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POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Spoilers & Coupon!

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New POPSUGAR Must Have $10 Coupon Code

We have August 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers! (Thanks to Instagram user fieryrose!)Β Each box will include:

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 spoilers!

Bite Beauty Cinnamon Plumping Lip OilΒ – Value $22

PaddyWax Ocean Sea Salt Candle – Value $10

Lollia At Last Perfumed Shower Gel – Value $22

Kendra Scott Elle Earrings – Value $52

The Mason Jar Company Cookie Mix in a Soft Jar Pouch – Value $12.99

Goodbyn Small Meal Box – Value $11

Think Thin High Protein Bar – Value $1.50

What do you think of the spoilers? I think this looks like one of POPSUGAR‘s best boxes yet! And if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s one more day left to take advantage of the My Subscription Addiction exclusiveΒ POPSUGAR Must Have coupon!

Exclusive POPSUGAR Must Have Coupon - Free $32 Towel!

Just use coupon code GWPMSA to get this free Turkish Towel with you first box! (When the coupon is applied it should deduct 1% (40 cents) to let you know it worked).

UPDATE: The August box has sold out. If you sign up now your first box will be the September box, but if you still want the August box you can get on the wait list. The wait list box is pre-checked in checkout:

Wait List


Also, if there’s a particular August POPSUGAR item you are looking for – make sure to check out the POPSUGAR swaps page!




Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I loved this box! I didn’t get the earrings, I got a Kendra Scott Elsa necklace in black cat’s eye instead. It’s in gold, so I’ll probably swap. I opted for the extra turkish towel. The Lollia shower gel smells divine.

    • It looks like anyone who checked they do not have pierced ears or they prefer necklaces over earrings is getting a necklace! Nice to see they pay attention to the profiles! So the thing everyone is complaining about is actually not a problem! Nothing like jumping to conclusions haha πŸ™‚

      • I did not receive earrings or a necklace! I got everything else, but that was left out. Is this normal?

        • No – you should contact popsugar so they can send you the missing jewelry. Sorry about that!

          • Thank you! It hurt my heart when it was not there. Nothing like waiting for something for weeks to be let down. I emailed them, so hopefully they will correct the problem.

    • Hi Lyn,

      Can you post a picture of your necklace. If your swapping it I might be interested in it. I’m not sure if I’m getting earrings or necklace. I have pierced ears but don’t wear them often as my 5month old pulls on my hair and ears.. Ouch!!
      So necklaces get worn more often then earrings, lol.

  2. I got the box today and I am a little underwhelmed. I tried the lipgloss and it is very sticky. πŸ™ the shower gel smells a little weird not my taste but I will try it. The earrings are pretty but I doubt I will wear them often. The lunch box will be useful. I will use the candle and make the cookies. This box was so-so for me. I hope next month is better. It was still a nice surprise to come home to. That’s my favorite thing about subs. I have a surprise after a long day of work.

  3. This is my first Popsugar box, and I am so excited after seeing the spoiler. I also got the free Turkish towel so I feel great about the value! ***Does anyone know – does the spoiler pic mean for certain that those color of earrings are what everyone will get? I am new at box subscriptions and just am not sure if spoilers are always exact or not. The earrings on the site are beautiful in other colors too. I generally don’t wear gold, but for summer with a tan I think they will look great! The shower gel has honey which I am allergic to so I am swapping it. I am on the fence about the fall box for that price so hoping to see a spoiler and grab it before it sells out if it’s a good one!

  4. I recently cut down from 16 sub boxes to 6. Just needed a break, the amount of stuff I wasn’t using was overwhelming. But I can’t seem to quit PS, lol. Every month and every LE release results in me just begging for them to take my money. Lmao. πŸ™‚ They can do no wrong by me ever, and I’ve subbed to them since the beginning.

    • Do you mind sharing which 16 and which 6? I had a new bitchy witchy boss back in Jan, and these boxes really help me deal with stress. I have only 8 now, my first box was actually barkbox back from May last year. 2 of mine are quarterly, Elizabeth and Clarke, and fff. I probably will add boxycharm and see how it goes. Just bought the popsugar fall LE too!

    • This is my first psmh box. I am very happy that I got the earrings in silver, in a white grey stone. . My profile states silver jewelry, and I felt that they had taken into my profile into consideration. Also my bite beauty is a pretty fuchsia in color, instead of the oil. I have the oil, it is very good, but I can only use it in the winter.

      • where is the profile page at? – All I’m seeing are preferences that start out: Warm or Cool – Fragrance – and so on – yet nothing about jewelry preferences

        • I select bracelets but still get the earrings.

          • I did not see this area of the survey … where was it? so I know next time

        • You have to sign in and is under my preferences, see pic

          • Thank you, I might have to email them, on my preferences there is nothing that states that.

          • Wendy:

            Thank You – I just looked again – I see it now L) – It was the very last question on the right side – Glad you said something because I did not notice it the first 2 times – I’m still getting used to their website.

        • Lily, you have to scroll more, they ask u for clothing size, shoe did and you gave to pick a style.

        • Lily, you have to scroll more, they ask u for clothing size, shoe size and you pick a personal style. ( sorry for previous post, darn spell check)

          • Thank You – I found it – It was to the right of the survey a few questions down. I must have been tired when I filled it out, and looked for the survey again. I did check no earrings.

  5. BTW, if anyone would be willing to sell me their August box, please let me know. Thanks!

    • I dont want the earrings – the lip stuff sounds great – yet I have about 20 lip products to use — I’d be more then happy to sell those. — If I get this same box – I should be getting my box in the next few days.

      • Oh, Lily, I forgot to give you my contact info. You can email me about the earrings at [email protected]. Thanks!

        • Thank You – I should be getting my box in on Tuesday. If I get the earrings I’ll send you an email. Not sure if I got the necklace, if I would wear it. My taste in jewelry is a bit quirky. It will be interesting to see if my box will be the same as everyone elses.


    The August box is completely sold out. If you signed up yesterday or today you are most likely getting the September box. I just talked to PopSugar support via email.

    Liz, please post an update so others aren’t disappointed when they order, I know I am. πŸ™ *tears*

    • Thanks for letting me know – updating the post now.

      • Hopefully the September box will be equally awesome!

        • Hi Jen if your interested I will be selling / swapping the lip oil / gloss

      • Liz, do you know if your towel code will still work for the Sept box?

    • I signed up July 12 and did not get the July box, so I figure that once the spoilers are out, they are gone.

    • Hi,

      It shows in your account which month you’re getting. I signed up yesterday morning and my account is showing that the August box is the box I’m getting and it’s processing. So if you signed up and your account is showing that the August box is processing you should be good.

    • Jen,
      If you still want the box, I am selling my entire box for the price of the box ($43.00) + shipping (probably $11 or so for shipping). Let me know.

  7. Can someone help me? I want this box SOOOO badly. I just signed up but my account says my next box will be September?!

    • Post a comment on their Facebook page right away… they respond very quickly!

  8. Has anyone gotten their box? What color are the earrings? I am wondering if all of us are getting the same color or is their variation?

    • They are like a grayish purple! Really pretty. I think the shade is called slate

      • How much did the Fedex tracking code say your package weighed? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might get one of the 10 hair tools and that seems to be the only way to guess right now.

        • I think the regular package weighs about 3.8 lbs. Did yours weigh more? Good luck, I hope someone on this site is lucky enough to win the hair tools. Keep us posted:)

          • Alas! I didn’t get one of the hair tools, but I immediately baked the cookies to console my self.

  9. This box is just so-so for me. I really loved last month’s box! Still, I think I will use everything in this month’s box except for the earrings and the lip gloss. But, no big loss because I will just swap them. I like the idea of making cookies with my kids, using the food container for back to school. I can always use shower gel and I love a good candle. Its only $36 bucks a month (with the coupon) so really even though some people are disappointed, I still think you get a good value for your money. I am a new subscriber though, so I can understand how
    some of you are burnt out because you’ve received a lot of this before:)

  10. did they include a coupon code for Kendra Scott?

    • Yes–20% off

  11. I am so pumped about these spoilers! I think this may be my favorite PSMH box so far! The earrings are LOVELY. Sprinkle-y cookies? Yes please. Also, I just ran out of my Molton Brown shower gel from the Hautelook Beauty Bag, so good timing on the Lollia, PS!

    I will use everything except the lip oil. (My skin is super sensitive. The lip oil looks so pretty, though, I am sort of tempted to test fate and give it a go!)

    • The “lip oil” is actually just a lipgloss that was made for popsigar! It’s just maybe a shade or two darker than natural lips and so pretty! Smells like coconut too!

      • WOW! It sounds great – You’ve talked me into trying it instead of swapping it πŸ™‚

        • Same here! ^^

      • Ok, if it smells like coconut than I have to keep it!

      • AAHHH! You are so right @Mel! I just got my box today, and the lipgloss ended up being one of my favorite items in it! It looks so bright in the tube, but applies in the most perfectly naturally flushed shade. The product is not sticky, and wears a surprisingly long time! YAAAYYYYY!!! (I’m a little excited.) πŸ™‚

  12. I am sadly not happy with this box. I don’t have pierced ears, don’t eat diet bars and can only use unscented body washes due to allergies (though I don’t mind receiving the body wash since I can gift it). We got a different meal box a while back and while it’s cute, it’s still sitting in my closet, unused. The only thing I will be keeping is the cookie mix, lol, so this one is not a win for me. I just ordered the Fall Box and am hoping it is a great one.

  13. This will be my first box. I wish I hadn’t seen the spoilers- it would have been more fun to open- but I couldn’t resist! I wish the lip gloss was ‘non-plumping’ though.

    • It’s not plumping and it’s actually not the lip oil! It’s a pretty lipgloss made exclusively for PS!

  14. Is this the anniversary month? I remember them going all out last year.

  15. I SO wanted to love PopSugar. I love the concept of make-up, home and fitness and I was willing to pay extra for larger sizes and more quality of items instead of several $10 bags of low end cosmetics like Birchbox and Ipsy. Well, after 3 months of utter disappointment, I think this is going to be my last. I am pretty sure that the only thing I have used is that water diffuser and a lotion. I’m not sure why everyone is so ga-ga over that turkish towel. It feels like a dish towel, nothing luxurious. I’m trying Ipsy this month where at least if it’s a miss, it’s $10 bucks. This months earrings looked pretty but I clicked on the website and they look cartoonish so hopefully in person they’ll be prettier. Watch, next months will be the best and I end up canceling and not getting it, lol. Totally my luck!

    • Have you tried FabFitFun? It reminds me of this box, only quarterly. I liked my last FabFitFun box, this would be my 1st PopSugar Box. I only decided to get it because I was seeing 1 or 2 items I really wanted from the box in other boxes, and got sick of swapping for items, paying for shipping, waiting to see if any one wanted to swap. There are only a few items I like in this box, just hope the next box will be better.

      • I agree, I like FFF better. After being completely disappointed with PSMH last month, I cancelled. After seeing the spoilers today, I’m glad I did. Nothing about this box impresses me.

  16. How do people resubscribe with a coupon? I have an account but no active sub and it won’t let me use the coupon cause it days I have to be a new subscriber, I know people unsubscribe and use coupons all the time. How do you do it? Do you need a new email?

    • I have done it before on a second e-mail account under my husband’s name (sure, he loves that):) But I just set up a second gmail account for all my sub box activities. I know you can do it that way, but does anyone else have any other suggestions or work arounds?

  17. WOW!! This looks like a really great month, the past two months I have really love PopSugar boxes.

  18. Box looks great! I marked no earrings on my survey. I’m curious to what I will be receiving.

    • You will still get the earrings.

    • The boxes are not customized. You will still get earrings.

      • Well then someone is getting a nice Christmas gift.

        • That’s the spirit!

        • Absolutely πŸ˜€ That’s the perfect outlook!

  19. I actually love this box. I will use everything in it. I actually was just about to buy a pair of those Kendra Scott earrings in another color! All those complaining about the earrings…you can put them on Ebay and they will sell quickly for $40 – $50! Love the cookie mix, candles, and shower gel will always be used. Good box for me.

    • That’s a great suggestion to those complaining about the earrings. Then the box will pay for itself!

  20. ALL things considered i’m saving my money and going to get the LE Fall Box so I can go crazy again. The earrings are just too big, don’t know what color, stupid double moat bowl thing, (what IS that?) more shower gel I don’t need, don’t like lip gloss. I heard that towel wasn’t so hot, it’s not the better towel that came in the LE box. I’m better off buying a big bath and body candle on sale and making my own cookies. It’s so tempting until you piece it out.

  21. I think this is a TERRIFIC box! I can see being disappointed if you don’t have pierced ears. However, without the earrings, the value is still around $78. I though there was an additional Goodbyn piece in the box but I don’t see it listed above.

    Lollia is a wonderful brand and Kendra Scott is sold at Neiman Marcus. I have other pieces by her.

  22. This may be my favorite box from them yet and I’ve been with Popsugar from the beginning!!!!

  23. Finally a box with lots of items i like!

  24. Love everything in ths box!!
    Last months box the hat was too small for my head haha, so I am extremely happy with the earings

  25. So many complaints about this box, but I think it’s great. >.< I can understand people being upset if they don't have pierced ears, but there are a lot of people with pierced ears who will love this too! There's something for everyone in this box.

    Liz, do you know when the September boxes will start selling? I was hoping to snag a sub with the turkish towel code, but it's still says the sub will start with the August box. Does it vary from month to month? And will they extend the promo if they're not out of towels yet? Thanks!

  26. I don’t have any lifestyle combo box and I desperately want one! I haven’t signed up to ppmh because the last few months I was not happy about a lot of the items.

    I don’t wear much gold and especially something so formal and bold except for special occaSions.

    The only thing that interests me here is the candle and lip oil.

    I like shower gel but floral not so much. No skin care? No other makeup? No cute scarves? Nothing unique and exciting.

    I wouldn’t mind a simple necklace or ring, a candle, etc… This box just isn’t me.

    • I wouldn’t mind the turkish towel though. The box is work the money, Just not for me. I can’t justify it.

      I’ve only ordered one life style box so far and only for the fff summer box. The only thing that interests me was the Flash Facial and hair oil. That alone was worth the summer box with my $15 coupon off.

      So I’ve yet to come across a lifestyle box for me.

  27. Couldn’t help myself. I ordered. Thanks for the towel code too!

  28. I’m right there with Laura, I get excited for my pop sugar boxes, my husband does as well, however, I feel like the this box along with last months seems like a bit of a waist of money. These products seem a little amateur. Adios Pop Sugar

  29. I think this will be my last box… My year is up! It was fun while it lasted, but definitely got underwhelmed in recent months…

    • I agree. I wish the high dollar item wasn’t earrings because I don’t have pierced ears. I feel like if they do a jewelry item then it should be a necklace or bracelet. I’m not into swapping items either. Just wish I could get a box that I can say I like everything in it.

  30. I’ll actually use everything in this box! I do Bento-style lunches for my kids, so the small lunch box will be great for snacks for them. The cookie mix is the only real “ehh” for me, but I think my kids will like to make them. This is my 4th month subscribing (I bought a 6-month sub) and this is the first box where I’ll actually use most of the products.

  31. This would be my 1st Popsugar box, — Have they put earrings in other boxes? — I’m just wondering if this is something they have done before. — Based in this box ( which I have not gotten yet, I want to cancel )

    • This is the first time they’ve included earrings. Now that I think about it I am a little surprised considering not every subscriber will have pierced ears.

      • Liz: Thanks for responding, I might just keep the sub and hopes that next month will be better. Hopefully they will listen to all the others with the same issue. Not every box is going to be perfect. Yet to have the highest value item be something like this, does not make the box worth it to me. If the value was $25 I’d be better with it.

  32. ***eeeee**** My first box – I love everything (I think I love the lip gloss?) AND I get the turkish towel. squealing with excitement here!

    • lol πŸ™‚

  33. I gave PopSugar a 3-month run, and unless in person these items are more exciting, that’s it for me! Compared to last August’s box, this is really a down and out for me. I’m not saying nothing is fantastic but it isn’t anything I wouldn’t have found on my own in TJ Maxx or on Amazon on my own. I have received a Mason Jar mix before as a gift and as someone who loves to bake this isn’t the best option for making cookies. Granola bars are the reason I gave up my birchbox subscription – working in a highly populated area means I get these thrown at me regularly coming out of the subway. BYE BYE POPSUGAR.

    • I completely agree with this ^^^, it’s everything you can find at Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I would only sub to this if I lived in a very remote area of Siberia or something…….

      • LOL! Am I the only one who thinks that a box of stuff you could get a TJ Maxx sounds like a great box? It’s still a value for me – if I bought all this at TJ Maxx it would cost more than $37, which is what I paid for the box with tax, so I’m good!

  34. I’d be more excited about this box if I had pierced ears, since most of the non-earring things are pretty neat. But they aren’t enough to justify the price of the box on their own. I’ll be passing on this one.

  35. Can someone please tell me what the coupon is? thanks

    p.s. I got an email about upcoming fall le box… looks like a snake skin clutch maybe?

  36. I LOVE that cookie mix (it looks so cute) and I just swapped for that exact candle from the Flicker box, but I think I’m going to have to keep an eye out for both of these things in the swap listings. I can always have extra candles πŸ™‚

  37. So glad this awesome box is coming my way!

  38. Welllll…I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but this is just a big miss for me. I never wear gold…it looks hideous on me. And, those earrings are totally not my style. Everything else duplicates something I already own multipes of or just don’t want. The only thing that may be handy is the bar. Wow! My box value for my personal use will be $1.50, if that. lol This is on the heels of last month’s box where the highest priced item won’t fit my head, nor any of my adult freinds. So, my 8 year old niece now has a $50 beach hat. Like this month’s box, everything else duplicated items I already owned or had no need for. I will say that I kept and loved the salad spoons and coconut chips! I have one more box in my quarterly subscription. If they don’t bring it home next month, I’ll have to cancel this. You seemed to get so many cute things in your boxes prior to my signing up. What happened? πŸ™

    • Consider hitting the swaps page! Might be able to get a few things you liked from other boxes, and since there’s a variety, I bet there are people excited for specific parts of the box. Seems like a good swap box if it’s not for you πŸ™‚

      • I would def swap you for some of those things!

    • It’s a miss for me too. This just seems pretty meh for me on all fronts. I dislike the feeling from lip plumping anything (plus I don’t need my lips plumped, they’re already full) I have TONS of shower gel, I can’t eat dairy so both edibles are out. Candle will make a good gift, probably ditto with the earrings but I will use the lunch box. Ah, well. Better luck next month!

      • Crystal, that is one adorable baby!

    • I loved last month’s box. I can never find a beach hat that fits and it fits perfectly! I’m also looking forward to this box. Haven’t received it yet. Of course, I have only subscribed for 4-5 months so I guess I can still be considered in the excitement period?

  39. I’m very excited about this month’s box, after being so disappointed with last month’s! The cookie mix looks amazing and the shower gel, candle, and lip gloss, three things I can never have enough of. And the earrings are gorgeous, totally excited now!

  40. I’ve been debating getting rid of my PopSugar box for budgeting reasons after this month but was holding out to see spoilers and I’m so glad I did – I think this is the best box I’ve received! Earrings are beautiful, I’m excited for the beauty products, especially the BITE lip oil, the sea salt candle looks awesome, I’ll actually use the little meal box unlike some of the other items in past boxes that ended up sitting. And the mason jar cookie is adorable. These boxes are so subjective – but this particular one is right on the mark for me. Thanks for the spoilers!!

  41. LOVE this box, so excited. I used the promo code for the free towel too! I have multiple boxes coming, I am VERY curious if they are shipping multiple colors of the earrings or are they all the same. If you get your box please post what color they are. I wont have my boxed until next week when we leave for vacation so it will be 2 weeks before I can put my hands on it. YEAH!!

  42. I am pretty upset about the earrings. I can’t wear earnings. I am pretty sure I had to fill that out in the little survey when I signed up. Are they going to do anything else for those of us who can’t even use them? So disappointed. I wouldn’t be as upset if that wasn’t the high dollar item. I don’t usually complain either- even if I just don’t like it. πŸ™

    • Honestly, despite filling out a survey, none of the boxes are customized to your likes or dislikes. I’m not even sure why they have the survey unless they compile results to get an average. This is it for me.

      • I know they don’t customize, but don’t ask me if I have pierced ears and when I say no, send me earrings anyways. I feel like they should have done a necklace or bracelet instead of earrings. Or at least not have that as the highest priced item. Or maybe allow those of us with not pierced ears to get something different. It just seems like a poor choice to me.

        • I agree.

  43. LOVE this box. This is my favorite one we’ve had for a while…the earrings are gorgeous – hoping I get a blue or grey, I’ve seen purple elsewhere and I’m not sure I can rock bright purple earrings ;). The cookie mix is so cute, the little lunch box is great, and two beauty products!

    I got one of those candles in the Nicky Hilton box (I think?), and I haven’t stopped burning it since, so I’m pretty stoked to get another one. The Think Thin bar is a little boring…but I’m sure it’ll be the first thing to go! They’re pretty delicious.

  44. I subscribed July 12, and ordered the fallstyle box yesterday. Got confirmation emails on both, logged into my account and everything was blank, including my profile. Emailed CS, still have not heard back. Very disappointed. I think it is bad CS when there is no phone number.

    • Probably not from Nicky Hilton since that Quarterly Co sub hasn’t launched yet, lol

      • I can understand how Quarterly and Fancy can be confusing since both involve celebrity curators. The premiere July Nicky Hilton Fancy box contained a Paddywax Gardenia & Tuberose. You can read what I received in that box by putting Nicky Hilton in the search box. It’s in the thread that talks about the new Nicky Hilton Box. I would also love to see someone post what is in the August Nicky Hilton box. I LOVED July’s box, but school and sports expenses are high in August so I did not continue the subscription.

  45. Agreed … i cant wear earrings either i have my ears stretched so doesnt really work :/ stinks thats the most expensive item in the box ..

    • I have stretched ears as well. If you ever feel like wearing dangling earrings, just find a pair of matching plugs or tunnels and wear them below. It actually doesn’t look half bad. xD Or if you can find a pair that matches the metal of the earrings.

      • agreed but i spend more money trying to find a pair of plugs to go with the earrings lol and mine are at an inch .. i feel like dangly earrings on top of my plugs is way too much lol ( sorry not trying to be negative)

        • It sounds like the earrings are a miss for a lot of people: stretched ears, non-pierced ears, nickel allergies (I can only wear titanium and it’s not obvious from the photo whether the hooks can be easily replaced). I’ve toyed with the idea of subscribing to this one, but high-value earrings usually steer me away from boxes.

  46. Got this box today. My earrings are not that bluish color, they are greyish, almost clear. Not for me at all. Would not ever pay $52 for these earrings. This was my third box of a three month subscription. By far, this was the box I liked least. Just cancelled.

    • Does it say what color the earrings are on the package?

      • Sorry I missed that you’d posted a question. I don’t believe it said anything about the color but can’t be sure since I discarded the paperwork.

  47. This will be my 1st popsugar box – The most expensive item in the box I can’t use πŸ™ – I don’t like the idea of a protein bar being in a box – I wish they would have put pixi sticks instead. Everything else in this box I will either use, or give as Christmas Gifts.

    • Isnt that so unfortunate that they put earrings as the most expensive item ! i cant wear them either

      • Necklaces, and bracelets more people can wear, it would have been nice to see a charm bracelet. – This is my first box, and if there is no guarentee that no more earrings will be placed in anymore boxes, I’m going to cancle my sub. – If that was not the highest valued item, I’d be a little bit better with the box. – Since it is I’m annoyed.

  48. I am really excited about this. The earrings are really pretty. I can see myself using everything in this box.

    • Now seeing this is making me rethink the Fall special box.

      • I usually avoid spoilers at pretty much all cost, but I’ve been pondering buying the fall box, so thought I would look at this month’s spoilers and then make up my mind. And the earrings have me waffling. Why do they ask in the quiz what color of jewelry we want and then ignore it?!! And why has 95% of their jewelry been gold?

  49. EEEEE! I am so psyched for ALL OF THIS! And I get the towel bc I used the coupon code when I ordered! *happy dance*

  50. This is my first POPSUGAR box and I’m very excited about it. The earrings aren’t really my style but I will be able to gift any items that I won’t use for Christmas so this will work out great.

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