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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Expectations vs. Reality: Here’s What Happened When I Added A Scoop of This Daily Performance Supplement to My Coffee

Valerie Alvarez
ByValerie AlvarezJan 6, 2023In Partnership With For Wellness

As someone who needs that first sip of coffee early in the morning to be a functional human being, I was on the hunt for a coffee supplement that let me enjoy the benefits of caffeine without the jitters and crash that I typically experience. However, I found that many supplements tasted — frankly — like dirt and would make what was meant to be a peaceful moment a terrible experience. That’s until I found For Wellness’ The Good Stuff™.

The Good Stuff™ is a performance coffee supplement that claims to boost energy, improve focus, reduce caffeine jitters, promote skin health, and make my coffee taste great. It’s made with all-natural ingredients — L-Theanine, which naturally reduces caffeine jitters; Ceylon cinnamon which can lower your risk of illnesses; collagen to strengthen your skin, bones, and muscles; Himalayan salt to reduce acidity; and C8 MCT Oil, which boosts energy and burns fat.

But Would The Good Stuff™ Actually Work?

My initial doubts about the product were that with so many other brands out there, how could I trust this one? I was also skeptical of the effectiveness of For Wellness’ ingredients because I really needed that jolt of energy to be productive the entire day without any of the nasty ingredients. However, despite my initial hesitation, I was still intrigued from the perspective of a coffee enthusiast and purist. Today’s coffee drinks tend to be filled with unnecessary sugars, artificial creamers, and unhealthy additives. Sweetness compromises the splendid, bitter taste of authentic Arabica beans. Plus, ordering sugar-laden festive lattes isn’t the most healthy option. For Wellness' The Good Stuff™ promised to be a good substitution as it contains just 20 calories per serving. At this point, I had nothing to lose.

I Was Pleasantly Surprised

After just one week of trying The Good Stuff™, I noticed that I was full of energy without the jitters, anxiety, and even the crash that would typically come from one or two cups of coffee in the AM. The supplement added a smooth taste to my coffee which made it enjoyable and tasty to drink. Think of it as a hint of cinnamon with a dash of Himalayan salt — it’s better than what it sounds like, I promise. It also made it much easier to consume because the acidity of the coffee was reduced. And if there were days when I didn’t want to have coffee, I could also add it to my teas, smoothies, and even in my oatmeal.

After using this for well over a month, I noticed that I had far more energy in the mornings to run all my errands and get myself to the gym for a good workout. My focus also improved greatly when it was time to sit down and work. Plus, my skin was glowing because I was more hydrated, less inflamed, and had increased my daily dose of collagen. I actually looked forward to waking up in the mornings and having my daily scoop of The Good Stuff™. Aside from all the amazing benefits The Good Stuff™ offers, For Wellness also has a curated selection of high-antioxidant coffee and Superfood Energy Bites (think of them as like healthy chocolate brownies!). They also offer a subscription for their products and free shipping on orders $50 or more.

The Verdict

For Wellness is an interesting concept geared toward helping you establish a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Unlike its competitors, For Wellness does deliver on its promise. The Good Stuff™ has a much more favorable taste than the competition and it is dairy-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and GMO-free. Plus, it’s manufactured in America to the highest cleanliness and sanitary standards. So if you’re on the fence about trying a coffee supplement, The Good Stuff™ won’t disappoint.