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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why Caraway Is the Cookware of My Dreams

Ali Van Straten
ByAli Van StratenJul 6, 2022In Partnership With Caraway


One morning as I was cooking my kids' eggs on my old non-stick pan, I noticed some of the black synthetic coating was starting to flake off. Yikes - that definitely isn't safe to eat and not something I want in my family's food! This got me to research more about the cookware I was using and how toxic it can be.

I quickly turned to the internet to find new, safer pots and pans and came across Caraway. You’ve probably seen the posts because Caraway is IG-famous with tons of celebs and influencers who use it, so I had to try it for myself. Caraway cookware is made of ceramic, which is non-toxic, more eco-friendly, and naturally non-stick. Plus, it comes in beautiful vibrant colors! I was so excited to find a safer option for my family that I ordered a set.

Unboxing the Cookware Set

When my cookware set arrived, I was instantly in awe of how beautiful they are in person. They look just like the pictures on Instagram. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also extremely heavy-duty and feel solid in my hand. I knew right away that they would be a great addition to my kitchen.

My kitchen is straight out of the '80s, complete with oddly shaped cabinets and storage (how did they cook back then?!). Thankfully, the cookware set comes with holders for each of the pots and pans so that they can be stored in the most space-efficient way possible. The holders also help to protect the cookware from scratches and dings. I also really liked that the holders are magnetic, so they can be attached together to save even more space.

Does It Actually Work?

I decided to put the Caraway pots and pans to the ultimate test by making baked mac and cheese during my family's dinner rush. This is usually a chaotic time since everyone is hangry, and I need to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible.

Once the noodles were cooked and drained, I added them back to the pot to mix in the cheese pack and milk. The ceramic coating made it so easy to mix everything together without any sticking or burning! Then I put the same pot into the oven since Caraway’s cookware is oven-safe. I was impressed that I only had to use one pot and the melty cheese that gets stuck to most cookware and is a nightmare to clean wasn’t an issue here.

In fact, I ended up getting distracted with bedtime (whoops!), and when I came back an hour or two later to put away leftovers, I noticed that the mac and cheese was STILL loose and not sticking to the pot. Not only that, but the cheese easily slid down the sides of the pot on its own.

I packed away the leftovers and started to wash the pot, and the most magical thing happened. As soon as the water hit the pot, the crusty cheese residue started to come off immediately. No scrubbing, soap, or any work on my own - it all came off with just water! I still cleaned with soap and a washcloth, but the first rinse of water did almost all of the work.

After this experience, I'm sold on Caraway's ceramic cookware and am replacing all my old pots and pans with Caraway. I used to dread cooking for my family because of the time commitment, but Caraway has made cooking easy, quick, and healthy. I still can't get over how little effort it took to clean the pot after making such a messy dish!

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love my Caraway cookware set and would recommend it to anyone! The ceramic pots and pans are non-toxic, eco-friendly, naturally non-stick, and come in beautiful colors. They are also heavy-duty and come with space-saving holders. I'm so glad I found a safer option for my family that also makes cooking quick and easy.

Ali Van Straten
Ali Van Straten

Ali is a busy mom of a baby and preschooler living in Minnesota. She's a health and fitness enthusiast who loves to run, and also enjoys blogging about all things parenting, Peloton and meal prep. Ali's blog, Champagne and Coffee Stains, was created in 2019 as a resource for healthy recipes and tips for living a healthier lifestyle.