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Fancy Mystery Box Review – Women’s Edition

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Fancy Mystery Box Review - Women's Edition Box

In addition to their regular subscriptions, Fancy recently released a Mystery Box (still available!) and considering it was only $10 plus shipping I had to buy a Men’s and Women’s box!

Fancy Mystery Box Review - Women's Edition Items

The Box: Fancy Mystery Box

The Cost: $10 plus $7.95 shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code FOLLOWUP10 to save 10%

The Products: Mystery items for men or women worth at least $30

Ships to: Everywhere!

 Fancy Mystery Box Review - Women's Edition Cream

L’Occitane Hand Cream – Travel size Value $4

Fun Faze Black Light Lipstick in Violet – Value $10

This L’Occitane hand cream is a win for me and makes up for the black light lipstick in neon purple!

Fancy Mystery Box Review - Women's Edition Salts

The Motley Gin Tonic Bath Salts – Value $12

Kikkerland Head Massager – Value $7.50

We already have one of these head massagers that we never use, so this one is going in the swap/or gift pile. These salts are interesting though! And I like that they are made with essential oils!

Fancy Mystery Box Review - Women's Edition Shades

The Fancy Wayfarer – Value $30

When I first saw the sunglasses case I wasn’t too excited, but I think this matte Tortoise Shell frame is really stylish. My mom loves everything tortoise shell, so I think she’ll love these if I don’t keep them!

Verdict: I paid $16.95 for this box and received over $60 worth of items. Considering 3 out of 5 are wins for me – I’m happy with the value, and I want to try my luck again with another Fancy Women’s Mystery Box. What did you get in your Mystery Box? (I’m curious about variations and if it is worth me buying more!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I actually bought the item you guys keep calling a “head scratcher” from a kitchen essentials store as an impulse purchase as a stocking stuffer for my husband a few years ago at Christmas. I thought it was funny because he had just shaved his head. He LOVES it. I’ve tried it and it is a strange sensation that gives me chills, but it is very relaxing and not scratchy at all. I was actually thrilled that I got one in my men’s $10 box because I could give it to my friend who loved after making fun of it. I was hoping for sunglasses as I saw many people got those but neither of my two women’s boxes had them. Both had small pie plates, one also had a coaster that is made of cracked stone (and is very odd since it seems anything you set one it would be unstable), the gin and tonic bath salts, the silver polish and a “carve your own postcard.” The second had a really awesome black clutch from emile m. and a turquoise skull bracelet (plus the pie plate). It wasn’t too bad since I will use or gift most everything and my wall decal will be something for the wall at work.

  2. I ordered 2 women’s boxes and 1 men’s after receiving the one women’s and one men’s ‘loser’ boxes a week ago. They arrived today and I feel like I hit the jackpot – although I haven’t looked up the price of the items yet. The Men’s box had a sample of aftershave, a 3 earbud splitter (Kikkerland Music Branches – $11), a mustache (silver metal) tie clip ($20) and a different vinyl wall decal – this one says Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. The last Men’s box we had received came with the Work Hard Stay Humble decal, the aftershave, a ‘cord keeper’ ($10) and a box of 144 paper straws ($8) – so I think we did okay this time.

    One of the women’s boxes is identical to one Lmily listed – Lucite frame ($15), Fancy Nail Lacquer by Rainbow Honey ($21), Chapstick, Music Branches (earbud 3-way splitter) ($11) = $47 + Chapstick.

    The other women’s box has a Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet ($18) and Midnight Clutch by Emille M ($50) = $68

    So I’m very happy because the Clutch alone is worth what I paid for the 3 boxes so everything else is just a big bonus – and the Nail Lacquer and Photo Frame will absolutely get used by us, and the bracelet too.

    The Women’s box I had previously gotten (the dud) was the version many others got – the decal Work Hard.. blah blah, the China Glaze nail polish in stainless steel (kidding but tried it and my nail looks like tin foil), bath salts and a head massager – when you add up that value I guess it comes to more than $30 but other than the head massager nothing was too exciting or seemed like I’d use whereas these new boxes I’m really happy about.

  3. Has anyone had a box with a 1lb shipping rate? I’m just curious bc I ordered two, and both are only listed as 1lb. Thanks. 🙂

    • Mine was listed at 1 pound even.

  4. I got mine (one pound even on weight) after a rough day; I wasn’t expecting much based on what others have been getting but it was nice to have a package waiting for me. And I was pleasantly surprised: I got a 4″x6″ photo frame (Lucite with a narrow neon lime green rim…looks much better than I am describing it), a three-way splitter for earbuds (I don’t need it but I can give it to the library to use as a summer reading program prize), a tube of lip balm promoting a consigner website (I’m sure it will love its new home in my glovebox), and a Rainbow Honey set of two nail polishes (classic red and shimmery black…I can use the first and the second can go to my nail polish fiend sister) and cuticle cream.

    For me, not a bad haul for $16.95 (10% discount, then s&h). Nothing that’s just straight-up junk (wall decal, I’m thinking of you) and the things I won’t be keeping will still get used by someone else.

  5. I ordered 2 boxes and received them today. The first box was the expected wall decal, nail polish, head scratcher and bath salts. But the second box had the shower speaker, sunglasses and lip stick. Not bad!

  6. What a waste! I spent $17 on a wall decal, a silver polish that I would only use for Halloween, a scalp stimulator (?) and bath salts…I’ve been looking for a fun new box to add to my collection but am out of luck. Between this and the horrible HauteLook special I got (COMPLETELY dried out mascara and other useless items) I’m done looking for boxes through “specials.”

  7. Mine gets here on Friday. It says it weighs 4.9lbs. What on earth did they put it in. God I hope I don’t get the wall decal.

    • 4.9 lbs??!! Mine is 1.7. It’s supposed to arrive on Saturday.

      • Yes, that’s what I said when I saw everyone else’s weight. BUT… I just saw a review and they had received a hardcopy of Mockingjay from the Hunger Games trilogy. I really hope it’s not that either. 🙁

        • I don’t think a book would make it that heavy–although if you got the book and the handcream, maybe it would weigh that much. Hopefully it’s something really good!

    • I think you’re about to get all the good stuff we should have Noura. Let us know what arrives, I’m agog!

      • I will definitely update once I get it. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Lol

  8. I am so glad to see a different box. I was really regretting buying it. I just got my shipping notice today. It weighs 1.4 lbs. I am hoping its not the variation with the decal! Anyone else have a similar weight?

    • Mine were listed at 1.6 lb – that was the (de)motivational wall poster, the bath salts, the silver nail polish and the broken wisk.. I mean head mascratcher. The Men’s was 1.6 lb also for me and that was the poster, some straws, a cord keeper (actually a good item) and aftershave or face scrub. I did order more boxes just out of curiosity (hey it’s only $10 afterall – and shipping) but those haven’t shipped yet.

  9. Wow, nice box Iris! I wonder if all the negative feedback has kicked up their ideas. I would be delighted with that haul.
    I’m one of the unfortunates who received the batch of knuj they sent to most people.

  10. I’m so happy to hear that someone got a box without the wall decal and the silver nail polish! There’s hope for me yet! Mine just shipped today.

  11. Wow, what a waste!! If I were a business, I would put good stuff in a mystery box in hopes of gaining more clients. Apparently Fancy thinks otherwise and use their mystery box to dispose of things that no one enjoys. I am not kidding you, but all I got were the “work hard stay humble” wall sticker, two notebooks, a pink “be foolish” card holder, a china glaze silver nail polish, and two “fancy” stickers. The “be foolish” card holder would be very appropriate for the moment when I pulled out my debit card to pay for the “Fancy” box. Now that I will never ever order a Fancy box again, I think the “be foolish” card holder won’t be necessary anymore. In case someone will want it as an add-on to something else on the swap site, I will put it up there. The “fancy” stickers — they are going into trash. Who does their nails silver color? Swap, in case someone does. The wall decal, I will put it up for swap, but if no one asks for it, I might use it at some point on my office wall to fool my clients (just kidding about “fooling”!!). I will probably only use the notebooks since I am planning a wedding, and will need to make a lot of notes to self. What a bore this box was. I feel like a part of my soul just died. Oh well.

    • I agree. I got the same box. Never. Again. Ever. Such a disappointment. I might as well have thrown $20 away. What am I supposed to do with this?

  12. I ordered the box last Friday (21st) and it was finally delivered yesterday. Unfortunately it was the same crappy box as the majority of us–the wall cling, nail polish, card holder, and notebooks. Will donate the wall cling, put the notebooks into the gift pile, and keep the polish, even though the polish color isn’t very good for me, and card holder, which might be handy at some point in time. Kind of a flop. Don’t think I’d risk the money again in the future though…

  13. Very disappointing. I had every item in the box from previous Fancy boxes and I didn’t get the sunglasses, which would have made it almost worth it. I also didn’t get the hand creme (and I have several from other Fancy boxes). I am a shower taker, I never take baths, so again the bath salts were a wash (the one item I had never received before). I actually returned the box today and I guess I will get credit, less the very high shipping cost. Never again.

  14. Misery loves company. I’m glad I’m not the only one who got “Work Hard, Stay Humble” (seriously?? why would anyone want this thing in the first place?) and silver nail polish. Head massager — meh. Bath salts, always usable.

    My eight-year-old niece thinks it’s Christmas over here. I have a drawer full of stuff from these boxes. I give her something from it every time she’s over here. The head massager will be next, probably. She’ll like the silver nail polish, too.

  15. I am soooo glad I didn’t spend the $18 on this. The head massager is all over Ross and TJ Maxx and rest are just leftover stuff or samples you can get elsewhere….

  16. After reading your review and all of the comments, I wasn’t really looking forward to my box :/ I received my box today and it wasn’t too bad. I was hoping for those awesome sunglasses, but no such luck. I got the head scratcher, the bath salts, that dang wall sticker, and the silver nail polish.

    • I assume review sites get the premiums in order to trick us into thinking we too might receive these products.

  17. I have not received mine yet, I ordered mine late though. I can only assume the wall decal and head scratcher will be in mine, I never have good luck with these things. Maybe they will run out of the crappy stuff before they ship mine though. I did get great items from the Modcloth stylish surprise though.

  18. I got 3 items. Pink aviator sunglasses, Ageless perfume and Hardware Clear Clutch by 202Factory, also pink.

  19. I ordered one of each box. Both boxes had that lovely wall decal we are all so fond of – can we send them all to politicians and celebutantes? The men’s box had a sample of aftershave, a cord keeper, and a box of like 100 bamboo drinking straws. The women’s box had a head massager that my son is having way too much fun with (using it on the pets and figuring out you can play music on it), the china glaze nail polish and bath salt (we only have showers). I’m tempted to sharpie quotes around bath salts and give them as a gag gift. The best part of the boxes are the paper tubes used for filler – my hedgehogs will love playing in them and I can toss them out after they get soiled. I’m still quite the optimist so I just ordered more boxes. I know that there have been other variations deemed ‘loser boxes’ that contained items I actually would like to have seen (does that mean I have the most loserish box?) such as the book on the New York High Line, the two note books and the speaker pouch for the iphone. I still do appreciate that just like a lottery ticket, even if I didn’t ‘win’ I still was briefly entertained with what could be and that is definitely worth the $10 plus shipping. If I get decals in this next order I’m thinking I’ll have enough to gift to my team at work.. but really I want to work out some clever anagrams with those letters to see if I can make a more interesting poster!

    • Ahh, I would love the quirky cordies to appear in my men’s box! I’ve been wanting to buy/trade for one since I found out about them!

    • Out of curiosity, I put ‘work hard stay humble’ through a random anagram generator:

      Why a bad mother lurks
      Shh, truly a baked worm
      A whore thumbs darkly
      A bulkhead shot Mr. Wry
      Throw a marbled husky

      I’m sure any of those would look great on your wall! …right?

      • Any of those anagrams would be preferable to the faintly insulting ‘Work Hard Stay Humble’ lecture.

      • Bwahaha! Ok that made me giggle. “Shh, a truly baked worm”

      • Why a bad mother lurks it is!

    • OMG I hadn’t though of giving the tubes to my hedgehog–that is brilliant! I got two different boxes I haven’t seen reviewed, but I’m feeling super lucky considering my really, really, really bad luck with mystery boxes. They have new mystery boxes that are $10, 20, and 40, but I’m thinking no based on all the comments…
      And yeah. That decal is dumb. They should never have bought that many, let alone given out that many!

  20. I ordered 2 woman’s and 1 men’s box – tracking says they will arrive tomorrow. I hope they ran out of the wallstickers – but I have a feeling I may end up with 3! How many can there be?

  21. Does anyone know what was in the men’s mystery box? I might order one as the offer’s still on for a couple more days.

    • Yes, I just saw an image. The box had Joseph Joseph measuring cups, a pair of socks, a book about NYC’s High Line and a bottle of aftershave.

  22. I got a book called Saint Laurent rive gauche Fashion Revolution, hello pins and a sample size of exfoliate foaming cleanser.

  23. I also got the Work Hard, Stay Humble wall decal, silver China Glaze polish, bath salts and head scratcher. I love the decal and I am redoing my office decor, so I am going to put it to good use. Also love the nail polish and the bath salts. I didn’t really need the head scratcher, but I didn’t have one, so I guess I’ll keep it. I’m happy about this box! Glad I didn’t get a notebook, I have more than enough of those…

    • I got the same box, wall sticker, nail polish, bath salts and head massager.

      But my Work Hard wall sticker is missing the “w” so it says “ork hard stay humble” um yah.

      • I think i would swap out a p for the w.

        • Lol. For those of us that received all the letters, Work Humble Stay Hard might be an improvement.

  24. I LOVE those sunglasses! I hope I get those in my box and not a headscratcher! I already have 2 of those lol. That blacklight lipstick is odd. I could not pull that off.

  25. I received the head massager, the silver China Glaze nail polish, the Gin Tonic bath salts, and the Work Hard, Stay Humble vinyl wall quote.

    I thought it was worth the price. I love the head massager, have someone else use it on you 🙂

    • I received the exact same box. I think it was worth it, but probably not going to order another.

  26. …. I want that lipstick…. I bellydance so it’d be awesome! 😀

  27. You got some good stuff! I only had 4 items in mine. A platinum silver China Glaze polish (which is nice I guess. I have like 12 silvers already, but whatever;))
    a 2 pack of notebooks, a LA EX card holder, and a vinyl wall quote that says “work hard stay humble”.
    Not super excited about any of it, but oh well.

    • Yeah, I really got my hopes up when I saw what some people got (Ted Baker manicure set I WANT), but it seems like most people are getting that dang wall decal and other stuff that I’m not that excited about. Keeping my fingers crossed because mine hasn’t come yet!

    • I got the exact same things as Stacey.

    • Exact same here. I can’t figure out why some people are getting really awesome boxes, and then every other review I have seen is exactly what was in my box – must of had a lot of this stuff left over.

  28. I got two boxes and in them I got the bath salts, head massager, two of the same
    color China Glaze nail polishes, two of the same wall decals, notebooks, a card holder. (These items were spread between the two boxes).


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