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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Tried PROVEN Skincare’s Eye Cream for 30 Days, Here’s What I Thought

Kelly Wright
ByKelly WrightJun 7, 2022In partnership with Proven Skincare

I first heard of PROVEN after their products aired on Shark Tank back in early 2020. And while they did not secure a deal, it doesn't seem as if that hurt them one bit as their popularity has only grown stronger. PROVEN was founded in 2018 by Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan who built their own AI – their proprietary Skin Genome Project™ bringing intelligent beauty personalization to the forefront of the industry. The Skin Genome Project™ analyzes thousands of ingredients and matches them with up to 47 different factors for your specific skin type in order to formulate a completely individual skincare routine. By taking a short quiz before ordering, their AI system is able to determine the best ingredients to formulate your uniquely crafted products.

But what does that really mean for us, as the consumer? It sounds fancy and I love any product that is backed by science, but does it really work? I decided to give their Personalized Eye Cream Duo a go to see if it was worth the hype.

So what's in PROVEN Skincare?

Ok, I'll make this quick, because I know you just want to know if the stuff works! All PROVEN Skincare products are 100% clean and do not contain parabens, phthalates, SLS, or formaldehyde. All of their products are made in an FDA-approved laboratory in the US and they never test on animals nor do any of their manufacturers, formulators, or suppliers. Needless to say, this was all a huge win in my book!

They also list all of the ingredients that are in each product on a card within your box, giving you complete transparency as to what you are putting on your face.

PROVEN Personalized Eye Cream Duo

PROVEN's Personalized Eye Cream Duo comes in two separate small silver containers. I'm not really one for the presentation of products (I just care if it works), but PROVEN gets high marks in this category.

One product is for day use and the other is for nighttime use, and both come with 0.5 oz of cream. The night use eye cream has a thinner, creamier texture while the day cream has a thicker, firmer texture. I actually preferred the day cream texture over the night cream, but that is pure preference.

The Personalized Eye Cream Duo is $159.99 for a one-time purchase or $129.99 for a subscription. You'll receive a new shipment every 12 weeks but you can cancel anytime. Ok, so I know this sounds like a pretty penny, but after using this eye cream for 30 days, it barely looks like I've touched it. You use very little with each use and both creams spread easily around the eye so you don't have to go back and grab more. I'm talking like way less than a pea-sized amount. After seeing how much I used, I think the $129.99 USD is a very fair price considering it would last much longer than 3 months. You can see I actually used more of the night cream, which I think is probably because of the thinner texture.

But does it WORK!?

Ok, now for the only reason you all are really here! After using PROVEN's Eye Cream Duo for 30 days, I have been incredibly happy with the results. Did it take my fine lines and wrinkles away? No, of course not. There really isn't any product that can do that. But what it did do is tighten up the area around my eyes and made it much smoother than it had been. It also reduced the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes and even a few of the bigger wrinkles as well.

This isn't a miracle cream. It's not going to make your wrinkles disappear, but it did soften my eye area and made it appear a little bit more youthful. Which is exactly what I'm looking for.

As you can see in these before and after photos, it's not drastic, but there were small, noticeable changes! All photos were taken without makeup and around the same time of day with the same natural light.

Would I recommend this eye cream?

I would absolutely recommend this eye cream to anyone. The fact that it is individually personalized adds that personal touch that is really hard to find in the beauty industry.

Kelly Wright
Kelly Wright

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