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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Ultimate Gifts for the Everyday MacGuyver

Steven Triana
BySteven TrianaMay 3, 2022

Full disclosure: I’ve had my eye on Bespoke Post for years. No kidding…I’m big into coffee, love to make cocktails, always looking for a handy tool …so when I took a look at this month’s boxes, I was definitely excited. For the uninitiated, Bespoke Post is a monthly membership club that delivers awesome boxes of top-shelf goods from under-the-radar and small business brands. As a member, you get to preview your box and choose to keep, swap or skip it. So, as I’m looking at this month’s options, it’s like I’m 12 again looking at the annual Toys R Us catalog.

One problem though: I had a good number of these things already (not your fault, Bespoke Post!) Portable coffee grinder and coffee press? I’ve got like six different ways to make coffee and yes, a portable grinder is one of them. The hatchet? No brainer, right? My wife vetoed that one: “You have two…including the one you JUST got.” Alright, fair enough.

Then I saw it: a hammock! There are these trees in my backyard that were just perfect for this hammock! Also spotted an everyday carry (EDC) tool keyring! Into the cart they went.

Bespoke Post has these boxes labeled Retreat and Deploy. Which, just typing that, sounds like an episode title of MacGuyver (or Magnum, P.I.). The EDC tools keyring is great just to throw in your vehicle, keep in your work bag, or pack when you go camping. You can absolutely put your keys through, but it’ll be bulky and weighty. That’s maybe the only issue I had with the Deploy keyring—it isn’t light and it most definitely fills up your pocket.

However, that heaviness means these tools are built strong! Over the course of a week, the two screwdrivers got the most use…an L-shaped desk at work has a screw that comes loose from time to time. Usually, I have to walk out to my truck, get my mini-tool box, come back, get the right bit, etc. but with the tactical EDC in my bag, I snagged the right driver needed, secured the screw, and got back to work.

The prybar was definitely a help with a few packages we had come to the office, there’s a mini-lighter, and yes: there’s a grappling hook.

About the hook: the instructions specifically tell you not to use it like you’re Batman. I’ll reiterate that point—you’re not scaling a building with Adam West here. The thing was, according to Bespoke Post, originally designed for the US military for snagging tripwires from a distance but I can absolutely see the utility in regular life. Drop your keys in a tough place to reach? The hook is definitely the right tool to fish it out. For campers, I can see a ton of uses for it (unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to take the Deploy keyring out for a quick weekend camping trip).

Instead, the Wren On-the-Go Hammock in the Retreat box was just perfect for what I needed. The instructions say 12-15 feet, but honestly, I’d say closer to the 10-12 mark if you don’t have your Eagle Scout rating because you’re going to need to be a pro at knots to get it at the 15-foot mark. Soon as I had it up…my wife jumped right in. So much for MY lazy day of lounging…

The Retreat box also came with a quick-deploy blanket which, on a breezy day or cool night in fall (I’m in Florida after all) could be pretty handy. What I liked about both was the storage bags are stitched in, (with the hammock, the pouch doubles as a phone or Kindle holder), so if you have an impromptu camping or road trip, both the hammock and blanket can get tossed into your car or truck and you’re all set.

Which is why I’m thrilled I got these boxes for myself. I love being prepared, I have too many hatchets and coffee presses (apparently), and now I have an excuse to cut out of work early one week, head out for a quick camping trip, and come back refreshed.

Before I forget, the Deploy keyring comes with Uncle Bill’s Precision tweezers, which got their use almost immediately after I strung up the hammock because, of course, I got a splinter. So honestly, if you’re going to get one, get the other…you’ll thank me.

Steven Triana
Steven Triana

A Xennial (you know, the ones at the tailend of Gen X and infancy of milennials) with the perpetual urge to learn and try new things. I wrote thoughout most of high school and college, so I have been looking for an opportunity to write again and MSA gives me that and then some. I have lived in several cities in the US, visted even more, and learned that everything is worth trying at least once--especially food! And coffee...being a person of Cuban heritage, coffee is in my veins. I discovered a love for coffee in college and have six different coffee makers that all make coffee a certain way.

I've been told I'm a bit of an old soul, and using items of a vintage nature--such as safety razors and wet shave products--is a lot of fun, mainly because it connects me to the past. I am a certified firearm instructor, camper, fisher, drone pilot, former baseball player and coach, amateur cook, dog dad to a one year old pitbull and a 12 yr old pitbull who my wife and I love and I absolutely love to teach people about new things or skills they are curious about....no matter the subject or skill!