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My Subscription Addiction

Why Scentbird Is the Answer to All Your Fragrance Problems

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoJun 6, 2022In Partnership With Scentbird

If you were that kid who loved going through magazines and picking out the perfume pages just to smell them, you probably have quite a collection of fragrances now. Personally, I've owned up to six different full-sized bottles of perfumes at a time while keeping three different travel-sized ones in my purse. But let's be honest, a full-sized bottle doesn't come cheap, especially if you have expensive taste like me. Sadly, the worst part of it all is that I've found myself having to get rid of them after a few years because they'll go bad before I can finish the bottle.

So instead of being in a similarly vicious cycle, Scentbird has come up with the perfect solution.


Like many subscription boxes, Scentbird has you take a quiz before you get to pick out the scents you want to try. You'll answer questions on whether you're looking for a feminine or masculine scent, a warm one versus an airy one, and so on until you get a few suggestions. After I took my quiz, which only took a minute or two, my profile came up as "warm, sweet, and addictive" and my scent families were categorized as "Oriental floral, oriental gourmand, fruity."

Scentbird suggested a few brands I could try such as Juicy Couture, Rachel Zoe, Michael Germain, Kensie, and Vince Camuto. They also include the scent profile for each perfume as well as a small description of what I could expect.


Raise your hand if you've actually been able to finish a bottle of perfume before the scent suddenly went off? Right, me neither. Scentbird, however, came up with the perfect solution to avoid your fragrances going to waste. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a full-sized bottle, they will send you a travel-sized bottle each month with 140 spritzes. This means that you can constantly rotate between scents and not grow bored after a few weeks. When you subscribe to their box, you'll get a new scent each month picked specifically for you. Or you can select the fragrance yourself if you’d prefer.

Before Scentbird: Bulky bottles that go bad before being used up.


Don't get me wrong. Some stores, like Zara, have really good perfumes at a low price, but you also have to commit to full-sized bottles that could last you years! However, not only does Scentbird carry smaller sizes, but it also carries luxury brands that you might not otherwise try because the price is too steep. All of these perfumes are suddenly accessible to you for less than $20 a month. Some of the most popular brands they carry include Prada, Michael Kors, Versace, and Tom Ford. Need I say more?


Despite me carrying an excessive amount of travel-sized perfumes, I recognize not many can afford the same luxury. But Scentbird solves that issue for you because all of their perfumes are travel-friendly and TSA-approved. So you won't have to see TSA throw your perfumes out because you thought you could sneak a full-sized bottle through security because Scentbird is good to go! And if you're worried about the bottles breaking, don't be because, on your first order, Scentbird will send you a stunning case where you can store your perfumes.


The best part about Scentbird is that it is not limited to one specific market. You can find scents that are both masculine and feminine. And no, you don't reveal what you identify as you simply pick a category and you will be offered choices. And yes, both scent profiles include the same level of luxury and variety. So not only is this a great self-care subscription box, but it makes a great gift for your partner, your dad, or any man in your life.

Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Melissa Caraballo is a Puerto Rican native living in New York City, writing about everything from beauty and food to celebrities and lifestyle for a living. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez with an English bachelor's and pursued a master's in journalism from Syracuse University.