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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Internet’s Favorite Shave Set is My Summer Essential

Mary Dee
ByMary DeeJul 18, 2022In Partnership With Flamingo

I grew up in California before moving to Arizona, so you know I love me some warm weather. Arizona just so happens to take it to the next level in terms of bringing the heat (so hot!). With summer weather well upon us, I am living in sundresses, rompers, white shorts, and of course, bikinis by the pool. This daily summer uniform also means I am shaving much more frequently. I’ve been intrigued by the buzz surrounding Flamingo Shave sets for some time. I was excited to give it a try and here are my thoughts.


Flamingo’s razor cartridges contain 5 stainless steel blades for a close and comfortable shave. The lightweight handle has a soft grip which stays secure in my hands, even when wet from the shower. The sturdy, high-quality blade glides smoothly over my skin, leaving no cuts, knicks or dreaded bumps afterwards.

Shaving my legs is quick and easy due to the flat head that’s great for long strokes but the flexible hinged design also gets to all the hard-to-reach areas. The result is just buttery soft skin, so I can feel confident rocking my summer threads. I also appreciate the matching attachment that suctions to your shower wall. It helps the razor stay dry and upright. So convenient!


Flamingo offers a wide range of bodycare products online, but their most popular offering is their shave set subscriptions. You start by picking the color of your razor handle, which comes in five pretty options. Then, you choose your subscription plan based on how many refill cartridges you’ll need, depending on how often you shave during a week. You can adjust your subscription plan at any time. Their trial starter shaving set includes one razor handle, two refill cartridges, and a matching shower wall attachment. Such a steal for only $5!


Blade refills can add up quickly and become extremely costly! What I love most about the Flamingo Shave set and subscription is the affordability factor, without sacrificing quality. You also can’t beat the convenience of having brand new, sharp blades being shipped right to your doorstep, based on how many you use. You can cancel, delay, or adjust your shipment frequency at any time to suit your personal needs.


During the summer, I am particularly diligent about applying self tanner for that healthy glow without the sun damage. One tip I’d recommend is to first shave with the Flamingo razor for a deep exfoliation, followed by moisturizing the skin, before applying your tanning product. I’ve found this shaving and hydrating routine to prime my skin best for the most even, long lasting self tan.


Overall, I am so impressed with the Flamingo Shave set. Flamingo has managed to bridge the gap of offering cute and high quality, yet also affordable shaving razors. For only $5, their introductory shave set is a fabulous way to try their products, and I can’t recommend it enough!  You can start your trial here today!

Mary Dee
Mary Dee

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