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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

MarketerHire Is My Key To Success For Hiring Killer Marketing Talent in DTC and eCommerce.

Adam Lovallo
ByAdam LovalloAug 11, 2022

One of the biggest challenges right now is hiring top tier talent in a timely fashion– not customer acquisition, iOS14 or even marketing strategy in general. Even with all of the tech layoffs going on now, it’s still pretty tough to find high quality marketing talent that could join a growth team and make an immediate impact. MarketerHire This is exactly why I turn to MarketerHire consistently. MarketerHire is the #1 digital marketing talent platform that matches companies with top tier marketing talent in 48 hours. Here are my favorite use cases for the platform and why I recommend you check it out, too:

MarketerHire works with the best marketing talent – so I know hires will be 5-star talent.

MarketerHire is really strict about their freelancer screening process. They’re not a sign-up-and-you’re-in type of platform. MarketerHire has a whole vetting process for their marketers, which includes in-depth skill reviews, video interviews and even trial projects. This means that they only work with the best of the best marketers. I didn’t even realize that a few of my DTC growth colleagues had used MarketerHire to find their next roles in eCommerce. According to them, it’s definitely not easy to get through the application process and takes some real expertise. I’m a big fan of knowing that everyone you get matched up with through MarketerHire is highly-qualified and ready to hit the ground running. MarketerHire

MarketerHire offers highly-specialized talent for a variety of roles.

MarketerHire has talent available for anything you need. Marketers in the MarketerHire talent pool have really specialized skill sets like Amazon, SEO, and email marketing. This is appealing to me and why I recommend my colleagues turn to MarketerHire because a company might only need help with getting set up but not a ton of on-going service/cost. Here a few examples of the diversity of talent MarketerHire has available:

  • Growth Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Email Marketers
  • Brand Marketers
  • Paid Search Specialists


The economics are more feasible for early stage companies.

MarketerHire is a great option for early stage companies where full service agency economics don't make enough sense just yet.

For example, an agency charging a $5k retainer to manage search and paid social probably wants to maintain 50% gross margins. That means they can only afford $2.5k of ALL in cost to support an account.

In those cases, I think you are often better off finding someone really experienced from MarketerHire who can work efficiently and self-manage themselves. They might effectively not be a full-time employee, but the value to your business and economics will be clear.

Overall, I’d recommend checking MarketerHire out today.

I’d highly recommend checking out MarketerHire if you’re planning to expand your team and want to bring highly talented marketers in-house. If you’re interested in working with MarketerHire and hiring your first marketers, then click here to get started.


Adam Lovallo
Adam Lovallo

Founder of Thesis, a CRO & growth company, and Grow.co, a community and events series for growth professionals by growth professionals.