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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Mirror Took My Workout Routine To The Next Level. Here’s How.

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereOct 4, 2022In Partnership With lululemon Studio

I’m known among my friends as a fitness junkie. I work out every day (I’m not great at taking rest days) and I love it. I’ve tried a bunch of different routines - cardio, strength, HIIT, for example - to find what works for me. I became a Peloton fan living at my parents house during the pandemic, and settled into a solid routine. I would alternate days spinning and running, and add in some arm and ab exercises after every workout.

One day, a friend told me that she had just gotten The Mirror, and thought I should give it a try. The Mirror, a popular connected home gym, is a literal mirror that streams group fitness classes (taught by a team of top trainers). When not in use, it functions as an actual mirror, so this equipment works double time. They have a wide variety of classes ranging from stretching to barre to boxing to cardio bootcamp. You can filter through the (massive) class library by workout, length, equipment needed, instructor, or difficulty level.  I was curious, but honestly, a little skeptical to try. I wasn’t sure if it would add to or elevate my existing workout routine.

Flash forward one month and I was definitely wrong. I can confidently say that I feel stronger, and look forward to my workouts more now than I did a month ago. My routine has more variety and is more fun, and I’ve definitely fallen in love with exercise again. Plus, one of my favorite things are the 5-minute classes - I always squeeze in a few throughout the day during those awkward 10-minute gaps between meetings.

My favorite classes on The Mirror are barre, boxing, and stretching. Barre was very solidly missing from my routine throughout the pandemic; I think it’s the perfect toning workout (high reps, low weight, small movements), and I’m excited to have it back with The Mirror. I’ve taken many of Julie’s classes (she used to work at Physique 57), and my abs, arms, and legs are sore like they haven’t been in months following every workout. I’ve also done the barre personal training sessions with Cameron, and I am obsessed (as is my mom!).

Boxing has also been a great addition to the mix - I traded my Peloton tread sprints for lululemon Studio Mirror jabs (my knees are definitely thanking me for this), and I love the way I feel after a class. I punch away all the day’s anxiety and stress, and finish class dripping in sweat and more relaxed. I do a mix of boxing classes and boxing + strength classes, and always get a full body workout.

My chiropractor once told me that I was the least flexible person he ever met. Well, thanks to The Mirror, I hope this is no longer the case! I mix in at least four 15-minute stretch classes a week, and like how the classes focus on different body parts. Some days my legs feel more tight and I want all of my stretching focused there, while other days I go for the full body treatment.

While I still do Peloton spin classes, I’ve found The Mirror offers something Peloton doesn’t—a more diverse and challenging selection of strength, toning, boxing, and stretching classes, plus the opportunity to improve my form. I’m obsessed and can’t imagine a fitness routine without The Mirror.

Disclaimer: Full price last offered 10/4/22. $700 off plus free delivery (off $1,495 price). 20% off classes at participating US partner studio locations.

Caroline Levere
Caroline Levere

I'm the Chief of Staff at MSA and a fitness addict! Prior to joining MSA, I actually started a fitness studio. Excited to educate people on all the available fitness products out there!