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My Subscription Addiction

Splendid Spoon, Daily Harvest or Sakara Life: Which Meal Plan Should You Be On?

Paige Bennett
ByPaige BennettSep 13, 2022Sponsored

As a vegetarian with a busy schedule, finding a plant-based food service that offers ready-made meals is important to me. I want to fuel my workdays with nutritious, ready-to-eat food, but I also want those healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to taste delicious. I’m not alone in wanting healthy, convenient meals delivered to my door, so if you’re wondering which meal delivery service to try, consider the following benefits of Splendid Spoon vs. Daily Harvest vs. Sakara Life.

If you have dietary restrictions…Splendid Spoon

While Splendid Spoon, Daily Harvest, and Sakara Life all offer vegan meals, Splendid Spoon makes it easiest to find options that are also free of common allergens or work for specific dietary needs. You can check or uncheck as many categories as needed to sort through the available meals and drinks.

I don’t have many dietary restrictions, thankfully, but I do prefer less spicy foods. I love that I can sort to avoid spicy meals for my deliveries, and there are options to avoid coconut, tree nuts, or even cilantro, so I can share my meals with my partner (who is allergic to nuts and can’t stand the taste of cilantro). I can also find foods low in sugar and sodium, and I can sort out options with caffeine when I’m reducing my caffeine intake. There are also options to find blood sugar-friendly meals or foods without bananas, mushrooms, soy, or beets.

If you’re on a budget…Daily Harvest

Meal delivery services are undoubtedly convenient, but there’s usually a higher cost associated with having your ready-made meals delivered straight to your door. At a per-meal cost, Daily Harvest offers the best rates. Many of its meals and beverages cost $5.99 to $8.99 each, while its new Harvest Bakes cost $11.99. Sakara Life’s plans are the most expensive. A two-day, six-meal plan from Sakara Life without any add-on options is $159, or about $26.50 per meal.

Splendid Spoon’s meal plans offer meals and beverages from $9 to $13 each, although if you sign up via our exclusive link, you can get $105 off your first three boxes thanks to their Back To Busy Sale - ending soon.

If you’re looking for smoothies…Splendid Spoon

I love a good smoothie. Obviously, they are delicious, and smoothies are also so convenient for breakfasts, quick lunches on busy days, healthy snacks, or as fuel after my workouts. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I hate breaking out a blender and chopping up a bunch of fruit to make a smoothie.

That’s why Splendid Spoon is my go-to for ready-made smoothies that I just shake up and drink. I can trust that these beverages are dairy-free, so they don’t upset my sensitive stomach, and they are made with nutritious, GMO-free ingredients. Sakara Life doesn’t offer smoothies at all, although they do offer wellness teas if that’s up your alley. As for Daily Harvest, the smoothies taste great, sure, but they still require a blender.

If you want healthy comfort foods…Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon coconut rice

I want to eat noodles … All. The. Time. We all love comfort food, but it’s hard for me to want to eat anything else. So my typical approach to cooking is to make my favorite foods healthier by using wholesome ingredients whenever possible.

I love Splendid Spoon’s meals because they have all the flavor of my favorite foods but with much healthier ingredients. My favorites include the Dan Dan Noodles, the Green Tomatillo Chili Soup (shown above), and the Brown Rice Taco Bowl.

If you need supplements…Sakara Life

Sakara Life is unique in that in addition to offering meals and snacks, it also has add-ons like supplements. This service includes daily vitamins and probiotics, plus fun options like functional chocolates, wellness teas, and Super Powders that you can blend into your morning smoothies or coffee for a protein or metabolism boost.

The ultimate winner…Splendid Spoon

Any of these plant-based meal delivery services will offer convenient, tasty meals, but my favorite is Splendid Spoon. For one, I love the "healthified" versions of usual comfort foods, and I most appreciate that I don’t have to break out a blender for the smoothies.

I can heat up the soups and grain bowls in the microwave, so there’s no need to dirty any dishes. Plus, I can clean out and recycle Splendid Spoon’s containers, which isn’t always the case for the other companies’ packaging. Best of all, Splendid Spoon’s meals include two portions each, meaning you get more bang for your buck.

Splendid Spoon is even offering $105 OFF!

If you're interested in trying Splendid Spoon, then use our special link here and get $105 off your first three boxes thanks to Splendid Spoon's Back To Busy Sale - ending soon!


Paige Bennett
Paige Bennett
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