer is likely to either adore or despise any given item. I think it’s impossible for a single individual to love, say, the rocker chick box, the glam metallic bags from last month, and this strange wrap-around visor. If people could opt into themes, like with the Julep service, people would be more likely to receive at least a few things that fit their style and have a more positive reaction.

    • I think most people don’t think that the box is fashion forward more like fashion backward. Things that are cheap looking , expired and broken. I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in the plastic purses they have sent out. or strange hats and so on. They need to get better quality items if they want to stay alive. The value of the box is not worth the 50 dollars . If you look at popsugar they send name brand items. Not dollar store stuff. They need to lower their price to stay alive. Like make it 24.99 a month with shipping included. Then people will like the box. I think that they are charging an insane amount for what you are getting.

      • I agree, that it is not fashion forward. I could go to China Town in San Francisco and find the same stuff (and some knock off Chanel sunglasses) for less than the price of this box. It really is a rip off.

      • Well said! – I agree – $24.99 I can deal with 1 or maybe 2 boxes I don’t like. $49.99 monthly there needs to be more quality. – What I really don’t like about this box is the unofficial end of summer is Monday, I’m getting fall stuff out and putting summer stuff away. I’m okay without brand names, yet I look for quality, and unique items i can not find in other boxes. A necklace or a bracelet that is handmade in the usa by a few local artists would have have been more appreciated in a box then something that has no brand.

  8. Happy to say my box was not a total loss. I got the silver cuff bracelet. I don’t wear gold. Not sure what I will do with necklace, I agree it is cheep. I really wanted the pink bag, and not yellow. I ended up with the blue bag. If anyone received the pink and wants to swap let me know. this is my last box….

    • You could buy that bracelet for a few dollars and the box cost 50. You can buy a bracelet like that in or from china in bulk for 40 cents each. The hat is just beyond ugly. The bag is a pretty style but not worth much. If the company had any type of customer service I would not hate them so much. I went through living hell with them for months. The did not answer my mail to cancel my sub. They are trying to rip people off and then disappear when they want to cancel.

  9. This box has got to be going out of business. They do not cancel subs when you contact them and just rebill you over and over. They also do not answer email. I am wondering how people find they have good customer service. They appear to have a connection to someone who sells fake leather ( plastic bags) These cheap bags appear to make some people happy to shell over 50 dollars a month for a box of junk. They do not carry name brands and the jewelry they give you can be purchased on the streets of NYC in dollar store here . They have to be going out of business soon due to all the complaints filed against them, I would not recommend getting anything more then a monthly sub with them. They have sent me expired creams worth 14 dollars claiming they where valued at $150. If you look at MUT they seem to have been thrown off there by the moderators for making up fake screen names.

    • It is just amazing that people would pay 50 dollars for this. I personally have better things to do with my money. I do with someone would create a style box with high end name brand items not stuff people would laugh at you for wearing.

  10. I think this sub has steadily declined. It used to be the one I most looked forward to but not anymore. Makes me sad cause the options for fashion boxes are very limited.

  11. This looks like a fun box for the Labor Day weekend. It’s not for my taste, but it does seem that a lot of thought went into it. Interesting about the survey question. Hopefully they can work out the kinks and stick around for those that enjoy this box.

  12. The only real disappointing thing about this box is receiving it at the end of summer. Read some pretty harsh stuff in here, wow…

  13. Personally, I was disappointed in this months box. I am a little bewildered in the directions for the tote. Questionable why you have to use a liner. I am more of a silver person. On the plus side, I have several friends that appreciate gold. I will re-gift.

    What did you think about Nina Garcia’s box being delayed for a month? I was surprised and disappointed.

    Hopefully, Social Bliss is solvent. I recently filled out a survey for them. One of the questions was: how disappointed would I be if they closed their company.

    Nance Rogers

  14. I’ve been a member since the second month and finally canceled this past month. This is the first box that i missed and I’m glad i canceled when i did!

  15. I’m glad I cancelled. I sub for 3 months may was my first, i got the suede clutch, then in June the kimono and last months gold clutch. I haven’t found the quality to be there. Not for 50 a month. I think I’ll invest that towards some children subs for my little babes. I don’t see myself re-subbing unless there’s some great spoiler. I wished I had subbed in the earlier months when they had those great purses.
    Good luck to those who continue to sub I hope they get better with time.
    But for now I’ll keep my money,

  16. I think this box, even though I haven’t received mine yet, is actually better than the other boxes I have received. This will be my 3rd or 4th box, and I have to say they sort of redeemed themselves with this one. I think someone needs to “RETHINK” the boxes.
    One thing I will say is that SocialBliss has the best customer service EVER. They are very helpful and understanding. They get it, when their customers are unhappy. My suggestion is that instead of complaining about the boxes, give suggestions on what you expect in the box. I expect to find higher end items that cannot be found at Walgreens or Walmart. Surprise us with something unexpected. Like a few months ago the very expensive facial product – that’s what I want!! Something high end. I would rather get one high end fabulous “something”, rather than a box of something I can find at Walmart.

  17. I loved my box. I think I love it every month! I avoid spoilers like the plague, but I saw the word tote earlier in the month and I thought oh no, but this might be the cutest tote I have ever seen! Pantone’s radiant orchid plus laser cut? Win. The hat is super functional if you have a lot of hair like I do. The bracelet is totally gorgeous, the necklace is a classic turquoise and gold, which screams Indian summer. Plus they threw in a couple of fun freebies with the useful lip brush and the unusual yet chic temp tats. Come on, all this for $40? Are people seriously complaining the the metals aren’t precious? And that they didn’t put a tag with someone’s name inside the bag? I think that’s a lot to expect for $40.

    • I agree. I find this to be a well-curated box. I been a subscriber for a few months and I do like the variety in each box. Plus, this box is so different than other boxes. I am not expecting brand names — I’m expecting some interesting fashionable items. While I do not like everything in Socialbliss’ boxes (or any box for that matter), I do think that Socialbliss has somehow gotten a bad wrap. I hope Socialbliss is able to turn this tide.

      • They made people dislike them due to the bad customer service they had with regards to people trying to cancel or replace broken items. Others subs I have had ( and I have had dozens) have had amazing customer service. Plus other subs don’t play the games they play planting people on Makeuptalk and on their facebook page. They have definitely purchased likes because the amount they have cannot be real.

    • You must have an early subscriber’s price if you are only paying $40. My boxes were just a few dollars short of $50. It was way too much to spend for the quality of items. I canceled after last month and it looks like I made the right choice, since this month’s box wouldn’t have been a good fit for me.

      I do hope they stay in business though. I know they have received some harsh criticism on their Facebook page and on MUT’s forums. I do not think they deserve the abuse they’ve received. Their boxes are fine and often have nice items. I would be very willing to resubscribe if I saw them lower their prices or increase the value of the boxes.

  18. I got mine today- my third box. I so loved this sub until I subscribed then it went to … Well you know. That kimono, the cheap sunglasses (the gas station had a pair just like it for $5) tons of gold jewelery items that I will never wear that look like Claires 2/$5.

    I gave them this month to redeem themselves. No such luck. I hoped for the purple tote which from the comments above wasn’t very nice. I got the aqua and its cute. VERY light and I imagine will not last long but that really isn’t a problem.

    Very nice theme, however it would have been GREAT in JUNE not end of August. Again they show their California bias not realizing everyone doesn’t have Pacific weather. Its already fall season (or shopping at least) so the tote wont get touched till next year. 🙁

    My other thoughts, well the necklace is cute but very cheap. I like the bracelet but its gold and I dont ever wear gold (seems every month they send out gold jewelry I cant wear)

    Another thought- Retail value is supposed to be $107. I question the value listed for several of the items.

    Sadly this is my last Socialbliss.

  19. All I received in my box was a tote and necklace. What the heck!!!! So annoyed!!

  20. I’m so glad I can cancelled social bliss a few months back, any jewelry that isn’t silver or gold isn’t worth more than 10 bucks, the hat lokks like something my grandmother would wear, the bag is okay but not worth that price and if they actually included real brands not made up ones their box would be much better

    • IKR?! I thougth the same thing about the hat. Its a nice hat, well made but I dont see myself wearing it this fall. lol. Maybe its a California thing.

  21. It’s a box of crap. And a summer them the week before Labor Day? Come on! The hat is like an old lady gardening hat. The purse is a clearance section item at Walmart that they tried to tie to the summer theme by calling a beach bag, a random BE lip brush that was a company giveaway a while back. And a freaking stick on tattoo? How old are we? The necklace is on a complete junk chain. The only salvageable item is the bracelet and it’s pretty low quality. All said, a total waste of $48 (I get the cheaper shipping rate since I subbed back in Jan). I’ve been their biggest champion the last few months but this is the last straw. I’m done trying to convince myself I like the products. If you have to do that it’s not good. This is about as high fashion/style as 7-11! Cancelled once and for all!

    • There are no brand name items because this junk is purchased from Chinese wholesalers/third party overstock. The first 4 months of the sub were great. It’s like someone else took over management in May because the quality has gone down the tubes. Like night and day. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that hat or carrying the cheap-o purple purse (many got purple from what I’m hearing; not terribly versatile even if it wasn’t no name cheaptastic). This is so not high fashion or cutting edge like the billed themselves.

  22. I just opened my box and love everything in it! The visor fits (after being disappointed with hats in other boxes that are too tight to wear)! The bracelet fits my wrist and my style. I love turquoise, so getting a bag that color and necklace make it double the joy! I will use the lip brush and maybe even the tattoo for kicks. I would have loved this box at the beginning of summer, but since I am delighted with every item, I cannot complain. Can’t wait till next month!

  23. I cancelled SB but then they billed me for another 3 month sub and refused to refund my money so I received this month as well. I hate to say it but I actually really like the tote, bracelet and necklace. They aren’t wow by any means but they’re cute. I received the purple version of the bag and I think it’s actually a cute knock off little summer bag (it’s imitating this Ralph Lauren bag that retails for $150 The visor is a grandma thing, IMO. The tattoo was very obviously a part of a larger set and someone cut off a piece of one and stuck it in my box, which kind of weirds me out, like I’m getting a goodie bag at a kid’s birthday party or something. The lip brush just isn’t for me but I was pleasantly surprised that it was from a brand that I recognize. Although I didn’t want this box, I’m not terribly disappointed that I received it.

    • Did you contact your credit card company to have them reverse the charges?

      • No I did not. When I first cancelled they responded to me and said that they would NOT bill me again and that my account was cancelled … then I received another box. When I went and looked at my account in Social Bliss it showed that they charged me for another 3 months AFTER they told me that my account was cancelled! I’m not sure if AmEx would reverse the charges considering that I’ve already received two of the 3 boxes that they charged me for.

        I believe in karma and I think this crappy company is going out of business soon. Bad things happen when you screw your customers over!

  24. This was my first box and I canceled. I try and give boxes a few more months. Yet this one when I opened the box and looked at the items, I know it was not for me. – The hat is to summerish for me to use in the fall. The bag is cute, yet I really need a closure on my tote bags. I do like that it is light. The gold tone necklace reminds me of one that was in popsugar. The tatoo even though cute is something I would never wear. I do like bracelet and lip brush. Both of which I will use. – The value of items I would use is $19 – Verses the $39 I paid with the coupon as a first time subscriber. – Next month the price will go up to $49.99 for me and I can not see myself taking that chance again if I only like $19 in items. Maybe I’ll resubscribe if I see a box I will like.

  25. I was really worried I would regret discontinuing this box after seeing the previews…

    I regret nothing.

    This box is just not for me…but I know there are people out there that would love it.

    Also I have visor hat like that and it was awesome!

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