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Social Bliss Style Box Labor Day Coupon Code!

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Social Bliss Style Box Labor Day Coupon Code

Thank you Samaria for sharing this Social Bliss Style Box coupon code with us! Use coupon code 8OFF1 to save $8 off your first month of a monthly subscription, or use coupon code 20OFF3 to save $20 off a 3-month subscription.

FYI – I haven’t attempted to cancel my subscription, but looking at some of the comments on my last Style Box review, it looks like some readers are having issues with their customer care, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of signing up!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I really like this sub but it can be hit or miss for me. So, I am not a subscriber but I like a lot of their stuff. So, after the box comes out I usually just swap for the particular items I like. I got both Peruvian warrior rings (white & black ) from swaps because I really like those. I got the gold bag, the gold bracelet, etc. If you are not sure, or “on the fence” maybe this is an option for you.

  2. I don’t know why people are having to contact social bliss about canceling. Since you can do it yourself from your account page.
    I’ve experienced good CS with them. My issue is the quality of items recieved don’t match the price. So I cancelled. I may join again if things improve with the box. Till then I’ll keep a look out for great reviews.
    This is how you cancel:
    To unsubscribe (cancel) from The Style Box:
    – Go to the top-right corner and hover your mouse over your name
    – A drop-down menu will appear, click on “My Subscription” (
    – Directing you to a new page, go to the bottom-right corner and click to the tool/setting icon.
    – From there, it will allow you to cancel your account.

    • The reason people are having to contact SocialBliss when they cancel is that the link isn’t working for a lot of people. Either it never registers when people cancel and they’re charged for the next month or after clicking it the next page becomes a dead link. Then when people contact SocialBliss they’re given the runaround or no response at all, which conventionality allows SocialBliss to charge them for the next month. They’ve also changed their return policy without notifying subscribers, probably due to the massive amount of returned boxes. Shady behavior all around.

  3. I will never understand complaints about paying shipping fees. It has to get to you and USPS does not just let you ship for free. Shipping is weight based and some companies cannot afford to pay for items to ship to you for free. Even when a company offers you free shipping, it is not free, they are just paying it for you or include it in the price of whatever item they are selling you.

    Based on the complaints about the customer service, I don’t think I’d ever sub to this box, not unless it improves. And I wouldn’t expect brand name items for $40 a month. On Popsugar’s site they mention that everyday they are pitched new items. Its like trying to get on Oprah’s favorites list. I wouldn’t charge her a thing, I’d give her loads of whatever it is I sell just to get that exposure. Every company is not being bombarded like that, so I think the constant comparison isn’t all that fair. From what I’ve seen, the value is there, I just think people want real leather for $40. I mean I have some faux leather bags, so long as its quality faux leather and not some cheap plastic looking thing I’m cool. And honestly, where do you think most manufactured goods sold in America are from?

    Anyway, the last box looked okay, but it would have been better if they sent a box with items for fall. I read that they sent out a survey, I hope it asked what items their subscribers would like to see in the box and what items they’d like to be left out. Maybe that would help. Also they should ask what they can do to improve their customer service since that seems to be a huge issue for them. If I were a subscriber, I’d like to be able to cancel my subscription w/o having to rely on the company to do it for me. If they improve on those types of things I may consider subbing unless something else comes along. Oh well, hope they can get it together.

  4. I have had nothing but a great experience with Social Bliss. I love their monthly boxes. And customer service has always been very helpful to me. I find the quality of things to be fine. But if spending $50 is going to hurt your budget you may want to pass. This sub like popsugar is more like a “Grab bag”. You never know what you are going to get but that’s half the fun and the chance you take.
    As for them not making it or going out of business I don’t think that is true either. They’ve been going good for almost a year now and they seem to be just fine.
    I wouldn’t be worried be about subscribing, unless the dollar mark is too high. In that case you should just stick to ipsy and birchbox.


    • It’s not that the sub is too expensive, given that I subscribe to quite a few $100 subs (I don’t need to stick with ipsy and BB). It’s that this company went from including name brand, high quality products to unbranded wholesale crap in a matter of months, for the same price. And with higher shipping. I can afford plenty of pricier subs; I just expect to get something close to what I paid for when it’s delivered. A random, non-curated until after the fact (let’s call this floppy purse a beach bag so it fits with a summer theme, being sent over Labor Day) box of junk for $50 doesn’t cut it. And I’ve been with them since day 1 and defended their slipping quality until June when even I couldn’t do it with a straight face. Their CS has changed for the worse too, from being solicitous and professional to condescending, argumentative and now, nonexistent. Non transparent business practices will always breed suspicion. I don’t take the chance I’ll get only beauty products when I sub to a fashion sub (ahem, May’s box), nor do I roll the dice and hope to not receive crap that “fell off a truck” somewhere between Taiwan and my mailbox. It’s not fair to assume those unhappy with poor quality, value and customer service are too poor or cheap to afford the sub. I can easily drop $50 for my lunch every day, but I expect to get edible food and passable service for the price and not a bag of burgers launched out a drive thru window.

  5. Thank you Liz, for informing us to be careful of their customer service.

  6. They really should think about having a coupon code / big promotion — for people who subscribed before, canceled and might think about starting back — Even though last month was my 1st and last box. – I feel disgusted by it, and irritated in myself for the investment of something I would not use 1 item from – After I looked at the contents I could not look at the items again – I’ve gotten enough boxes from different box companies, to know that if I don’t like 1 item in the box, it is a waste of money. I still feel the company has potential, if they focused on a little bit better quality of a bag, and less other stuff. – I had no issues with customer service ( I might be in the minority here ). The quality of all the items including the lip brush which i thought I would like was way below my expectations for that price. — I would consider rejoining again, If I could see the quality getting ALOT better, and if the box was $34.99 including shipping. No more.
    — On another note, if someone was okay with out having brand name items, and wanted to by an unbranded tote bag, a lip brush, a bracelet, and a necklace, it might be okay for them, yet I still think the price with shipping should be lowered to reflect the quality and lack of branding —

  7. After the last 3 boxes, they could give me 3 months for $1.and it would still be overpriced. Used to be good, will check other’s boxes before I look at subscribing again.

    • Amen! And yet another coupon that excludes existing subscribers. I believe they’ve had a mass exodus after the last 3 months, with August being the final straw for many like me who joined their first month. I still say they are under different management and the change happened around May. That’s when the quality went in the crapper. The shipping fee is ridiculous and was outrageous even at the grandfathered in rate I was paying of $7.95. But $10? Oh please. Since the boxes are now filled with 3rd party wholesaler products (read: unbranded junk from China), their profit margin had to be insane. Companies are in it to make a profit, granted, but not this way, at the expense of existing customers. At this rate they’ll be another sub that relies primarily on one month only test subscribers rather than repeat ones. I actually chuckle every time I walk past the “hat” sitting in my yard sale pile in the garage thinking I may have to pay someone to take it. Along with the pleather “beach bag.” Right, a beach bag is what that is….

      • This convinced me not to subscribe, lol.

  8. FYI- this box charges shipping, so basically this coupon pays for the shipping

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