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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

No One Knows I Wear a Hearing Aid

Tam Bittner
ByTam BittnerAug 2, 2022Sponsored

Despite getting older, I live a very active life and want to take the best care of myself so I can continue to travel and spend time with family. I recently noticed that I was asking family members to repeat themselves or missing out on conversations. And I’m especially worried how this hearing loss could affect me in a more serious way - not hearing honking or road hazard alerts while traveling with my husband in our RV or my grandson calling for help if he falls and gets hurt while playing at my house.

I realized it was time to get help. However, I was hesitant to go the hearing aid route because I didn’t want something noticeable in my ear. That’s when I discovered Eargo - a revolutionary hearing aid that is so small, no one can tell I’m wearing it. It has given me back control of my life and has allowed me to enjoy my time with family or on the road. Here are a few other reasons I love Eargo:

Premium Design

The Eargo 6 is a very small in-canal rechargeable hearing aid designed to be virtually invisible, so there is no bulkiness reminding everyone that I use a hearing aid. The unique open-fit device has custom-sized tips and caps to fit each ear with rechargeable hearing aids. Eargo 6’s advanced Sound Adjust feature automatically adapts audible cues to my environment in 10 to 30 milliseconds. It can adjust in noisier environments like restaurants or family get-togethers and lower volume spaces like watching television or movies. The Eargo 6 comes with two rechargeable hearing aids, a wireless charger, adapter, power cable, and cleaning tools.

Water Resistance

Another feature I love is that Eargo 6 is water-resistant with an IPX7 rating, which is fully submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes. It speaks to their dedication to creating a device for all of life’s experiences. As it is my first time using a hearing aid, it was a great feeling to not worry about removing it when I take a shower or if my husband is having too much fun and spontaneously sprays me with the hose during one of our family summer get-togethers. Knowing that my hearing aids are protected through all of our adventures keeps the fun going.

Eargo App

The Eargo app is definitely user-friendly and optimized for first-time hearing aid users like me. The initial hearing screening was incredibly simple to take and the app automatically adjusted the settings via Sound Match for my right and left Eargo 6 hearing aids depending on the soundscape that I am in. It was easy for me to adjust things as needed in the app and I even learned more about how to improve my hearing wellness.

Customer Care

Eargo’s customer care offers lifetime remote support through chat, email, call, and in-app video call features with hearing professionals to talk about my hearing health whenever I need them.  Now I have a resource to discuss my hearing health on demand.  After getting the Eargo 6, I can reach out to Eargo customer care, and they help me right away with any questions or concerns I may have about my hearing or my device.

Is It Worth It?

In short, yes. Considering the average price for other hearing aids can range from $1,000 to more than $4,000 for each device, Eargo’s rechargeable hearing aids are priced at $2,950 (with a payment option of $94/month for 36 months) and fall within the expected range. And trust me when I say it’s worth every penny.

If you’ve been frustrated by asking others to repeat themselves, or just worried you’ll miss precious moments due to hearing loss, then check out Eargo 6. All Eargo purchases come with a 45-day risk-free trial, and you can get a non-working free sample to see how the hearing aid would look and feel in your ear before buying. Start today with a free hearing screening on Eargo's site or request a free sample. You deserve to experience life’s best moments to the fullest, so learn how to experience hearing better with Eargo today!

Tam Bittner
Tam Bittner

I'm in my favorite season of life - retirement! I'm currently travelling the United States in my RV with my best friend, my husband. When we are home, I enjoy spending time with my daugthers and especially my grandson!