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Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code – August 2014

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Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code – August

Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish and beauty subscription box. They make all their own products, so subscribers get a good value each month – over $40 retail worth of product for $24.99 a month. (Julep recently raised their prices, but apparently there will be more customization too. Current subscribers will keep the $19.99 rate).

And, if you sign up for 3-months up front, you also get the $19.99 rate!

Each month Julep releases a new collection on the 20th, and you can decide which box you want, you can upgrade to the entire collection, or you can skip that month. (They recently changed their skip policy – If you’re a new subscriber, you earn a skip every 6 months).

This month I decided to go with the Classic with a Twist box!

Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code – August 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Julep Maven

The Cost: $24.99 a month ($19.99 a month with a 3-month subscription)

COUPON: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free

The Products: Nail polish plus beauty items.

Ships to: US and Canada

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Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code – August 2014 Polish

Julep Nail Color in Avni – Retail Value $14

Julep Nail Color in Katie – Retail Value $14

This was one of those months for me when I didn’t know which nail polish color combo to pick, but now that I have the Classic With A Twist colors in my hands I’m happy with my choice. These are both gorgeous microshimmers, and I think the colors are good for late summer to fall.

Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code – August 2014 Eye Liner

Julep Gel Eye Glider in Plum – Value $16

This eyeliner has more of a blue tint to it than a purple tint. (I was expecting purple). I like it a lot though. It’s great for a dramatic eye look, and it goes on super smooth. Julep says it sets in 30 seconds and then stays put for 10 hours. I’ve been wearing it for a few hours today, and so far so good!

Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code – August 2014 Coupons

This box also came with some discount codes and a phone screen cleaner promoting Julep’s new app. (The card says if you download the app and login to your Julep account you’ll get some free Jules points). Also here are two coupon codes for the Julep shop if you’re interested: 10FORYOU ($10 off a purchase of $20 or more), and GLIDERPERK (30% off any gel eye gliders).

Verdict: I really like the beauty item this month, so I’m very happy with the August Julep Maven box. What colors did you get this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I ordered my first box with the free box coupon code and also ordered the special summer cool box (I can’t remember the name) for $24.95. I only received the free box. I contacted customer care and the girl said she didn’t know what happened, but that box was sold out. (Nice of them to take my money and not let me know they no longer had it in stock) Wouldn’t refund my money but she credited my account 2000 jules so the next box is free. THEN I tried to cancell but was told I couldn’t until the next box was actually shipped and I’d have to call back. I hate that they store my credit card info and I can’t delete it or cancel my subsxription on line. This sub is going bye bye the second the next box ships!

    • Change your billing address (especially numbers in street address and zip code) and credit card expiration date online to something else. I think that will stop the billing from going through even if the system won’t allow you to delete the credit card number.

      Good luck!

  2. Sounds like I am not the only one to have this happen to. I was one of the first people to order so I knew right away I was going to get the entire Wonderlust collection. My daughter wanted the India so I added on another one for her. Box came today. Neither of us got India. Nor did I receive Joyce. I was shipped two Queen Anne polishes as an apology. What upsets me about this the most is there was no email from Julep regarding this. When I called there was no compassion or care. Instead, I was told that India may not be coming back. I paid $56. for this month and feel foolish and upset with this situation. How is it they can sell something they don’t have? Further, why wouldn’t they obtain that supply to make this right?

    • How do I get out of this? Money has gotten really tight and $25 could go for food. Do I call them? Thanks for your help.

      • Yes, call them.

  3. They were sold out of the India (freshwater blue shimmer) almost immediately, so I did something that goes against my principles and for the first time ever upgraded to the full Wanderlust collection. Just to get the blue polish.
    My box arrived today – No India!
    I called Julep and they said ‘Sorry, we couldn’t keep up with demand and ran out of that shade’.
    They gave me some extra Jules, but I just feel foolish now. And disappointed.

    • Did they give you enough Jules to buy the polish by itself when it comes back in? (If that is even possible…)

      Seems like false advertising on their part and a completely unacceptable response. I would contact them again and ask to speak to a supervisor. They need to send you that polish when they get it back in stock. If they represented that they had it as part of the larger collection they let you order/pay for, they need to send you the polish. I am sure they will get it back in eventually.

      I wanted that color as well but it was already gone before I got to ordering the box…. I am happy with the colors I ended up choosing but that was my favorite color as well.

      Good luck!

      • I was given enough Jules to buy the polish, but I wasn’t assured that it would actually ever be available.
        I feel that this was a real bait and switch. My order should not have been processed if the item wasn’t in stock. At least a heads up that it couldn’t be fulfilled, with an option to cancel, would have been fairer.
        Oh well, it’s only polish. There are much bigger problems in life.

  4. I have been subscribed for a few months now and have not had any issues with any of my purchases. I love everything I have received so far. 🙂 I changed my style profile to boho glam and have been uber happy with the polish colors since changing. I just ordered they 100 degrees of Mystery box today and cannot wait to see what it includes!

    • Yeah, I got the $16.97 for three months deal and I haven’t had any problems, either. For my first (non-welcome) box, I did a polish upgrade and for my second, I kept my two polish colors but swapped out the eyeliner color. Everything came fairly quickly and I didn’t have any issues. I’ve ordered a few times from their site and everything was in order there, as well. My mystery box won’t be here until next week, wish it was sooner! I ordered a second nail polish rack today from Amazon so I’d have somewhere to put all this stuff.

  5. Julep must be having serious issues this month. I got the correct add-ons but they sent me the wrong box. The box had 2 nail polishes – I ordered kit with the polish remover and glitter kit. There was no eyeglider in it – so even if it was meant for someone else, it would have been missing their beauty item.

    I sent an email and they responded with a message that due to an increase business they are experiencing an abundance of phone calls and emails. Encouraged leaving a voicemail if you call for certain reasons.

    I hope I get my other box soon but I”m not holding out hope.

    • I emailed them Saturday and never got anything back. I called just now and they reshipped out my missing piece from my box 🙂

  6. Today I got my Maven box. I have been a member since March and have taken every box and have been completely happy with all of them. This month for the August box I chose the Polish Upgrade to get all of the polishes for the WANDERLUST collection. You have the choice to do this each month if you like. This was the first time for me and I am not disappointed. Total cost for all 9 polish + they put in freebie Queen Anne $45.99 and I feel it is totally worth it. Now to try one of the gel eye gliders I think I like the Smokey Taupe Shimmer so will have to give that a try.

  7. Dear Liz,

    Thank you for sharing the coupon code. 🙂 This box looks awesome, the colors and eye liner are fabulous. I love the mix of makeup, skin care and nail care. Very nice! off topic but Is there a jewelry service you recommend? Thank you kindly! 🙂

  8. I miss my monthly boxes I had to unsubscribe out of principle. I bought the summer tote special and it came with the disclaimer about how the chemicals used for the free beach bag can harm you. I’ve been to CA I know the state forces this disclaimer on practically everything but that does not make it less true. For a company that advertises the avoidance of carcinogens it’s unacceptable. The shipping is always 15 days too but that’s beside the point. Miss the awesome formula but eh…

  9. Mine has shipped, thankfully, but won’t be here until later this week. I also picked the plum eyeliner, though I don’t remember which polishes I picked (terrible). They were pretty! I ordered from the secret store, too. So far, I have resisted the mystery box. It isn’t easy.

    • My mystery box shipped today. But, you know, DHL. So maybe I’ll see it in September?

      Resisted the secret store. Wearing Avni right now and liking it a lot.

  10. Ooh! I skipped this month even though I thought the colors were GORGEOUS! I’m going to see if a box is still available (and download the app!). I’m also glad I’m a “legacy” member, cause I think I’ve only bought two boxes in the last year from julep!

    • How do you order an existing box? I just subbed last week and was told I couldn’t get August because the window was “closed.” I may have just gotten a rep who didn’t know, but I really wanted to order the expanded collection and thought I would be able to by becoming a subscriber.

  11. I got the Happy Mani-versary. It was missing one of the items. Anyone else have that issue?

    • Yes, mine was missing the tool and my Ta Da drops were only 2/3 full without leakage so I emailed them. I love, love the polish color, just fyi one of my new favs and the extra codes were great so would have been a fav box. Hopefully they will fix the issue. What was missing in yours?

      • Mine was just missing the tool. But I was looking forward to that. Nothing else. My sister loves those drops though. That sucks that yours were like that too. Maybe they forgot the tool in everyone’s? Or didnt mean to put it in? I emailed them Saturday. But I should of just called, because otherwise it takes so long. I haven’t tried the color yet, I plan on it! I am excited for it. it was a great box, just disappointed I was missing that. But I am wondering if it was just a mistake for everyone.

        • Update: well, after 4 days no email reply from them, and I opened my Jules pink polish to do a french manicure yesterday and the brush came out of the cap and when I popped it back in it just spun and wouldn’t engage and close at all so I had to call since that polish had to go in the trash. I had them address my open ticket and they said they have a new fulfillment and shipping this month and it seems that the tool didn’t make it into lots of boxes. She said the drops should be full so they would send me the tool, replacement drops, and replacement polish. Great, friendly customer service! I love Julep polish and never had any issues until this so I am pleased they are handling this well. She said next time to just call to get a fast response.

          Also, I joined two weeks after they changed the swap option from anytime to just twice yearly. I called last month to inquire if they would switch me to the old terms and she said no, but that if for any reason I needed to swap to call versus canceling and they would accommodate. (Of course, I’m sure hoping that people don’t call frequently and abuse this. ) I see lots of people complaining about this and I understand and feel like they shouldn’t have done such a drastic change, but it’s great knowing they will honor your needs versus losing a customer!

  12. I still haven’t received a tracking number 🙁

    • I haven’t received a tracking number yet either. They sure are quick to take money out of my account right on time, but it takes two weeks to get my box. Not sure if I will continue this sub.

  13. I’m visiting my mom in Pittsburgh right now, but I can’t wait till I get home to see these colors in person!

  14. I got the same box too but chose the brown eye glider. This is one of my favorite boxes from Julep. I am LOVING these purples!

  15. We got the same box!

    I’m trying to decide which color of polish to use tonight. I think I’ll just close my eyes and grab one.

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