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Keeps vs. Roman: Which Hair Loss Subscription Is Best

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperOct 6, 2022In Partnership With Keeps

Let’s face it — for most men, hair loss happens at some point. Sadly for me, I started to lose my hair when I was still in college (while my brother maintained his stubbornly luxurious locks!). But now that I've turned 40, I decided that it was high time to go from wispy and balding to thicker and fuller hair.

Thankfully, there are products on the market dedicated to helping men like me take control over our hair loss. But it can be a little intimidating to find the right hair loss product that’s effective, affordable, and doctor recommended.

Two of the top subscription services are offered by Keeps and Roman. But every head of hair (or lack thereof!) is different. So which one is right for you?

Round 1: Effectiveness. Keeps Wins!

The all important question — does it actually work?! The answer: Keeps does.

With Roman and Keeps, you choose a plan that’s best for your particular hair loss situation: overall thinning hair, receding hairline, or thinning at the crown. The two companies offer solutions tailored to your particular needs, with medical consultations and FDA-approved products that you can trust.

Take it from me, Keeps seriously worked for me and my hair, so in my books, Keeps is definitely the winner. Even more, reviewers have overwhelmingly cast their votes for Keeps with thousands of customers giving their products an average 4.8 rating. Roman doesn't have as many reviews on their website, which is why we think Keeps wins this round.

Round 2: Price. Keeps Wins Again!

The monthly base rate subscription for Keeps is usually $10, while Roman has an entry point of $17. Both brands also offer a free doctor consultation.

Your monthly cost for all hair loss products will vary depending on which shampoos, conditioners, or other products you add to your treatment plan, but overall, Keeps offers better value for these items.

Round 3: Other Products. It’s a Win For Roman.

While Keeps is solely focused on hair loss treatment and prevention, Roman offers products that address other problems, such as sexual health, skin care, mental health, and general health and wellness.

Keeps offers two FDA-approved treatments for hair loss, along with hair care products to complete your routine, such as shampoo and conditioner and a thickening pomade. Roman features mainly prescription products and provides a range of different supplements and skincare products, in addition to its prescription treatments, which makes Roman a good choice for people looking for other wellness products not solely related to hair loss care.

Round 4: Customer Service. Keeps Wins!

Keeps has the edge when it comes to their live chat, which quickly puts you in touch with a helpful hair loss specialist.

While Keeps and Roman both have good reputations for their customer service, Roman customer service can be a bit hard to reach, with occasional long waits for a response about products and subscriptions, though in general, they're not terrible.

Round 5: Convenience. It’s a Win For Keeps.

The ordering process is seamless for both companies, with several options for shipping and billing to choose from.

Roman offers free delivery, while shipping with Keeps costs $3 per shipment. But Keeps’ lower prices more than offset this shipping cost.

Products typically take 5-7 days to ship from all three companies.

One significant advantage for Keeps is their website, which is very easy to navigate. The sole focus of Keeps is hair loss, making their site very user-friendly and streamlined, while Roman offers a range of products and services, which can lead to a viewer getting lost on their site.

The Ultimate Winner: Keeps!

After facing off in five bouts, the winner is clear: Keeps takes home the crown (pun intended!) in this head-to-head (see what I did there?) matchup. While all three companies offer effective treatments, Keeps provides better value for money, superior convenience, and great customer support — everything you need on your journey to thicker, fuller hair.


Niall Cooper
Niall Cooper

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