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Nutrisystem vs. Atkins: Which Plan Wins the Ultimate Diet Showdown?

Valerie Alvarez
ByValerie AlvarezJan 24, 2023Sponsored

You know the drill – the new year brings with it a fresh start and the opportunity for a complete lifestyle overhaul. Maybe you’re tackling those wellness goals you’ve put on the backburner, or you’re simply wanting to get back to healthier eating habits.

If you’re like me, it can be daunting to adopt a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste or time. So, I put Atkins and Nutrisystem to the test to see which one is the best when it comes to an effective and sustainable plan. Get ready for the ultimate showdown!

If You Are Looking For A Sustainable Diet… Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem follows a high-protein, lower glycemic index approach, which helps to control hunger and manage blood sugar levels. This can benefit people who struggle with cravings or blood sugar spikes. On the other hand, Atkins is a low-carbohydrate diet that focuses on cutting out carbs and increasing protein and fat intake. While this can lead to initial weight loss, it may not be a sustainable or balanced approach for long-term weight management.

If You Don’t Want To Break Up With Carbs Completely… Nutrisystem

If taste and not feeling restricted while losing weight is your MO, Nutrisystem is going to be your winner. You don’t have to let go of carbs with Nutrisystem – from the Garlic Cheese Flatbread to Beef and Veal Tortellini to the Mint Ice Cream Sandwich, you really can have your cake and eat it, too. Atkins’ low-carbohydrate ethos means you’re hard-pressed to find things like pasta, sandwiches, melts, and more that meet the Atkins plan. Luckily, with Nutrisystem's ready-made meals, you don’t have to sacrifice a thing. With Atkins, you’re making your own meals.

And can we talk about how genuinely tasty Nutrisystem’s meals are? Out of the 130+ choices, I thought the Hearty Beef Stew was deliciously savory, and the Chicken Pot Sticker Stir-Fry felt like genuine Chinese takeout.

If You Are Looking For Customization… Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem offers a range of plans for different lifestyles and goals and provides access to dietitians, plus the helpful NuMi app for staying on track. I loved that there were meal plans for men, women, partners, vegetarians, and those with diabetes or for women aged 55+. Additionally, their ready-made meals are pre-portioned and designed to be nutritionally complete, so you don't have to worry about getting all the nutrients you need.

On the other hand, Atkins requires more planning and preparation and may not be as suitable for those who need more structure and guidance. Atkins relies on dieters preparing their own meals, which means that portion sizes can be difficult to monitor, and it’s also time-consuming.

If You Are Looking For Flexibility and Freedom… Atkins

If you already have ideas about how to adopt your favorite foods to be healthier, lower-carb alternatives, Atkins may be for you. Atkins affords you the flexibility and opportunity to make your own meals, which is beneficial if there are certain dishes you really can’t live without!

On the other hand, I felt like Nutrisystem’s ready-made meals helped me feel satisfied without feeling deprived. Plus, I enjoy eating and sharing meals with friends and family, and Atkins’ plans aren’t as sustainable as I would’ve liked it to be.

If You Are Looking For Ease and Convenience… Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem delivers every 4-6 weeks with plans starting at $10/per day, the NuMi app to motivate, and access to 1-1 weight loss coaching. On the other hand, Atkins offers delivery, or you can buy the meals at your local grocery store. Honestly, I got very confused with the Atkins diet, and I gave up and ordered through Instacart. I did the math, and weekly meals on Atkins comes out to $100.52 per week. This can be a factor for those who want to think about and spend less on their meals.

The Verdict

While Nutrisystem and Atkins can be effective for weight loss, Nutrisystem offers a more balanced, convenient, and flexible approach. With its wide range of plans, personalized support, and variety of ready-made meals, Nutrisystem is the clear winner for those looking for an easy-to-follow solution for weight loss and healthy living.