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POPSUGAR Must Have Summer Edition Box Spoilers!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box

Thanks to Instagram account hkydiva, the spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have Summer Limited Edition box are out!

Popsugar Must Have Summer Spoilers

Sisters of Los Angeles 4 Cities Glasses – Value $45

Soixante Neuf Pendant Horn Necklace – Value $155

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Texturizing Spray – Value $28

Eliunt Olive Oil – Value $15

Tarte Power Pigment – Value $28

Tarte Cheek Stain – Value $30

Samudra Pouch (not pictured) – Value $60

I’m not sure about the value or brand of the pouch, and there may be some color of flavor variations in the products – but what do you think of the spoilers? I’m really excited to try the ocean mist since it’s free of parabens, phthalates, etc, and that necklace may be perfect for me – I’ll need to see it in person though!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. How do you get involved in the swap of items?

  2. I just opened my LE box and immediately put on my Tarte lip pigment and cheek stain. I got them in the color Tipsy and I love them! Unfortunately, that’s about it. I will give the rest of the products to friends and family as gifts. Hopefully, I will get to swap some products with all you pretty ladies in the near future.

    • We’re opening the next round of the swap wait list tonight! 🙂

  3. Well finally back from vacation and received my box I must say I am highly disappointed… This necklace is just awful and gaudy, the bag is cute but not sure when I will ever use it, the glasses are nothing special and hand wash only…the hair spray will never happen since I have so much hair, and the olive oil is ok I guess nothing special either least I know it will get used the most exciting thing was the stuff From tarte and the lip stuff was melted and all messed up so fail popsugar… This is my last se box ever I was hoping after the mediocre one they had last time they would of done better but I feel like I just wasted my money… So much for this being a great graduation gift

  4. It always strikes me funny about these boxes that one person’s treasure is another person’s garbage. Say, the lipstick/stain stick. I got Tipsy and liked the color but when I tried it on I looked like a clown. I have another tarte lip stick and I like it, there is just something in this color pigment. This has to go in the trash because I tried it. something about the texture and color looks like it has a black light on it after applied. And too creamy.
    Ok so on with the rest of the box.
    I have noticed a theme with the LE boxes. The bag is gorgeous and love the size, HOWEVER, when I started looking closer the horror started to hit. I started seeing flaws in the material on the side of the picture. Grrrrrrrrr If I paid $50 back it would go. hmmm once again an item with flaws in the material (the bad bad clutch from resort box). And now i’m thinking about winter LE box with the cowl. I received the white cowl and valued about $50-60. The material was nice…….but……clearly a strip of material was cut and sewn together and waalaaaaa a cowl. No seaming around the edges. The reason I mention this now is the material in my cowl was also flawed. I now believe that many things made for PS are done with cheap material and lousy craftsmanship, and maybe not what the companies would normally sell retail, I don’t know because I’ll never buy from them.

    Glad there is olive oil, and just hope it is good. The glasses aren’t that bad. I can see where someone would think they look like dollar store glasses, but only if they were in plastic. They are “ok” and I am “ok” with them and will use them (but not happy you can’t put in dishwasher……another point off the box).
    I’m hoping the hair spray will be fine.
    Ok, the big ticket item. It’s really not THAT bad. I did get the turquoise.
    It looks like something you would buy at Pier One. A lot of people are saying “nothing I would buy”. I agree. And it’s not because of the money. They are showing Kim Kardashian wearing it in green I think. It is sooo hard to believe she would wear the necklace I received, so wondering again if the ones for PS were made fast and cheap.
    All and all I would have been very satisfied with this box, however everything to me is in the details and that’s where PS is a big letdown.

    I am going to try as hard as I can to never buy another PS LE box, or sub again.

    Someone asked where the Hawaii theme is? On my bag, on the other side of the picture it has three words across. Love Love Aloha
    There you go…..

    • I’m never buying a LE Box again from Pop Sugar either. Inflated values on cheap items does not a special edition make.

      • Got the box and the only thing I liked was the olive oil. If someone wants the necklace that bad just email me and its yours.

        • Hi Carrie what color did you get? Mines falling apart. I’m interested in yours what’s your email?

        • My color is turquoise and the chain is tarnishing already and just received it, so cheap!!!
          Here’s my email to contact direct
          [email protected]

          • Hi Carrie,

            I just sent you an email.
            From [email protected]
            Let me know if you got it. Thanks!

    • I haven’t tried my tart items yet, I got exposed so fingers crossed they look ok.
      Surely you don’t have to throw yours away, do you have a sister or friend that you could gift it to. Even throw you tried it, you could just wipe the top layer away and it’s be clean for someone else to enjoy. No different than the tester at a drug store! Just my opinion. I just hate to see items wasted. My sister always raids my stuff so whenever things don’t suite me she takes it. So the only thing I wasted was my money lol. If you really don’t want it. Email me id consider buying it off you.

      • How sweet you are. My sister bought used lipstick at a yard sale and I gave her a hard time. I am a germaphobe! But I will see if she wants it. Thanks.

  5. This is my first Popsugar Limited edition, my first popsugar in general.
    and although I’m not blown away by every item in this box, i still think its a nice one. When you think about it, the two tart items cost 58 so everything else doesnt seem too bad having spent 100. I try to justify it that way. lol
    I received the white necklace,I agree its not as charming as the other colors, mine kinda looks like its falling apart in one area. and Even though i would’ve preferred another color this is still not a item i would have purchased myself, so for that reason alone i’m glad i bought this box!

    Right now I’m playing hit or miss with alot of sub boxes, hopefully i have more hits than misses. I’m looking forward to my first Nina Garcia box, hope they ship it soon. 🙂

  6. I hope I get accepted into the swap group soon, I’m dying to get rid of the necklace and the cheek stain…the only thing I really want to keep is the bag. Super disappointed.

  7. wow, disappointed. This was my first limited edition box and I feel so let down! I got tart in exposed, which i think is probably good for me. All i ever wear are bright lip colors…so this is a nice day to day. Oh and that necklace! Psh. I subscribe to Bijoux Box and I think their quality is way higher. Seriously, this thing feels so cheap. I’m seriously hoping my first ever Nine Garcia box is amazing to make up for this. So disappointed I dropped $100 on this, that could have bought me some nice denim on sale at Saks.

  8. I’m seriously underwhelmed by the last two special edition boxes. I ended up with the white necklace, which is, sadly, even less attractive in person than it is on the company’s website. There are about five other colors, and they ALL look significantly better than the white. (From the photos, anyway.)

    The glasses are not something I would ever use to serve guests. The design is so cheap and tacky-looking, I would almost expect them to be made of plastic. I wear a night guard, and I clean it by putting it in a glass with Polident. I think these glasses would be suitable for this task.

    The pouch is very cute, and I’m looking forward to trying the olive oil. I ended up with the Tarte makeup in coral, and I don’t think that color will work for me. I may try it, though.

    For those of you considering ditching PS in favor of Nina Garcia, go for it. Her boxes are great. Even her first one, which had a punk-rock theme (really not for me) was impressive in its quality.

    • I love your post!

      “the white necklace, which is, sadly, even less attractive in person than it is on the company’s website.”
      How is that possible? 🙂

  9. Wow I am flabbergasted almost speechless about the necklace in white business. Really? They should all be turquoise. The inspiration pictures show quite a bit of turquoise. Many turquoise rings, necklaces, loose stones…they did everything but have a big banner that said IF YOU BUY THIS BOX YOU WILL GET TURQUOISE. There was also a lot of flowing hair and drink
    (Cocktail) related things so not surprised at glasses and hair spray.
    I know this is going to sound bad, but after all turquoise pictures, every box should have turquoise IMO. I am really disappointed in PS but almost seems like a cheap trick to show turquoise pics and then people get boxes without.
    To me it makes all the difference in a good and bad box. (I looked at white necklace and do not like – a matter of taste) I made such a big deal about the bag in the resort box looking dirty and used they sent me a new one. I’m not so sure if I get a white necklace they will trade.

  10. I’m extremely disappointed. After seeing last summer’s box I had high hopes and boy did this not hit hit the mark. I was honestly embarrassed to open this in front of my husband, yep I paid $100 for this stuff I have no interest in. This was my first LE box and my last. I’m actually regretting referring friends to PS now. The white necklace is certainly something I would never buy never mind spend $150 on, sunglasses would gave been better. PS is making me rethink sub boxes.

    • Just received my box yesterday and I was so disappointed that I cancelled my subscription immediately!!! I’m tired of junk in my box. I joined Nina Garcia yesterday per many of the other comments above and I hope I’m not disappointed. So with that said I have a turquoise necklace that you all want, let me know since my 2 daughters don’t even like it. By the way I don’t like the whole box other than the olive oil.

  11. This is my first SE POPSUGAR box. (I have been subscribing to the regular box for three months now.) The only reason I was able to get it was some extra birthday money. That being said, I received mine today and really liked it. The glasses are heavy and substantial, not to mention unique. The pouch is nice, well made, and a good size for a beach bag or packing. I received the turquoise horn necklace. It is something I would never buy on my own, but I love it. The color is perfect and will look great with my regular blue/green wardrobe. I haven’t tried anything else in the box. Overall, I really like the box and am glad I was enabled by all of y’all.

  12. This was my first Special Edition box and I’m pretty disappointed. I received the white horn necklace and can’t believe it was the high price item. I will never wear it nor gift it to a friend. I just started swapping and hopefully someone makes an offer. I like the cheek stain, olive oil, and lipstick. I already have a full bottle of hair salt spray, can make use of the glasses, and don’t need the pouch (it is cute though). I will stick with the monthly PSMH box .

  13. I am so disappointed and PO’d!!! I e-mailed them because I feel ripped off. The necklace is hideous with several defects. I have it in white, and felt the turquoise would have made up for the tacky/cheap item that is over-valued – really? $155? Mine looks like it’s $8.00! I am never getting a Special Edition box from Popsugar ever again.

  14. I received my box the other day, and am on the fence. If it were a normal monthly box I would be super happy, but $100 later, I wanted more excitement, especially since it’s my first LE. The worth is definitely there, but there are a few things I don’t understand. I love the pouch, salt spray, and tarte products, but am confused with the olive oil, which was leaking along with the salt spray :/ the glasses are a nice shape and weight, but the print makes it feel so young. The necklace is gorgeous, but much larger than I expected. I’m feeling so-so about this box.

  15. I thought the theme was supposed to be Hawaii inspired? OLIVE OIL?! 🙁

  16. Can anyone explain why my box departed Sacramento, CA on the 31st why it’s not going to be here until next wee?

    It was initiated the day before
    Was hoping to pick it up tomorrow

    • Same – when I first looked at my tracking and it said Wednesday I was so excited until I saw that it was next Wednesday! 🙁

      • me too……supposed to be here today and just looked and said next Wednesday 🙁 …..I am so glad it’s food olive oil and not a oil face spray!

    • What shipper do they use? Some of them (FedEx SmartPost, UPS Mail Innovations, the DHL that Ipsy uses, Newgistics, and maybe one other) take the package part of the way and then hand it off to the US Postal Service. The handoff takes a couple of days on occasion (better at this time of year than during the holidays). Then the postal service delivers it.

      Alternatively, I’ve noticed with a lot of US postal service packages, especially priority mail, that something will enter the tracking system days before it actually gets picked up. It’s like they print the labels (which creates a tracking number) and then just let the boxes sit in a warehouse for a couple more days (during which time nothing happens with the tracking).

      With subscription boxes, cheap shipping is the name of the game.

      • It might depend on your location, but mine comes via FedEx Smart Post. I assume that all of their shipping methods will involve the USPS in some way.

        My tracking date was initially the 11th, then changed to the 12th, and then it got delivered today. I guess it’s good that they err on the conservative side. This is typically the case with these boxes.

  17. I AM VERY EXCITED FOR THIS BOX. I’m from CA so this box speaks to beach culture. I am going to keep everything, unless my necklace comes in any color than turquoise.

    I won’t get mine until next week, if I don’t get it turquoise- anyone willing to trade for a turquoise one?

  18. Got my box today! I actually love the horn necklace (turquoise) and everything else, too. Only thing I’d like to swap if anyone is interested is the city rocks glasses (London, SF, LA, NY). They’re cute but I’m just not into them.

  19. Just wanted to give anybody who follows the makeup talk site a heads up that under PS June box spoilers they have the box pictures posted. Liz, I don’t know how to message you if there is some way you can post it here. I think the box looks great, perfect summer fun!

    • Just posted about it – thank you! The June box looks amazing!

  20. I am very thankful for the spoilers. I didn’t buy this box and I usually love the Limited Editions…I don’t love this one and I’m so glad I saved my $100. I actually the regular boxes better than these! Seriously!

  21. I was very excited for the Tarte products, then I realized they are both CORAL! Seriously PS? Ugh. Super disappointed. Will prob trade most if not all of this box

    • The pictures above aren’t the same variations some people have received. As far as I know those who have gotten their boxes have only received Tarte’s “exposed”, which is a nude pink color. I actually own it and it’s very flattering. The coral shade was the picture displayed in the spoiler released by popsugar, but so far no one has received that shade. There are supposed to be variations, however, so we’ll know more once more people start receiving their boxes. The other variation is the necklace. Some received turquoise, others white.

      • Thanks Judy!! You just made my day!!

  22. On first sight of the spoilers, I thought, ughhh, let down. But, the more I look at at other people’s photo posts, the more I’m digging it. 🙂

  23. Very disappointed. Not sure I’m keeping any of it. Sorry to be negative, but those glasses look like they could come from a thrift store and are the last thing I’d want in a box. I’m bummed out. This was my first LE box and likely my last. Sigh…

  24. I’m so happy I didn’t splurge on this one. I was so disappointed with the resort box and I was afraid this box would be everything the resort box wasn’t. I’m dying for a pair of sunglasses and I thought for sure, this box would have them. I think I’ll save my splurges for Nina Garcia. I was stoked to get the special 25% off the FFF VIP Box for MSA readers and I feel like $37 for $225 is a much better deal. Thanks for the discount code, btw!

    • Yay – glad you got to use the code 🙂

  25. WOW, I just LOVE those glasses! Being an LA girl, I LOVE, LOVE THEM! (I need to get more of them.)

    • The cities on the glasses are actually New York, San Francisco, LA, and London (not the ones in the pic above). These are the four cities Popsugar has offices at. You will still get one LA cup at least!

  26. Plus I’m already getting a pouch in my FFF VIP box…

  27. I need to see the necklace in person. I have a feeling I won’t like it. I will probably be putting it up on the swap website. Not really that excited for the box now. Not sure if I will be getting anymore LE boxes but I hate feeling like I’m missing out.

  28. I think its pretty cool – the necklace is a neat statement piece and is pretty flexible. I think that alone is worth the box and also think of the other stuff as bonuses. The glasses are pretty fun for the summer and I can always use more glasses. So I am looking forward to it!

  29. Was on the fence, but the more I look through the items the more excited I get! At 24, this box is exactly my speed for some summer fun and luxury. The resort box felt a bit older to me (just one girl’s opinion!) but this looks colorful and charming. I will say it doesn’t feel as luxurious as maybe my fall or winter LE PSMH box, but this will ALL get used…and I’ll enjoy it all in the process 🙂

    • Hi! I don’t know what color I’ll get, but I’d be willing to swap for the Bijoux box. I’ll let you know when I get my box. Should be soon!

  30. Couldn’t be more bored with this box. No more LE’s for me. Maybe it’s time to be off to Nina Garcia now. So tired of sea spray. The glasses are kind of young. They look like souvenirs from the pier. Tarte I can buy on my own in colors I know will work for me. The necklace is ok but I’m not excited about it. About the only thing I remotely care about is the olive oil and that’s still boring and not even that great. I think I have popsugar depression now.

    • I agree…

      • Me too. I’m done with POPSUGAR. At $100 for an LE, I expect something of a higher caliber than you would get by ordering 3 months of the regular boxes.

  31. I am so excited for this box!
    Can’t wait for it to arrive. The only item i think I may swap is the bag. Unless the horn comes in purple.

  32. I just got my box and I am not crazy about it…my necklace is white instead of turquoise and I don’t think it looks as good. I don’t like the glasses, and the olive oil makes no sense. The hair spray is nice, but mine arrived leaking, I like the pouch….way better than the one from the resort box…it is nice size and weight, and is lined.

    • I would trade you for the white one if I get turquoise. My box is still in the “initiated” phase so I don’t know when I’ll get it.

  33. This box just isn’t my style. The glasses and the necklace will be swapped, maybe the pouch too depending on the print and size. I am excited about the texture sea salt spray And the Tarte products.

  34. I don’t see why anyone would not like this box! The necklace alone is worth it! Beautiful IMO!

  35. I am on the fence about this box maybe it will be better when I get it. I probably will not ever wear the necklace so I am thinking it will get traded.

    • If you’d like to swap the necklace for the entire Bijiou May box, I’d love to trade!

      • I’ll trade you! I got the white one!

  36. Love it! Can’t wait to see which print of the pouch I get. Beautiful necklace. I go through so much olive oil making salads in the summer, I even love that! Tarte is always a winner. Really happy because I bought one for myself and also sent one as a gift. Whew…

  37. I don’t hate it…I like the glasses especially the Venice one, I like the tarte cheek and lip products hopefully I will get decent rosy or pink colors for summer. I hope I like the pouch I receive as I like fun accessories. Not crazy about the pepper on a chain-looking necklace, I may use the hair texturizer, and curious about the olive oil. I will just have to see about the variations I receive.

    • I don’t know why this box always pales in comparison to Nina Garcia Quarterly Box at the same price.

  38. Now I am regretting not getting this box! I actually really like everything inside. Especially that necklace!!! I hope I can swap for one. That is something I would totally wear.

    • I am getting the box and that necklace is not my style at all, love to swap with you!

  39. Can’t wait. I was really hoping for a pair of sunglasses though….

  40. O boy…please tell me there more im not seeing much i like! Will be swapping lots

  41. Oh I can’t wait to get mine! I find the olive oil a little out of place though?

    • Me too – hopefully it will make more sense once we read the editor’s letter!

  42. Ohhhhh I want that necklace!!!!! I didn’t get a box so if someone wants to trade something, please let me know!

  43. That necklace looks so pretty. It would match my sisco bracelet. I’m sorry I didn’t get it. By the time I tried to buy the box, it was all sold out!

    • I bet the necklace will show up in swaps – hopefully you can still get it! 🙂

      • My very next step 🙂

    • I’ll probably be selling my whole box on Ebay. I was so excited for this box but nothing really looks that amazing to me. I’d rather just sell it for what I paid and buy something else with the money instead.

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