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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My kids can’t stop raving about kidpik. Here’s why.

Taryn Lowman
ByTaryn LowmanMar 3, 2022


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When I was in college I desperately wanted to be a stylist. When I started having kids I realized I was able to basically be their personal stylist. Until they each reached the age of two, then the fun stylist job went out the door and superhero tees took over. The bulk of my shopping is done online (shopping in a store with two kids is not fun!) so when I am buying for my kids I really have to zone in on what I think they will really love, not what I want them to love. Sometimes I will let them each take a look on my phone at pieces before I buy them, but really that's not as fun for them. That is where my appreciation for kids' clothing subscription boxes comes in! I wrote last month about a fashion face-off between kidpik vs. Stitch Fix Kids, with kidpik being my favorite overall. Let's talk about the opinion that really matters though, my kids!

I asked my two kiddos, Fox and Philomena, what they love about kidpik, so let's dive in!



Let's be honest, kids love getting anything in the mail! Each kidpik box comes with personalization in mind to help make your little one feel extra special. Fox is reading now so he was able to see that his name was on the box and read the letter that came with his order. He very sweetly read Philomena's to her as well. They were both floored that something came with their name on it! It really made unboxing a full experience for both of them, and they were able to sit and open their items together to see what each one got.

That 'Cool Factor'


I consider myself and my husband to be pretty fashion-forward; we both express ourselves through our clothes. So while we think we are cool, our kids really don't and our clothing choices for them aren't always met with a smile. Kidpik really brought the cool factor for my kids. From a bright orange matching sweater and short set to a leather bracelet, white high-tops, sparkling tops with matching clips, and sassy denim skirts. Each piece felt so deeply their own, reflecting what I would define as their personal style. Each piece felt like they were picked by someone who knows them. The best part was seeing their confidence and even sass come out as they tried on each piece.

Kid-Approved Quality and Softness


Every mom that I talk to says the same thing, "My kids are so picky about fabrics" or "My kids won't wear jeans." Kiddos are busy, they go from school to playing outside, they need to be comfortable. They need fabrics that breathe and move with them. As a parent, we need clothes that will wash well over and over again and are easy to get stains out of. Not too much to ask right?! The clothes that we received from kidpik were all so soft! My son asked if he could stay in the shorts and sweater because they were so cozy. Philomena loves being in dresses, but she is three so she is all over the place. Each dress that came for her was so comfortable, moving with her throughout the day without riding up or getting in her way. The best part for me, of course, is that these clothes all wash really well!

Making Special Occasion Clothes Fun


With Easter right around the corner, I've been searching online for a cute outfit for Fox to wear. He doesn't love "fancy" clothes and anything that I pick for him he will usually refuse to wear, or he will wear it for a few photos and then change. When this kidpik box came I saw the button-down and blue pants and thought how this would be perfect for Easter, but that he probably wouldn't like the combo. I was wrong, he absolutely loved it! He kept saying how handsome he felt, and even agreed to wear it on Easter! So really it takes a clothing subscription box to make all of the special occasion clothing picks to make him think his outfit is super cool! Wins all around! Philomena loves all dresses so I was really happy to see two beautiful dresses in her box. This dress is so adorable with really lovely details. It looks great with jeans, but can also go with black tights and her fancy shoes for a day date to Starbucks with Daddy.

Can you see the confidence in these photos?! Don't take it from me, kidpik really is kid-approved! Letting my kids create their own personal style and build who they are is very important to me, and what better way in doing that than through how they present themselves to the world every day. I want them to feel good and be comfortable and I was able to see that so much through the clothes in this box. I love the quality and the ease of shopping, and my kids loved how cool each item is! 

Want to learn more? Check out our kidpik brand page to get all the details and read more reviews!

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Taryn Lowman
Taryn Lowman
Taryn's passion for subscription boxes started when she was gifted a monthly Birchbox. She is excited to discover more Mom and baby boxes to share with her family!