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My Subscription Addiction

Vegamour vs. OUAI: Which Clean Beauty Hair Growth Option is Right for You?

Valerie Alvarez
ByValerie AlvarezNov 11, 2022Sponsored

I've had to face the inevitable over the last few months: hair thinning and loss. If, like me, you are dealing with the same, whether from hormone fluctuations, heat styling damage, or just plain genetics, and you're looking for the best solution to restore your luscious locks, you've come to the right place.  I tested two popular hair loss products–Vegamour and OUAI–to see which brand would be the right solution for me. Find out which I'll be sticking with!

If you’re looking for a simple routine: Vegamour

Both OUAI and Vegamour showcase increased hair density and less shedding, but Vegamour’s results stood out to me. Vegamour’s numbers are impressive–users report 76% less shedding and a 52% increase in hair density.

I found OUAI’s two-step process a little less user-friendly, with having to take a dietary supplement and use hair serum daily. Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum is applied topically to the scalp once per day, making this an easy part of my daily routine.

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If you want toxin-free products: Vegamour

Vegamour shines when it comes to good-for-you products: Vegamour’s products are free from sulfates, parabens, keratin, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. OUAI (a P&G brand) offers products that lack sulfates and parabens, but they're not vegan and contain keratin and synthetic fragrances.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I read Vegamour’s vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free ingredients list. Vegamour leaves out ingredients found in popular hair care such as minoxidil and keratin, instead using plant actives such as Karmatin™, turmeric, and red clover, which impact the environment positively.

Karmatin™ is a vegan protein that replaces keratin, a naturally occurring hair protein. Hair products that contain keratin are washed out before they can truly make a difference, whereas Karmatin™ bonds to the hair, resulting in shiny, boisterous locks. I love that Vegamour’s innovative solutions leave hair healthy and nourished.

If you’re looking for holistic routine: Tie

Both Vegamour and OUAI products require long-term use for the best results, but both brands make it easy to incorporate hair growth actives into your routine. For example, Vegamour’s range of shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, and more in the GRO and GRO+ lines make maintenance a breeze.

If you want an easy subscription option: Vegamour

Another one of Vegamour’s competitive advantages stems from its subscription model. OUAI doesn’t offer a subscription model, so you’ll have to be mindful about placing another order when necessary. Conversely, Vegamour’s flexible subscription model–which allows subscribers to choose their frequency and pause, cancel, or update anytime–means that you can focus your attention on your fabulous fuller hair (rather than the technicalities).

My Ultimate Winner: Vegamour

Overall, I definitely think Vegamour is the best option for kickstarting your hair growth journey. Vegamour’s clinically proven ingredients are efficacious, hormone-free, and plant-based, so you can feel good about a clean product while working towards regrowth. I’ve already started replacing my hair care routine with Vegamour’s GRO Collection– it’s by far the best suited to my situation and hair goals.

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