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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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7 Things I Like About Quip and 1 Thing I Don’t

Jeanne Sager
ByJeanne SagerAug 18, 2021 | 0 comments

At 7 years old, Quip is a relatively young brand on the toothbrush scene, but they’ve already sold millions of brushes and have celebs like Demi Lovato jumping at a chance to invest in the company. As a subscriber for two years, I can see why! Since spotting a Quip on the rack at my local Target and deciding to give it a try, I’ve become THAT woman at parties. You know … the one who talks about her dental health like she's recruiting for an oral health campaign? I can’t help it — I really love this quirky little toothbrush subscription service.

Here’s everything I like about my Quip toothbrush subscription and one tiny quibble I have with the service to help you make the call — is Quip worth it?

7 Things I Like About Quip

1. The Automatic Toothbrush Head Deliveries

I have a bad memory. You know the kind of person who you say "hi, my name is" to, and a few minutes later she's asking your name? Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Jeanne. I'll be asking your name in about 30 minutes or so.

Before I signed up for Quip, changing my toothbrush happened a few times a year at most. I really, really, really meant to change it out as often as recommended by the American Dental Association (that’s every three months by the way), but I just… forgot. This is far and away the best thing about Quip — when I open the mailbox every three months to find a new toothbrush head, I know it’s time to make the change. My mouth is a whole lot healthier, and I don't even have to think about it ... or try to remember.

2. The Quip Warranty

My original toothbrush was a year and a half old when suddenly the toothbrush head started to work its way off while I was brushing. I assumed I had a faulty head, but shoving it back on seemed to work, so I let it go until I got a new one. Only, well, once again the brand new head worked its way off. So I emailed Quip. Within a week, I had a brand-new toothbrush in my bathroom!

Your toothbrush is covered for life if you're on a refill plan, which means I didn't have to pay cent to get a brand-new toothbrush! This is the kind of customer service that makes me loyal to a brand for life.

3. It's Battery Powered!

Before using Quip, I had an electric toothbrush that had to be set into a charger that was then plugged into the wall. No matter how well I rinsed my brush after brushing my teeth, the charger tended to get kind of gross and smelly from the water and toothpaste remnants that would run down the handle. That was bad enough, but on top of that, the big charging port took up a bunch of space on my bathroom sink.

Enter Quip. Not only is it battery powered — meaning there's no bulky charger on the counter — there’s nothing to collect a gross toothpaste residue!

4. The Quip Toothbrush Head Replacement Process

My dentist is the one who told me I needed to make the switch to an electric toothbrush years ago. It turns out people who go electric tend to have healthier gums (who knew?), and he said the electric option would help keep mine from bleeding. But one of the main things I hated about every electric brush I bought before Quip was the replacement process. They all required me to use an extra device to separate the handle from the head, and if you lost that device, you’d have to buy a new one, which meant spending more money, plus a trip to the store. And did I mention I'm kind of forgetful? It just delayed the whole "changing your toothbrush" process the ADA says is so necessary.

Add in the fact that the extra device was yet another thing to store in my bathroom, and I was just about done with electric brushes before I found Quip.

Compared to every single electric toothbrush I've owned in the past, the Quip head replacement process is incredibly simple. Just push on two little dots on the back of your toothbrush, and tug. Seriously ... that’s it!

5. It's Gentle on My Gums

Since I mentioned that it was my dentist who recommended I make the switch from a manual toothbrush to electric, it bears mentioning that Quip is incredibly gentle on my gums. I was something of a "super brusher" before, and that's not the kind of award you want at the dentist's office. It meant I was working too hard every morning and evening over the sink, and all that brushing was damaging the delicate tissue around my teeth. The good news? Quip's motor is vastly more gentle than my previous Oral-B. I've found it's enough to get food and plaque off my teeth but doesn't leave my gums ragged and raw. Bonus: Quip has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance, and the ADA notes it brushes with "gentle sonic vibrations."

6. The Quip Timer

Turn your Quip on, and it’s automatically set for you to brush for two minutes. Now I don’t technically need this, but as a mom I see how useful this is for kids who are still learning how long they should brush or, well, need a gentle reminder! What about adults who want to brush for a shorter time or even take it longer? Don’t worry — you can turn your Quip off before the 2-minute mark or turn it back on after it finishes. Like I said, it’s a gentle reminder, not a dictatorial edict!

7. The Plastic Tube

Your first Quip toothbrush comes in a long plastic tube with a little cap, and I'm going to tell you right now: Don't throw it out.

Technically this is meant to be recycled, but I had a hunch it would make a handy travel case, so I kept hold of it. It works so much better than those little plastic caps you put just on the head, because it completely encloses the toothbrush, keeping it safe from anything else that might leak in my toiletries bag. It also means that if I brush my teeth just before leaving, I don’t have to worry about thoroughly drying my toothbrush. I can just shove it in the tube, put the cap on, and run!

1 Thing I Don’t Love About Quip

The Battery Replacements

Quip is powered by a AAA battery, and there’s a new one included in every single refill delivery. It’s convenient, but because the Quip uses so little energy, I don’t actually have to change the battery all that often. Instead I end up using the batteries in other items around the house. While I don’t exactly hate the extra batteries — I do use them after all! — I wouldn’t mind a Quip refill option that was battery-free to save a little bit of money each month.

Curious about Quip? Here's a little more about how it all works:

The Subscription: Quip

The Cost: Complete toothbrush starter sets start at $25, and toothbrush head refills start at $5 (delivered every 3 months).

Shipping: Free worldwide on automatic refill plans

The Products: Quip's basic refill plan includes a fresh toothbrush head and battery, but the brand also offers an app membership, toothpaste, and a whole lot more.

Have you given Quip a try? Let us know what you think of the subscription!

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Quip is an oral health care brand specializing in cost-effective products with great design that promotes American Dental Association-approved dental hygiene starting at $25 for the plastic version, $40 for the metal Quip brush, and $60 for the Smart Electric Toothbrush, all which include a travel c... read more.
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