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My Subscription Addiction
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Persona Nutrition Vitamins Review — Is It Worth Trying?

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichSep 8, 2021 | 0 comments
Persona Nutrition Vitamins Review — Is It Worth Trying?

Persona Vitamins Review

What Is Persona Nutrition?

Persona Nutrition is an online vitamin subscription that creates individualized vitamin and supplement programs based on one's nutritional needs. Persona Nutrition provides a 28-day supply of vitamins and supplements designed to help you reach your wellness goals. Members get access to expert nutritionists and an app with tools to help support their new regimen.

Persona Nutrition currently offers 80 different vitamins and supplements (including vegan options) that start at just $0.05 per day.

I like Persona Nutrition because their algorithm (which was created by doctors) crafts a personal plan and their nutritionists help me assess my supplement needs, instead of me blindly guessing what I should take on my own. Their custom packs help me feel confident that I'm getting the correct doses of supplements at the right time. Plus, I can just toss the packs in my bag instead of schlepping around bottles or taking the time to make my own packs. This Persona Nutrition review will help you decide whether their ultra-customizable program is is the right fit for you.

About This Vitamin Subscription

The Subscription: Persona Nutrition

The Cost: Varies based on what's included in your personalized packs, but supplements start at just $0.05/day.

What You Get: A 28-day supply of personalized vitamin packs, plus access to nutritionists.

Ships to: Over 60 countries. Check the full list here.

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This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Pros & Cons

The Pros
  • Easy online assessment that personalizes your recommended vitamin regimen.
  • Designed with a team of experienced medical professionals.
  • Access to licensed nutritionists who can analyze current medications in their database of over 2,000 prescription medications and check for drug-nutrient interactions.
  • A well-rounded, easy-to-use app.
  • Flexibility to add or remove vitamins from your pack month-to-month.
  • Vegan options.
The Cons
  • Suggested packs can be pricier than buying bottles of vitamins in-store.
Is It Worth It?
  • If you don't mind paying a little more to feel confident in your vitamin regimen and like the ease of portioned packs, then YES.
I'd Recommend Persona If
  • You don't know where to start when choosing vitamins.
  • You'd like to supplement your regular diet.
  • You want a simple fool-proof pack of vitamins to take.

Why did I try Persona Nutrition?

Persona Nutrition delivers their custom daily supplement packs straight to your doorstep. No bottles, no trips to the pharmacy or health food store, no refills — just personalized vitamins and supplements when you need them. As you'll learn in this Persona Nutrition review, all of these factors lead me to try out Persona Vitamins for my wellness needs.

There have been many times throughout my life when I've tried to start taking vitamins, but it rarely sticks. Within the last six months though, my body has been starting to finally show its age. In addition to various aches and pains, I have entered a fun pre-arthritic phase at 39 years old. (Darn the 20-year-old version of me for straining my knees riding fixed-gear bikes!) My orthopedic doctor basically said to me, "This is your life now. Get acquainted with Advil and ice packs." On top of that, being an adult brings all sorts of wonderful stressors, as well as changes in skin and hair.

I was lucky enough to have someone suggest that I begin taking anti-inflammatory supplements to help with my knee troubles. And I thought while I'm at it, why not explore supplements that could thicken my hair, help with my memory issues, or support my body with nutrients I'm missing in my diet? (Hey, I have a lot to tackle!)

Before trying Persona Nutrition, I was already taking glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, turmeric for inflammation, biotin for my hair and nails, and ginkgo leaf for memory*. I wondered whether Persona Nutrition's suggestions would mirror what I was already doing, or offer some totally different insights.

This Persona Nutrition review will now take you through the steps of how I used Persona Nutrition's doctor-created algorithm to learn which personalized plan best fit my needs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Getting Started

After placing my order, I kept tabs on my upcoming Persona Nutrition delivery via my account page.

On Persona Nutrition's website, you can check past, current, and upcoming orders all on your account page, as well as make changes to future orders. While I didn't receive an order confirmation email or shipping notification after my order had shipped, I did notice a tracking number in my account page to follow my delivery as it was en route to me.

I ordered my Persona Nutrition vitamins on 6/24 and just two days later (on 6/26), my first Persona Nutrition delivery arrived to me in Pittsburgh.


When my Persona Nutrition order arrived, it came packaged in a deep blue box, decorated with Persona Nutrition branding and insignia.

As part of my Persona Nutrition review, I wanted to include images of what my order looked like when it arrived. You can see here that my Persona Nutrition package arrived in a compact box, complete with a colorful information booklet sitting just under the lid.


Inside my Persona Nutrition box, the informational booklet proved to be immediately valuable. It instantly acquainted me with the myriad of benefits that came with my new Persona Nutrition subscription.

Persona Nutrition's booklet included tips on how to take your supplements (the experts at Persona Nutrition suggest taking them with water and food), information about their FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices, and details about the up-to-date science Persona Nutrition follows.

The promise that Persona Nutrition's medical board makes about making sure that a list of 2,500 drugs don't negatively interact with nutrients is also echoed here. I also learned here that Persona Nutrition has an app, too, as well as a referral program, and a partnership with Vitamin Angels, which is helping to fight malnutrition.


In the back of Persona Nutrition's booklet, there was a pocket that contained a list of all of the supplements in my packs, as well as details about each specific supplement.

I also received some information about Persona Nutrition's CBD Hemp Extract, which can be added to any pack for $2.49/day. All of this information is also available online and on the Persona Nutrition app, but these physical copies will come in handy for quick reference.

Starting My Persona Nutrition Vitamin Regimen

Something I didn't expect when I sent out to write this Persona Nutrition review is that upon receiving my first shipment from Persona Nutrition, I received two separate daily pill packs.

There's one daily pill pack of Persona Vitamins that's designed for me to take in the morning and another that's meant for the evening. Both the morning and night Persona Vitamin packs arrived clearly marked with my name, a list of the pills included in the pack, and the time of day at which I'm supposed to take them.

The Persona Vitamin packs themselves are in a big roll inside of a box, which acts as a dispenser.

As for my approach, I keep the box of Persona Vitamins sitting on my desk at work as a looming reminder of my new routine, but the packs are perforated so I can easily tear off my evening pack and take it with me when I leave for the day. I tend to take my morning Persona Vitamins pack after I get to work and then toss the evening pack in my purse to take later with dinner.

My morning pack includes one of my two foundational multivitamins, a daily probiotic, spirulina, green tea extract, joint mobility support, and my memory support. In the evening, I take another multi, turmeric, calcium/magnesium, vitamin D, and my hair/skin/nails supplement.

While I was used to taking my Persona Vitamins at my desk when I got to work every morning, I was having trouble remembering to take my evening pack home with me. My schedule differs depending on whether I have plans with friends, am eating out, or am just staying home, so I don't have a regular routine to trigger me to take my supplements. That's one big way in which Persona Nutrition's app can be of service. Specifically, the app has reminders that I can set to help me remember when it's time to take that evening pack.

Curious about the Persona Nutrition app? This is what the home screen of the app looks like⁠—swipe to see screens from a few of my favorite features. You can do almost anything from the app that you'd want to do on the full website, like view your regimen, read supplement information, and contact nutritionists.

You can also do things like refer friends to Persona Nutrition to earn credit, update your shipping schedule, set reminders, retake the assessment, and fill out "check-ins" to track improvements in your wellness.

Value Comparison

My Persona Nutrition review wouldn't be complete without crunching numbers.

One of the big concerns I had with getting such a personalized set of vitamins was what the cost would be like. With my old vitamin and supplement regimen, I purchased full bottles of what I thought would help me in quantities of anywhere from 60 - 120 capsules. I tried a varying range of brands, including Nature's Bounty, Sports Research, and Whole Foods. It's really hard to compare apples to apples in this scenario since Persona Nutrition offers its own supplement blends for certain concerns, but I can at least do a loose comparison between the supplements I was previously taking and the supplements Persona Nutrition recommended to replace them.

As I mentioned earlier as part of this Persona Nutrition review, my old regimen consisted of turmeric, biotin, ginkgo leaf (for memory), and glucosamine/chondroitin (for joint mobility support). My initial calculations showed that my original regimen cost me about $0.54/day. Persona Nutrition suggested taking turmeric, their Hair Skin & Nails support, Brain Elevate (for memory), and UC-II (for joint mobility support)—a regimen that costs me $1.56/day.

But wait! While I was calculating the cost per pill for my original vitamin regimen, I realized I was not taking nearly enough of two of my original vitamins. I completely glossed over the fact that the bottles recommended that I take two pills three times a day for one supplement and one pill twice a day for another. I had only been taking one of each before!

If I actually took the recommended amount of pills, the daily cost of my old regimen would rise to $1.47, which is comparable to Persona Nutrition's cost of $1.56/day! This cost breakdown is another argument for using Persona Nutrition to help maintain, explore and improve your health and wellness. Persona Vitamins' pre-portioned pill packs make it impossible for me to make such an oversight about dosage. Also, I'd take 6 fewer pills to address those four specific concerns (joints, hair, memory, and turmeric) using Persona vs. the regimen I was using.

Of course, I ended up getting Persona Nutrition-recommended vitamins for more than just those four concerns—in the end, my Persona Nutrition order included 11 pills in total ($3.42/day, or $95.76 for the full 28-day supply). Remember, I have complete control to omit or add any supplements I'd like to my Persona Vitamins order, so I'm not locked-in to pay that amount moving forward.

My Verdict

When simplified, the most important takeaway from my Persona Nutrition review is that Persona Nutrition took the guesswork out of which supplements I should take to address my body's changing needs.

I love that Persona Nutrition gives their subscribers easy access to real nutritionists, who can answer any specific questions with a few clicks of a mouse. And having everything I need neatly divvied up into convenient Persona Vitamins packs is a real time saver for me (and it prevents me from spacing on how many of each supplement I need to take). Persona Nutrition's website and app made changing my regimen super easy, and I like that I can always retake the assessment when aspects of my life or health change.

My only hesitation is the price tag for all of the recommended supplements, especially given the number of supplements Persona Nutrition recommended I take. But I do have full control over what I get, and I know that I can always turn to their staff for guidance. This old body may have a newer lease now that I'm filling in some of these nutritional gaps.


Tell me about the trials and tribulations you've experienced during your vitamin journey. Do individual, curated packs help you take supplements more regularly?

Looking for more ways to boost your mood and promote self-care and wellness? Check out some of our articles for ideas with how to feel your best self!

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Persona is a personalized vitamins & supplements subscription, delivering 28 days worth of vitamins to your door monthly. Take Persona's free, 5-minute assessment and get premium quality, doctor-approved daily vitamin packs that are right for you.

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