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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Review of BURST’s Whitening Trays

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsAug 24, 2022In Partnership with BURST

OK, now...if you're like me, you love showing off your pearly whites, especially in the summertime glow. But, you only love them when they're, you know, actually pearly and white. And honestly, I can't say mine have been all that pearly lately. Thanks, black coffee. Maybe it's because I've been living under a rock since the work-from-home thing started, but I think I've been doing whitening wrong this whole time.

I've tried a bunch of different products over the last year in the hopes of finding something effective that didn't leave my teeth feeling like they were going to shatter when a drop of cold water hit them.

To that end, nothing has worked for me. I've bought a ton of the whitening strips I've seen on my Instagram and in the grocery store, but I found the standard 6% hydrogen peroxide is WAY too weak for me (besides leaving my teeth hurting — more on that later). I wanted something strong and dramatic! Yet still gentle and soothing, is that so much to ask? Actual results and no gimmicks, please. I've also tried DIY trays off Amazon, and they just turned into a sticky hydrogen peroxide mess and made my teeth feel like a thin sheet of glass that could crack any moment. Not cool.

That's where BURST's killer, pre-filled whitening trays come in — 12.5% hydrogen peroxide, baby — just what I needed. I gave them a shot, and let me tell you, I've never gotten so many "OMG your teeth look so white" comments in my life. (Why yes, I have been coming out from under my rock lately.) I love these puppies and have been telling all my friends about 'em — here's why:

The results from my BURST trays were legit.

The BURST whitening kit includes 14 pre-filled trays, which are good for seven treatments over seven days. I used mine at night during my pre-sleep routine of triple-checking the locks. I didn't see life-changing results after the first treatment, but after 2-3 days in a row, my pearly whites were ready to go to prom again!

These trays aren't like the low-qual whitening strips and LED lights you see all over IG — you can tell right away they're legit. Most whitening strips I've tried were useless (I've had more success smiling at the sun for 10 minutes). I've also tried other whitening trays, kinda similar to BURST's…but not really. They were never pre-filled and you had to make a mold of your teeth like an art project or something. And they mostly contained weak ingredients… kind of felt like they were made for my grandma. No offense, grams.

I've done many obscure things to try to whiten my teeth, like using funky charcoal toothpaste, putting rainbow LED lights in my mouth, and a few others that I don't feel all that inclined to share. Honestly, nothing has come close to having the impact of the BURST whitening trays. The results were incredible, other people noticed, and I felt way less self-conscious about my coffee addiction.

BURST actually collaborates with 35,000+ dental pros.

The fact that hundreds of dental professionals helped design BURST's whitening trays tells me how legitimate and effective of a product they are. They were made with direct help from the hygienists and dentists in their Ambassador community, which is no wonder I saw dental office-comparable results when I gave them a spin.

The effectiveness of the LED lights I used to religiously use – completely different story. I noticed ZERO improvements and I shined those babies on my teeth 30 minutes a day for more than ten days! I had seen a ton of Instagram influencers swearing by them and trying to claim they weren't a gimmick and actually worked. Well, guys…they didn't.

I also felt like I was making out with an electric car battery every time I'd use LED lights and was not a fan of that weird sensation...

I was also surprised to see that BURST's whitening trays have super high-quality ingredients. Lots of natural stuff, too, which was unexpected given the good results I got. I figured you had to coat your teeth with high-octane chemicals (hence the shattered glass sensation) to remove stains. But nope! You're looking at hydrogen peroxide, xylitol, potassium hydroxide, and peppermint oil, plus no parabens, sulfates, artificial sweeteners, allergens, or colors. I'm not going to act like I know what all of those ingredients are – but I certainly know what hydrogen peroxide is, and BURST loads it up in their trays! Which should be scary, but they put a bunch of soothing stuff in there too, so my teeth are white and my gums stay happy.

It seemed like these BURST trays are the first whitening product someone actually put some TLC into.

Teeth whitening has never been this easy and... oddly enjoyable?

It feels so funny to say that I actually enjoy doing anything to my teeth – I'm not a fan of the regular poke-and-prod dentist appointments. But I have to say, BURST has made it so easy and enjoyable to give my pearly whites a fresh shine.

To use your trays, pop them over your top and bottom teeth, do something fun for 15 minutes, and then remove them. They stay put, and if they didn't taste so nice, you'd almost forget they were there. Minimum effort, achieved!

A few other reasons why I'm obsessed with BURST's whitening trays:

  • They offer a lower price on a subscription that you can cancel anytime, but I already want more and will probably order again before the 3-month interval — don't judge me or whatever. The subscription option is a nice bonus if you're like me and want to set it and forget it.
  • BURST trays are enamel safe and use clean, vegan ingredients that annihilate stains without annihilating your gums. I can confirm this through my experience with them!
  • Guess what? They don't taste like you just made out with an electric car battery like those cringy LED lights. Chemical-free mama! Fresh, minty, and to die for.

I'd 100% recommend giving BURST's whitening trays a shot, especially if your pearly whites could use a tune-up.

Like I've said before, I love my coffee, which means I've tried A LOT of whitening products and can say that if you want a solid, straightforward one that works fast and won't leave your teeth feeling fried, go with BURST.

RC Williams
RC Williams
RC is the newest member of the MSA team and a consumer product fanatic! In his free time, RC loves reviewing health products, discovering new restaurants in Philadelphia and going on long outdoor runs!