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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why I Switched to Coterie

Gennifer Rose
ByGennifer RoseApr 1, 2022

Being a mom of two little ones, we’ve had our fair share of memorable "diaper moments" over the last 3 years. One that stands out was when my baby boy was in the wedding party of my sister-in-law's wedding and dashingly dressed in an adorable little tuxedo. I was holding him during our family photo session and started to notice that both his pants and my dress had unwelcomed moisture spots quickly growing. It was the dreaded “blowout” at the most inopportune time. Sadly we hadn’t yet discovered Coterie diapers which I have found to be one of the most blow-out-proof diapers because of their superior fit and ability to absorb more fluid.

When I’m shopping for diapers I’m looking at two main factors - are they free of any unnecessary additives and chemicals, and secondly are they as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible? I know diapers are a big pollutant so I try to make the best decisions for our environment. I did a bit of my own research before purchasing and found that Coterie is considered to be in the top tier of “clean” diaper brands because their diapers are chlorine-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, hypoallergenic, paraben, and latex-free. They also source from sustainably managed forests. So I felt confident that I was selecting a quality product.

When I opened up our first shipment of Coterie diapers, I was super surprised at how soft and “fabric-like” the diapers felt. It feels like they are made of fluffy cotton instead of the normal waxy paper-like materials of other diaper brands. It took my husband a few days to adjust to this new texture, he kept saying: “It just doesn’t feel like a diaper!”

While I was impressed with the downy soft feel, I had my doubts about how well they would absorb and wick away moisture. In my head, I was worried my son would be sitting in a mushy puddle. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! Not only did they keep him dry, the Coterie diapers out-performed every other brand I’ve tried as far as keeping his skin dry. Since using the Coterie diapers, we haven’t had a single nighttime diaper leak because they are able to hold in all the liquid until his morning diaper change. For us tired parents this means baby is more likely to sleep through the night which of course means more sleep for us!

The sizing of Coterie diapers seemed to run pretty standard, I didn’t get the feeling that they ran excessively big or small. I will say that both of my kids are a bit taller and bigger than other kids their age so I have a tendency to size up when it comes to diapers (and clothes too for that matter). The diaper tab fastenings are easy to put on and stay secure while baby crawls and plays. The diapers are designed well so there’s no rubbing or irritation on their soft skin. There’s also a wetness indicator so you can easily know when it’s time to change baby’s diaper.

While I am truly impressed with the quality of the Coterie diapers, I will say that there’s one small detail that I do miss from a previous brand we used. I am a person who likes color and cute patterns, and the Coterie diapers are very minimal plain white without any patterns or designs. This obviously comes hand in hand with the fact that they don’t use any dyes in their products. But my kids like to go into the nursery and play with the colorful diapers in the baskets next to the changing table. When my daughter reached the pull-up stage of diapers, she liked to pick out the patterns and designs herself. So unfortunately these diapers are a bit more on the functional side and less playful for toddlers.

All in all the Coterie diapers do live up to the premium label. It would be hard to use another brand after being so spoiled by these diapers. Of course, these diapers do come at a premium price so expect to pay a little more for them compared to your budget diaper brands.

Coterie also has a subscription delivery service which makes it convenient for busy parents - no more last-minute trips to the store! I haven’t tried their baby wipes yet but I know you can add them to the box when you’re editing your subscription.

Gennifer Rose
Gennifer Rose

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