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6 Best Shampoo Bars I’ve Tried and Loved

So what is a shampoo bar? Basically, it is a slab or solid puck that lathers up just as well as the liquid stuff and often lasts a lot longer! Are shampoos bars worth it? I absolutely think so, especially if you are looking to make your showering experience a little greener and a little more plastic-free. I have been a convert for a few years, and even my husband Will loves his shampoo in puck form these days! I wanted to share some of my favorite with you, all of which I have personally tried and enjoyed! In my option, these are the best out there, and most are natural shampoo bars to boot!

My Favorite Shampoo Bars

1. ByHumankind

image via byHumankind

The Brand: ByHumankind

The Cost: $15.00, but save 15% on future orders if you subscribe to an auto-ship plan. 

Why It’s Great: These bars feel basic in the best way, and with scents like Citrus-Lavender (my fave), Lemongrass, Peppermint, or Unscented you are sure to find one you and your hair love. I also love the super easy subscription option if you want to make sure you never run out of your fave shampoo bar.

2. HiBar

image via HiBar

The Product: HiBar

The Cost: $13.95 

Why It’s Great: This was my most recent shampoo bar thanks to Grove Collaborative! I tried the Maintain formula, which I loved except I wasn’t totally sold on the scent. Will is absolutely obsessed with this stuff though, and I have to admit I liked the scent of the Volumizing formula much better. They also have a Moisturize formula if your tresses need a little hydration. Each variety has a corresponding conditioner bar too, so you can go completely plastic-free for both steps in your shower. Already a Grove Collaborative member? Buy it through Grove here!

3. Lush

image via Lush

The Brand: Lush

The Cost: $11.95- $14.95 depending on formula.

Why It’s Great: Lush has made some of my absolute favorite shampoo bars for years! I remember the first time I wandered into a Lush shop when I lived in Boston, MA, and how amazing everything smelled! They have loads fo different formulas to choose from (my top picks? The Posh bar or the Seanik bar) and they are package free. I do recommend that you make sure you buy a tin if you don’t already have a place to store it between showers to keep it dry and make sure you get the most out of the bars up to 80 wash potential!

4. Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo Bar

image via Target

The Brand: Love Beauty and Planet

The Cost:$4.99

Why It’s Great: This is the most affordable option on my list and it is also arguably the easiest to find since it is sold at Target. Any excuse to go to Target, right? There is a rose shampoo formula as well as a coconut shampoo + conditioner combo bar. Also, this 50-wash bar is heart-shaped. CUTE!

5. Package Free

image via Package Free

The Brand: Package Free

The Cost: $14.00 as a one time purchase, but save 10% with a subscription!

Why It’s Great: There are multiple formulas to choose from (Balancer, Detoxifier, Hydrator, Stimulator, Fixer, and Cleanser) based on your hair needs. I love the round puck shape and how healthy but clean these formulas make my hair feel. They also have a natural clean scent that I can’t get enough of! The Fixer is my personal fave, because it smells like lavender, cedar, and herbs!

6. Meow Meow Tweet

image via Meow Meow Tweet

The Brand: Meow Meow Tweet

The Cost: Shampoo is $18.00, conditioner is $29.00

Why It’s Great: In addition to being so lathery and marvelous on hair, you can also use this bar on your entire body. Multi-purpose at it’s finest (and cleanest!). They also have a Lavender Coconut Milk formula that smells heavenly.

Are you a shampoo bottle or bar enthusiast? What are your favorite brands?

Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Comments (38)

  1. Have you ever tried basin shampoo and conditioner bars? I’d be interested in your thoughts on those.

  2. I use Viori citrus shampoo and conditioner bars. I absolutely love this product. I used to spend a fortune on shampoo and conditioner. I like the fact that it is not liquid and not in a bottle. Hence better control of your product and with travel I can use it in my carry on case. I get compliments and more people I know are going organic shampoo bars 😁 yay for mother earth 🌎

  3. I’ve tired HiBar Maintain Shampoo and Condition and Viori Citrus Yao Shampoo and Conditioner. Viori is a great one for sure (I’d recommend it for people that need more moisturizing or even deep conditioning) but my scalp and hair love love love HiBar best. I used to have awful dandruff and I have very oily roots. When I started using the HiBar all my dandruff was gone by the second use and my hair is super soft and shiny all the time. My scalp has never felt this healthy.

  4. LOVE shampoo bars! anything to avoid plastic!!

  5. Thank you for compiling this list. . . I had no idea there were so many good bar options!

    Based on the article and comments, I already bought two bars! Thank you, ladies!

  6. I have extremely hard water, oily yet thick hair and have tried SO many products for oily hair (hundreds as I was paid to have my hair used at beauty/ hair conventions).

    I know you are suppose to use a dime size of shampoo/ conditioner, I usually used 4-6 quarter sized squirts per product. So I was going through a lot of shampoo/ conditioner. Even cheap stuff adds up.

    I started trying shampoo bars about a year ago. I finally FINALLY found an exceptional bar. Viori “citus yao” BAR shampoo and conditioner. The smell is incredible. My oily hair can go up to almost 2 days without washing without being oily. This was never happened and certainly not with a bar. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months and still have 3/4 of my bar left.

    Now, it takes longer in ny hands to lather. I need to rub the bar/put that lather on my head/repeat for 2-3 minutes which is a long time compared to normal shampoo in a bottle. But, shockingly, I’m sticking with it as the smell and clean feel & look of my hair is worth it.

    I have plans on buying a second set when mine gets low. The citrus yao was recommended for oily hair and I’m 90% happy with it.

    • I have never even heard of this one! Totally going to check it out.

    • Do you use their conditioner as well? I have been tempted to try Viori especially with their claims it can reverse grays. I can get on board with the shampoo bar but am not as sure about their conditioner.

      • I also use the Viori Citrus yao and LOVE IT. I use the conditioner as well, and while I doubt anything will stop what is probably genetics wrt graying hair, the conditioner (and shampoo) are awesome on my fine, straight hair. I deal with oily hair that tends to grab onto any product and cause buildup AND work at a construction site with fine dust that gets into/onto everything including that buildup. The bars have been great; clean and shiny hair that doesn’t feel brittle or stripped at all. (I am not an influencer or brand ambassador or anything, just someone who spent my money on a FB ad that sounded intriguing.)

  7. I haven’t tried this yet, but it seems like it would be great for travel since they aren’t liquid. They could just go in your suitcase, right?

    • 100% correct !

  8. Mountain Sky bars 🙂 Have you tried those?

    • Nope. I feel like I am compiling a new list of ones to try just from these comments! Thank you 🙂

  9. HiBar is my favorite. I have the green one.

    I’m not sure if Lush should be included since bars are made in one-time-use molds.

  10. I used to stock up on Lush. Not lately though. I love that these are travel-sized but unless you have a good container, it’s a moot point. When these bars get wet and soggy they turn into liquid shampoo and just as messy. These are fun for those with kiddos who don’t like washing their hair.

    • Really?? I put mine in Ziplock bags or rubbermaid containers and they last me more than 5 months. I lose track of those containers they sell at Lush.

  11. Megan you have thick long hair, how easy was it to get your hair completely lathered? I use a lot of shampoo to get through this thick head of hair. Does is lather more than a regular bar of soap?

    • Hey Kristin! It depends on the bar, though all of the ones above were lathery in my hair. I like to rub the bars directly on my roots then on the roots above my neck, then scrub my scalp with my fingertips to get coverage! As far as lathering goes, I do think for me the Lush ones have th most lather factor, and HiBar is very lathery too! I would say those are both more than a bar of soap. The Love Beauty Planet is the one I had to work the hardest to get bubbles, but still totally do-able! I also want to mention that I only shampoo my roots and not my ends, but I still think the lather factor remains unchanged 🙂

  12. Good Earth Soap has the BEST shampoo bars! Super cheap too at only $7 a bar. They also have awesome soap, candles, and natural deodorant. Check them out!

    • Adding to my growing list! Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Thanks for the review! I recently purchased my first shampoo bar by The Unscented Company. It’s lasted very long and works really well! Very interested to try others in the future to continue to reduce waste. Looking for one that will help a bit more with frizz but nothing with irritating ingredients on my hyper-sensitive scalp.

  14. Love the list! I’ve also tried Ethique’s shampoo and conditioner bars recently and love them. They’re available at Target and Amazon.

  15. These prices are unreal. And the argument against one plastic bottle that contains many weeks’ worth of shampoo and costs only $2 or $3 is invalid at this time, when any purchased meals come in disposable containers and packaging (most of them non-recyclable) since we cannot dine in at the restaurants. That amount of that waste does not compare in any way with one plastic bottle that can easily be placed into the recycling bin and recycled 100%.

    Another faddy, niche, feel-good creation with no economic sense except for its manufacturers?

    • 99% of plastic is not recyclable. It can’t be broken down to the elements. Most has to be repurposed in “recycling” Bins but if it’s not stripped down (labels removed in its entirety or washed of all substance) it just goes into the trash.

    • The liter bottles of shampoo I currently buy are around $13, and that’s only because I’m receiving a discount at salon supply stores. I don’t buy $2-3 shampoo, that stuff is horrible for your hair. So these shampoo bars are comparable to salon quality brands in terms of price, not so sure about the quality of how well they wash your hair.

      • It washes OUT. You don’t leave shampoo in your hair. And the hair that’s outside your scalp is dead matter and cannot be “strengthened” or anything like that.

      • PLUS a lot of these shampoo bars last me 6 months. $12 for 6 months of shampoo and no plastic waste or HORRIBLE for your hair ingredients like you get with $3 brands. It’s a WIN-WIN.

      • Julia, I am a dermatologist and your assertion that you can not strengthen hair could not be further from the truth. You absolutely can strengthen hair strands by using a treatment containing protein, although using such a treatment too often could have the opposite effect and actually weaken the hair shaft. Now, any claims that a shampoo and conditioner could reverse gray hair is a little far fetched.

    • I see your point, but you must try it out to see why shampoo and conditioner bars have such a following. I adore the Honey I Washed My Hair from Lush and its lasted me more than 5 months when I wash my hair everyday, even when packaging says 60-90 washes. I think with liquid shampoo we use more than we actually have to . So aside from the plastic waste, we are also letting the actual product go down the drain because we think we need more than a dime size to create a good lather. So in the end, you are probablg wasting the same even if you coupon

    • Hey Julia! I get the sentiment. But its a fad I have been enjoying since college (about 10 years). I know one shampoo bottle isn’t going to save the world. But a bunch of people together using less plastic helps! These last me months and my hair loves it!

      I also included a less expensive options (the Love Beauty Planet bar) which is only $4.99. Totally recommend it is you are looking for a more price-conscious option.

    • You also have to take into account the amount of water that is in plastic packaged items. That weight costs a lot in fuel to ship to places. There are many reasons why reduced packaging is better for society at large. 🙂

    • There isn’t a liquid shampoo out there that my hair and scalp don’t react negatively to. If it wasn’t for shampoo bars, I wouldn’t be able to wash my hair without consequences. Definitely not a fad. I’d rather use liquid shampoo, but these bars don’t contain all the bad things that destroy my scalp and hair so they are a godsend. I do love that I am using less plastic in the process. It’s an added bonus.

  16. This was a good idea for a review. A product that many of us don’t use–but nice to know about from someone who does–since most of us have one in our beauty closet!

  17. Do any of these work with hard water? From what I’ve read shampoo bars do not go well if you have hard water. I wonder if that’s why I didn’t like them.

    • I don’t have hard water, but I have heard it isn’t always the best with shampoo bars. I think you might have to experiment with a few brands to see what works best with your water.

    • Editing to add that Mellissa above recommends Viori “citus yao” BAR shampoo and conditioner and she also has hard water. Hope this helps!

  18. Fortune Cookie Soap Company does shampoo and conditioner bars in their fun fragrances.

  19. I love this sort of review. Thanks.

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