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Golden Tote Review – March 2014

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Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Bag

Golden Tote has become one of my monthly obsessions – every month you get to pick out 1-2 pieces, and they surprise you with the rest. I’m not sure how they do their shipping because I ordered during the first hour of the sale and many people got their totes before mine even shipped, but I would recommend this even with my shipping frustrations – I think the value and the pieces are great!

FYI – This is not a typical subscription, each month they release a new collection and you can decide whether or not you want to buy it.

The Box: Golden Tote

The Cost: $49 or $149 (This review is of the $149 box)

The Products: Clothing items you pick plus surprises from Golden Tote!

Ships to: Everywhere! Shipping to the continental US $7.95. AK HI $15 and international is $25

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Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Maxi

Halter Maxi Dress -Value $42

This is the one of the two items I picked for the $149 tote. And I absolutely love it! It’s super soft, flattering, and it’s lined!

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Maxi Detail

I love the braid detail in the straps too!

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Maxi Back

Now on to the other item I picked this month:

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Jacket

Sporty Denim Jacket – Value $62

I’m all about jean jackets and maxis in the summer, so it was pretty easy to pick my two items this month!

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Denim Detail

This jacket is a win for me too – it fits great and the material for the sleeves is super comfy! My only concern is that some of the ripped parts of the denim seem like the may turn into holes if I wash this jacket too much.

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Grey Top

Porridge Shirt

This is one of the spoiler items Golden Tote revealed would be in the totes of the first 600 orders. It’s another super soft item, and it even though it is loose I think it’s really flattering.

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Top Back

And the duck pattern on the back is too cute!

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Priddy

Priddy by Puella Striped Dress

This dress is adorable! I know I keep saying this in the review, but the material of this dress is so soft too!

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Dress Back

It also has some cut out detailing on the back. I may end up wearing a bodycon slip dress under this since it may be a tiny bit see-through.

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Striped Top

THML Clothing Striped Top

This was probably the item I was least excited about, but it’s cute on and has a bit of a nautical vibe, so I’m still a fan!

Golden Tote Review - March 2014 Sweater

EllisonEllisonEllison Sweater 

This loose knit sweater is oversized and perfect for summer – I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it!

Verdict: This is one of my most successful Golden Tote’s yet! I will wear everything in this tote, and I definitely feel like I got a good value this month! What did you get in your Golden Tote?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I find this company’s clothing as cheap… Poor material, I expected this due to the price.

    • Tanya, it really is a hit or miss. Some of their items are incredible, and others, yes, they do feel cheap. I hated one of their cardigans because I felt that it was cheaply made and the material was horrendous, but I had good luck with dresses and shirts/t-shirts. In fact, I wear one of the blouses (that I received a couple of months ago) to work, and I work at a law firm. It looks great, it’s fresh, and my boss said he loves it (no, not in a creepy way, haha!).

      Remember, there is always the “swap” section at this website where you can swap items that you do not like, and there is also a Golden Tote Trading Group on Facebook. For the price, I think we do get a great deal.

      I noticed lately (in the past 4-5 years) that the quality of clothes everywhere has plummeted. I remember good old days (before I even wore that brand, but my Mom did), Banana Republic had excellent selection of solid pieces that were very well made. Now I go to Banana and turn my nose away from most pieces there. It’s bad. Express is even worse: it’s on par with Bebe nowadays. (I bought office pants at Express the other day and they came unseamed after two days of wearing them, and it was not even in the place where I put most pressure (butt), but on the pant leg). Even very fancy and very expensive pieces are nowadays made of rayon and synthetic fabrics. It’s just the nature of the beast. I will be very interested in hearing (and I am not being sarcastic in the least) if you know of any clothing stores/companies that have good quality clothes that won’t kill your wallet. 🙂

  2. How do the sizes run?? I fit the measurement for size 6 listed on their site perfectly. But I usually buy clothing in size medium. Golden tote says I’m a small. But I don’t like stuff to be to small or tight. What to do?

    • If you don’t like clothing to be tight I would go with a medium. (I’m a size large at Forever 21 and I buy large at Golden Tote and it’s always worked well for me). Hope that helps!

  3. A quick question. Have any of you received something damaged and what was the outcome? My box has a lovely sweater that has four large holes across the front. I don’t want to send everything back because of a damaged item.

    • Lynne, I never received a damaged item that required me to return, but I have been stalking their FB page and it is my understanding that you need to email them about a damaged item. Just be patient with them as they do not always get back right away. I would put the subject of the email as “damaged item” so maybe then can screen and respond to you faster. They have great customer service, just sometimes understaffed. If they do not respond (for some reason) I would post on their Facebook page at that time. Good luck!!

      • Thanks Yana! I posted a question on their Facebook page and sent an email. I hope to hear back from them soon! The other four items I received ate quite nice, and my daughter is excited to try them on when I bring them up to her this weekend.

        I really hope we don’t lose out on the whole box. The Porridge top is adorable and so soft and the Priddy dress, in black and gray stripes, is really cute as well. My daughter picked out the chevron cardigan in blue and the lace top in cream. Both are very nice pieces. She also received a really nice embroidered top.

  4. Oh Liz what have you done?!?! Im not sure how I arrived to this page about a month ago. I do know that you introduce me to GT and now Im in love! My tote arrived today and everything was lovely and fitted perfectly. Sadly, one of the items I picked (Edgy Lace Top) is stained. I really hope that they let me send it back without having to send the complete tote since the Eyelet dress its a dream come true.

  5. LOVED my tote. I picked the navy Spring Midday dress (which I’m currently wearing – so cute) and the Easy Eyelet dress (the one thing I’m not so sold on). I also got the duck shirt and the same grey striped dress. Love them.

  6. Oh my gosh I’m in love with my GT this month! Every single item was a winner! 🙂
    I purchased the 149 tote….elephant dress and tunic dress. I added on the midday dress and my surprise items were better spit in something I would pick for myself with one item I automatically thought would put to the back of the closet but it actually grew on me and I’m now in love with that top too! I’m already anticipating next month. Of course I have you to thank for getting me hooked on golden tote. So thanks 🙂

    • Yay! Glad you loved this month too. I already can’t wait to see April spoilers! 🙂

  7. OK I LOVED this entire tote!!! I need to try Golden Tote still

  8. I’m wearing that cream sweater right now! I chose the denim jacket and midday dress and I’m in love with them both. I was a little bummed I didn’t get the duck print on my tee, but I still love the shirt (and every other item I got). I think what I’ve learned from Golden Tote is that complete strangers can dress me better than I can dress myself.

  9. I LOVE the fact that I got enough freelance writing assignments this month to be able to splurge on a Golden Tote, albeit the $49 one. I have NEVER received one of these totes and been disappointed – it’s like they have closet-psychics on their staff!

    I picked a cute mesh hoodie as my one item and also got the Porridge Shirt above — except with a blue and white chevron print – and a really lovely navy lace bralet/half-cami that worked perfectly under a business shirt and suit that I had to wear the next day. It also looks cute under V-neck sweaters.

    My love affair with Golden Tote continues. One day maybe I’ll buy the $149 tote.

  10. Am I the only one who is still processing?! I wanna get my tote but i dk when it ll come ?!

  11. You’re so lucky! My tote was an awful experience. One item the wrong color, one item stained, one item was the wrong/different size that’s in my profile. I’ve reached out to customer service daily since, hoping they cared enough to rectify the situation, but they have not responded all week. I’m really annoyed and hope I don’t have to end up contesting the charge with my credit card company.

  12. After stalking your reviews and then getting tempted by the spoilers, I got my first golden tote this month. Some of the bias cuts that they seem to favor are a little hard for shorter women, but overall I’m thrilled with everything I got.

    Overall, your blog is making me a much poorer, but happier woman! 🙂

  13. I had the $49 tote last time and thought it was just okay, but this time with the $149 tote I picked the elephant dress and the long-sleeved navy blue skies dress. I was online during the first hour and just received my bag today but I did snag the Porridge duck shirt and the same gray striped dress as you. I loved everything except one see-through sweater (which I’m swapping); even a black tank tunic I thought for sure was going to be really loose and ended up looking very nice. I really loved this month’s tote!

  14. I picked the same two items as you. Everything in my bag was SO soft! I’m totally obsessed with the jacket– I’ve worn it everyday since. And I love the porridge shirt. It’s a little oversized, but the back is so cute that I don’t even care. I got the same Puella dress as well. Definitely see through on the top with a bright bra. I also got a long sleeved white and navy sweater and a tank similar to yours but with tan and black strips with some orange stitching. Definitely not a fan of the tank at all, but the rest of the bag was so spot on that I don’t even care. By far my new favorite subscription!! I can’t wait until next month 🙂

  15. I ordered for the first time in March. I placed my order in the first hour too and my order is still processing 🙁 I really hope I get it before the April sales start
    To know if I picked the correct size. The stripped shirt looks lovely I will be very happy if I receive that one in my tote!

  16. I ordered my 149 tote during the first hour and my order is still processing 🙁 I hope I get my items before the April sale start so I can know if the size I picked was right. I totally love the stripe shirt!

  17. I got my tote a week ago? (It’s been awhile.) I chose the $49 tote with the breezy top. For the extra items I got the porridge shirt with a blue and white zig zag pattern and a magenta bralet top.

    Oh, also noticed that the changed the GT bag. The same gold design but the straps were different.

  18. My picks were the denim jacket + chevron cardigan! My surprise items were great and I’m so happy with my first ever golden tote. 🙂 The photos of my surprise items are on my blog (hope it’s okay to mention it!). I would try to describe them but I’m not the best at describing clothing, haha.

  19. The shipping frustrates me also. I ordered within the first hour and it didn’t ship until Tuesday. I’m kind of angry because it said the ones that order during the first week will have theirs shipped no later then the following Friday. I can’t wait to get mine though. It has a birthday present in it.

  20. I have to wait till next week to get my daughters box! You received some super cute things too!

  21. I got the $49 tote and picked the Not So Basic Button Down. I got a Porridge shirt with a different fabric (a pretty dark floral) and a purple lace bralette. Good tote!

  22. I got my 1st Golden Tote and agree with you Liz, the clothes are soft!!! I got the $49 box, my choice Retro Chic dress in coral – I wore it to work and got tons of compliments. The two throw ins, same tshirt as yours but mine is floral pattern which I must say I like much better than the duck and then a beautiful lacy bralette which was way too small so I had to regift it. I wish they let you choice sizes for tops, bottoms, etc. I am xs but not in camis and bras. Still I love the two items and think they were well worth the price for quality softness and how beautiful they are. I’m going to a concert tonight and that grey tee with black pants will be perfect.

    • The t-shirt that I received like yours (except with floral print on back) is HUGE and mine is XS it’s just not flattering on. The fabric is lovely. I did wear it last night but put a tank top under it as it’s also very low and needed something. So the bralette did not work for me and I’m not thrilled with the Tshirt but there is no way I was returning the cute Retro Chic dress – To me the tshirt is more like PJ but is super sheer so if having house guests not something to walk around with.

  23. I am kicking myself for not getting the Golden Tote this month, and I do not want to order it now, because it’s too late in the month and all the good stuff has probably been sent out 🙁 Congrats on a FANTASTIC tote!!

  24. My picks were the elephant dress and the white eyelet dress and I added the grey embellished sweatshirt. My surprise items were the porridge duck shirt, the same priddy dress, a white sweater similar to yours but with ruffle on the bottom, and a white sleeveless tunic from under skies which I’m currently swapping. I mostly love everything, however, I notice that the mediums tend to run large! All the tops seem way too loose and I’m thinking I should change my measurements to small next time. Is anyone else having this same issue? This was my first official tote and I think I’m obsessed as well.

    • I think you’re right about the tops, they tend go with the oversized look in my experience. (Sometimes that works for me, and sometimes it just looks like it is way too big!)

    • I enjoyed reading your post. What u say is so true about banana and express. I always get emails from them advertising steep discounts, so they must cut corners on the quality to allow for these discounts. I had a baby 5 months ago and am ready to buy regular clothes again, but I can’t find decent stuff anywhere. So I’m also eager to here anyone’s recommendations of good quality stuff.


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