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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014

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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June


The Social Bliss Style Box is a new fashion and accessory subscription box. Each month they send you a collection of items that all tie into the theme for that month. (Last month they went with a skincare item as their big ticket item, and I’m happy to see that this month they are back to focusing on fashion).

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: The Style Box by Social Bliss

The Cost: $39.95 a month plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: $100 to $200 worth of products. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

Ships to: US

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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Boho Chic

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. This month’s theme is Boho Chic.

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Info

 Every box also has one featured designer that typically has the most expensive item in the box. This month it is Fate. 

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Scarf

Fate Inc Scarf / Vest / Wrap – Value $50

(This piece was designed exclusively for this box, so that link goes to a similar style). Of course I didn’t read the card detail before I pulled this scarf out and was surprised to find armhole! Because…

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Vest

It’s a vest! Personally this isn’t a style for me, but I do like it a lot in scarf form.

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Wrap

And I threaded one end of the scarf through the armhole on the other end to keep the scarf in place!

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Scarf


(A closer look at the print).

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Glasses

Retro-Specs Sunglasses – Value $15

I wish these weren’t non-branded sunglasses because I absolutely love them and want to buy more in different frame colors. (If you find where these shades are from please let me know!)

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Lip Gloss

Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss – Value $8

Essie Nail Lacquer in Snake Rattle and Roll – Value $11.25

This lipgloss definitely was as shiny as the name suggests, but it was a little too sticky for my taste.

I remember being intrigued by these magnetic nail polishes when they first came out over a year ago. I’m not sure if the look is for me, but Essie’s site gives a quick little tutorial to show how the polish works with the magnetic cap.

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Ring

Peruvian Warrior Ring – Value $20

I don’t really wear big rings or silver jewelry, so this is getting swapped!

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – June 2014 Sponge


Bonus Item – the Creme Shop Makeup Sponges – Value $4?

Every once in a while Social Bliss has a coupon code for new and current subscribers to get a bonus item with their box, and this was my item for the month. (I’m pretty loyal to my Beauty Blender, but these will be good back up sponges).

Verdict: I really like the scarf, and love the sunglasses so the value is definitely there for me this month. What do think of the items this month? How are you styling the scarf/vest?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I lost my black sunglasses, if any one would like to unload theirs. I’m intested

  2. Ulta lip gloss come on now??? The sunglasses fit my 5 year old and worth about 3 dollars. Sad I wasted my money

  3. I want the purses. I loved the purse in March/April and was down on myself for missing out. However, this box and the last box were awful. I want to get this box but fear is in the way. I wouldn’t wear any of these items from the June’s box.

  4. After last month, could it get any worse? Why, Yes…Yes, it could.
    Aside from the wrap, a collection of cheap items.

  5. For the first time in 4 months, I haven’t been disappointed.

    I expected junk and got it.

  6. This was my first Social Bliss box and I am sad I spent the money. I was very underwhelmed and felt everything was very cheap. I know the Ulta brand lip gloss is cheap as I have purchased it there for much less than they state as its always on some sot of special . It is very tacky. My polish is definitely a fall maroon shade, I get my nails done so this will be useless, and I always feel they throw polish in as a cheap filler and then mark up the price they quote. Glasses feel junky and there is no name on them and the ring is a piece of junk and already bent and scratched coming out of the pouch. Part of my deal was getting a free gift and I did not even receive it. I will be writing Social Bliss and hope they make it right. If they do I will give them a few more months. I am bog on customer service , so we shall see. I too like the idea of BoHo in this box but the quality just isn’t there.

  7. This was my first box, and after seeing the last couple, I decided to cancel it. I really think they set the bar high with the first few boxes. This is definitely not my style. The ring was too gaudy for me, tho I do like silver. The lipgloss was okay, but I have so much lipgloss from other boxes that I totally didn’t need this, as it didn’t stand out in any way. I get pedicures at the salon, so I never buy nail polish…and the color was realllly hideous, IMO. I got the dark scarf and black sunglasses with gold trim. I don’t wear gold at all, and I don’t care for the shape of the sunglasses. The scarf / vest is ok. It’s really not my style, as I prefer scarves with color. But, I will give that a shot since I’m giving everything else in the box away. I’m so sad. I expected much better product for the price of this box. 🙁

  8. I got my first box this week because the previous boxes were nice and items that I would go for. I was very underwhelmed by the box. I feel that the items were way overvalued. The ring was a cheap cracker box type of ring, it is adjustable and mine is already tarnished and chipped before I even pulled it out of the bag. It looks like something my daughter would win in a $1.00 prize egg from the grocery store. The sunglasses are cute but again, they are cheap. I am really picky about my eye protection and would never buy $15 sunglasses even if they said they had UVA etc protection. Magnetic nail polish is a thing of the past and so is the color IMO. The lip gloss is ok but I agree w/you, it is very tacky/ sticky and frankly it doesn’t smell yummy or taste all that great either! I do like the scarf so that is the only redeeming thing in the box for me. I so disappointed, what a waste of $50. I am strongly considering cancelling. I will probably be gifting away/ hopefully swaping this box. 🙁

  9. While the items are all very cute and all fit the theme of Boho Chic, they seem overvalued to me. Everything looks like something I can get for cheap at Target. Plus past-season nail polish? No thanks. I won’t be subscribing to SocialBliss.

  10. This is way better than last months box but still nothing in this box is really wowing me. I do like the scarf, it’s different from anything else I own and I think its on trend. Everything else feels very cheap. I was very surprised to see an Ulta brand lipgloss and my polish is definitely a fall maroon shade. Glasses feel junky and the ring is a piece of junk, the black paint is chipped on each of the circles. I feel like Social Bliss is trying really hard to keep a high profit margin on their boxes and sends out junk as a result. I like the idea of this box but the quality just isn’t there. This was my final Social Bliss box from my 3 month sub.

  11. I love this box! The scarf/vest is so awesome. I put my head through one hole and one arm through the other and drape it over my shoulder and it’s so cool. The ring was handmade in Peru and each one is unique and just seems so special and not mass produced. The sunglasses are so big and bold. Those three are such big winners that I don’t even care about the polish and the gloss. I just have to find the wrap in the opposite color (I got taupe w a black design) and I would wear them both like crazy. Total win. Exactly what I was hoping for when I subbed this box. Yay! I love it when I get a real winner.

    • I’m with you, Stacey! Thought this box was a big win. Especially the wrap – I like it as a little jacket/kimono, but as a scarf it looks great, too. Will play with it and am thinking of trying to get the other color as well 🙂

  12. I really disappointed in the ring. It’s very cheap! Mine was all scratched up to top it off! I thought this month’s box was okay!

  13. I have the lighter version scarf, and after trying it as a vest and scarf, I like it enough to keep it. The sunglasses is a little tight on my head, but I can use it as a spare. For the nail polish and lip gloss, that go into swap. The ring is cute, not my style, but the pearl surface is chipped, and I think it will be too much of a hassle to ask for a replacement. I think this is a better box than last month, but I will not continue this subscription. It’s simply more misses than hits for me.

  14. The kimono is very versatile and on trend for the season. In addition to wearing as a kimono (you wear it upside down), a scarf and a vest, I wore mine today backwards as an open back blouse. Just pink the bottom ends together with a lighter weight brooch or even a tiny safety pin and it’s a very chic summer blouse.

    • Incidentally I think Social Bliss mistakenly created an expectation of this being a purse subscription. It’s not and wasn’t intended to be. It’s supposed to be a style sub in general, introducing new brands and on trend fashion pieces. That’s why last month was a bust for most since it was beauty focused, which is not the basis for the subscription. But the contents of this month’s box are exactly that – fashion accessories. I was frankly thrilled to NOT see another bag since they had sent 3 already plus the mini pouch last month. I was happy to see the bigger ticket item be something other than a purse. Because that’s why I subbed to SB!

      • I totally agree with you, Erin. I like that this month was more fashion-centric. In fact, that was part of the criticism (constructive, of course) I provided Socialbliss after last month’s miss. Overall, I am happy with this box and will continue to subscribe.

  15. I like the bags and wallets best. I am game to try the vest. Polish a no. Sunglasses a no since I wear glasses. Lipgloss ok. Sponges I can always use. My 2 daughters will like what I don’t. So a good but not great box.

  16. I was very disappointed in my box. What happened to the handbag? This is the second month without one. That is the reason I subscribed to this box. I will try it for one more month. I really didn’t like anything in the box.

  17. I am really happy with the scarf. I had it in my mind that it would be thicker material, but this is light and versatile. I got the lighter one too. Since I am keeping it I consider this box a win.

  18. I think this is a better box than last time, but for me that is not saying much. I don’t like the ring (its not my style and I think its somewhat cheap looking – I got black stones, but it is adjustable). The sunglasses I got in black are ok – and this is just me because my family owns an optical shop, I get designer sunglasses at cost. But I think this will be a throw around pair of sunglasses which is fine because I hate losing expensive sunglasses. I do like the scarf, I am not sure about wearing it as a vest, but I am game for it and will try it.

    As for nail polish, I got a nice kind of metallic iridescent gray color which I like, but I was surprised to see the magnet on top – and I started to worry it was like last two seasons magnet polish. I guess that is what it is. I never got into that craze and frankly I have a ton of polish from my Julep and Hue subs (maybe I am getting polish and/or sub box fatigue). I do give them credit for doing a magnet polish in a cool color rather than another polish in baby or powder blue. I am on the fence and will try it and see if I like it – but I wasn’t crazy about it.

    The Ulta lip gloss I am not happy at all about. I have a ton of good lip gloss and products from the various other sub boxes and specials and I am not a fan of Ulta brand cosmetics. I hate sticky lip gloss too. I like the color I got, but I have read that others do not like the stickiness. So I think I am giving this away or swapping it.

    I got the sponges too and I don’t really need them, but I suppose I can find a use for them.

    Overall, I did not get the value for what I paid. I was lured into subscribing from past boxes with awesome purses (I wish I had subscribed to those ones). Anyway, next month is my last box for now. I cancelled it.

    For the time being, I still really like Popsugar Must Have – its a pretty well curated box and I am happy with it overall. FabFitFun is ok too, but its quarterly, so its not as tough on the budget.

  19. Love boho! I want this box. Ive been holding out and always miss the boxes i wished i ordered. Keep watching you girls and all the fun. That ring is totally my style. Can I still get the box if I order today?

    • Vanna, if you can’t get this month’s box from Socialbliss, you can have mine. There’s actually nothing in it that’s my style, but I’m glad that it’s a really appealing box for some.
      My email address is here if you want to contact me.

      • Oops, I thought my email address would be alongside my post.
        Here it is: [email protected]

  20. I got the black sunglasses and the black scarf (like pictured on the card). Not into the scarf as a vest but do really like the pattern and will use as a scarf or wrap. Not too in to the ring either, but I liked that they did something different than earrings this month. Also liked the sponges as a bonus, can always use those. Overall, pretty happy with this months and having it be back to more fashion.

  21. yay! ive been waiting for this box all month. i wish they would give out spoilers more often. i love the surprise, but the anticipation! Very happy with this one. Cant wait to get my box ad see what i can match that vest with.

  22. Wow. I love everything in this box. I’ve been emailing them suggestions for months asking for boho! I’m glad to see a variety of fashion items to try. I felt like I missed out on that ring they did in February, soo glad to see more jewelry. How is the material on the scarf? Is it soft?

    • I would describe the scarf material as a chiffon/silk mix.

      • I believe it is 100% Polyester.

  23. A lot better then last month.

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