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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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Refreshments Review – Face Wipes, Deodorant, Razors, and More!

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Mar 26, 2021 | 27 comments
Refreshments Review - Face Wipes, Deodorant, Razors, and More!

My Refreshments Review

I tried out the different items offered from this new service.

Refreshments is a subscription that promises "clean face and body essentials at an extraordinary value for members who want to jazz up their everyday routines. Member pricing starts at $5 (20-30% off MSRP!)."

I can't count all of the times I have left Sephora or Target, gotten home, and realized I had forgotten face wipes or razor blades. Sure, any excuse to go back out shopping can be fun, if I have the time. I usually don't though, so it ends up being more of an annoying hassle. When IPSY launched its new Refreshments service, I was curious, but didn't feel like wipes and razors could be all that exciting. I took a closer look and found that each formula is clean and the packaging is adorable. Add to that the different scent options, and I was downright curious. And, since keeping an actual shopping list so I don't forget items hasn't seemed to be a thing for me, I decided to try it out.

About IPSY Refreshments

The Subscription Box: Refreshments

The Cost: Member pricing starts at $5.00 per item. 'You can purchase products without a membership, but you won't get the benefit of member pricing.

The Products: Clean face and body essentials like facial wipes, razors, deodorants, creams, and more.

Ships to: Your Refreshments ship together with your IPSY Glam Bag for free.

Pros & Cons

The Pros
  • Clean, cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and clinically, allergy, dermatologist-tested formulas.
  • The packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials.
  • Automatic shipments make stocking your necessities easy.
  • Totally customizable. You can pick the item type, fragrance, and more each month and change as often as you need or want.
The Cons
  • Prices might not be that much less than other brands you might already be buying.
  • You might not love each scent.
Is It Worth It?
  • For me? Yes, for many of the offered items. I am always forgetting to purchase items similar to those offered through Refreshments, and I found the prices similar if not a little lower.
I’d Recommend IPSY Refreshments If You
  • Prefer clean formulas in your bathroom or vanity.
  • Are always running out of deodorant, makeup wipes, or razors (guilty!).
  • Love the idea of necessities delivered monthly with your IPSY subscription.
  • Want to save a little money off of other similar brands.
  • Are bored with your current basics and want to make them exciting again.

The Sign-Up Process

This is super easy! Simply open your IPSY app (or view your account on the web) and click on the little bathtub icon at the bottom of the screen. Then start adding away!


How to Remove Items from Your Shipment

Canceling a delivery or changing the delivery timeframe was a little harder to figure out at first. Here is a quick guide:

You can edit and change your choices per month as often as you need.


Your Refreshments will be shipped with your monthly IPSY bag. If you subscribe to multiple bags, it will ship out with whichever is ready to go first. If for some reason IPSY is unable to ship you your bag, they will ship your Refreshments separately. It is also worth noting that your Refreshments are billed separately from your IPSY subscription.

The Items

Per Refreshments, all of their items are:

Always vegan, and free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Formulated without gluten and nut allergens. Our skin-friendly products are cruelty-free, and clinically, allergy, and dermatologist tested.

My Refreshments order arrived the same day as my IPSY delivery but was in its own bag. A different month (when I ordered only wipes) they arrived inside my Glam Bag X delivery.

Refreshments Deodorant


Breezy Deodorant, 2 oz - Member Price $8.00

FYI: This formula is offered in a few different scents: Eucalyptus Julep, Pacific Fizz, Lavender Splash, and Unscented.

So, I started using an all-natural deodorant right after quarantine started. I figured since I was alone all day, testing out different ones to see what worked wasn't a huge risk (sorry, Will!). Though I have never found one that works as well as the aluminum-antiperspirant stuff, after about a year my body has adjusted in a way where I feel comfortable going to the gym with the all-natural stuff. Granted, my gym still requires masks, so maybe I will have to go back to the real stuff someday. Only time will tell!

Anyway, I liked this deodorant. In terms of texture and performance, it reminded me a lot of MYRO. It was super smooth, a little wet, and kind of soft. The glide was effortless and I felt like it gave me a good amount of stink protection, though I was just as sweaty as normal. I have learned that baking soda in natural deodorant is a big no-no for me because it gives me burn-like rashes. This formula is baking soda free and the odor-fighting powers come from ingredients like bergamot and corn starch.

As far as scents go, I liked all of them, and they smell more sophisticated than the playful packaging would suggest. Lavender splash has notes of bright lavender paired with creamy musk, a little citrus, and just the tiniest hint of patchouli. Eucalyptus Julep is almost an evergreen scent that is very wearable and crisp due to the green notes and a little woods and citrus. Pacific Fizz is lighter and a little more feminine, smelling like fresh air, flowers, tart citrus, and a little sandalwood.

Refreshments Facial Wipes


Cleansing Face Wipes, 30 count - Member Price $6.00

I am sure you can imagine that I go through tons of facial wipes. Between swatches, eyeshadow and blush tests, and actually just using them to wipe down my face, these are pretty much gold to me. Price-wise, these are about the same as nicer ones I would grab from Target, but the formula and design edges out beyond the competition for me. Oh, and another biggie: they are biodegradable!

The formula has some really nice ingredients inside: argan oil, panthenol, aloe, and shea. There are a handful of emulsifiers on the tail end that I am not crazy about, but they are common in wipes and you should always be actually washing your face after using wipes anyways. We are all doing that, right? 😉

Refreshments Body Cream


Velvety Body Cream in Citrus Spritz, 8 fl oz - Member Price $9.00

This scent was a little too sweet for me, but it was bright and tangy and felt great for a spring/summer citrus choice. The formula of this cream was indeed velvety! It left my skin soft, smooth, and without any gross and greasy filminess. I also thought it absorbed pretty darn fast! Inside this tube are really lovely things like shea, grapeseed oil, and olive oil that nourish the skin but leave nothing behind other than softness.

Refreshments Body Wash


Pearly Body Wash, 10 fl oz - Member Price $9.00

Though this body wash had the same scent name as the body cream, the scent of this was someone deeper and creamier and I liked it so much more. I also enjoyed the overall texture of this wash and how easily it lathered and foamed. It didn't seem to leave behind any moisture on my body, but the gentle clean feeling felt great!

Refreshments Hand Cream


Luscious Hand Cream in Citrus Spritz, 2 fl oz - Member Price $5.00

This hand cream felt like a much denser version of the body cream and shared the same citrus scent. It reminds me a little of lemon candy. Formula-wise, home run. My hands felt soft, calm, and incredibly nourishing after massaging a pea-sized amount. I just kind of wish it had some in one of the yummy deodorant scents! If you are someone who loves fresh lemons and sugar though, you are going to enjoy this fragrance!

Refreshments Shave Kit


Luxe 5-Blade Razor Kit - Member Price $5.00

Razors are one of those items that I eye-roll at every time I buy because they are just so expensive. I have bought myself a neon green Harry's handle whereas Will has a navy-colored one, just so we can buy the same razors but now share literally the same razor cartridge. Even though Harry's is a lot more affordable than most, I still cringe every time I buy them. While these are about the same price-wise, the autoship functionality makes it easier to set and forget, which helps. Harry's has this same autoship sort of feature too, though, to be fair. I liked these U.S.-made blades and thought the handle was very cute. They have a built-in moisture strip that helps keep your skin from becoming irritated too. I think if I wasn't already happy with my Harry's blades (and the fact that Will and I use the same brand), I would be happy to swap to these. If you are currently on the hunt for an affordable razor blade option though, these are absolutely worth trying!

Refreshments Shave Cream


Pillowy Shave Cream, 4.5 fl oz - Member Price $6.00

My last item was a tube of pearly shave cream. It has a thicker density but is smooth as butter on my legs. It absolutely helped me achieve a close and gentle shave with the Refreshments razors and also left behind a nice amount of hydration. Again, it featured that bright and zesty candied lemons scent like the hand and body cream.

The Verdict

I ended up liking the Refreshments from IPSY more than I thought I would. Admittedly, when this service launched I didn't feel much excitement. I think that is because how exciting can face wipes be? To my delight, the whole line is very fun, beautifully fragranced, and totally affordable. I think most of us have the same sort of basics we have been buying over and over for years, and this service makes these sorts of items feel anything but basic. The formulas were all great, the packaging was adorable, and each of these items made me feel kind of excited to get them open. I think the deodorants would be my favorite of the bunch (I loved the scents!) but the wipes would be a close second. The razors are an undeniably good deal and though I would want to see more scent options for the creams, they left my skin feeling great. If you are already someone who purchases these sorts of items monthly, it is worth your time to compare pricing and give these formulas a try and see if you enjoy these fresh takes on old favorites more than your standbys.


What did you think of Refreshments? Have you tried any yet?

Starting at $5.00
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Jazz up your personal care routine with Refreshments: extra clean face and body essentials formulated to banish boring. Our products are clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist tested, and our packaging is made from sustainable materials. IPSY Members have first access to sign-up for a Refresh... read more.
Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Oh god. Those wipes are from H-E-doublehockeysticks. Neutrogena has a class action lawsuit against them for their makeup remover wipes because they cause horrible rashes. Ipsy’s refreshments wipes did the same thing to me. I’ve never had a reaction to any face or body product ever, but those wipes gave me the worst, freakiest facial rash I’ve ever seen in person.

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I got a refreshments deodorant through Ipsy. It didn’t work to cover up light sweating I did during the day so I walked around campus smelling like trash for a few days before I figured I’d better toss it. The container for the deodorant didn’t completely close so it was sealed and the deo ended up dry. I’m not a fan. I’ll never try one of their products again. I do not recommend.

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Terrible! I am just shocked at how terrible this whole experience has been!!!! I ordered their razor.. two weeks later received my package with an EMPTY BOX!! I reached out to Customer Service several times now and at first was told they would send me the item I purchased… now it has been over 30 days .. & I still have not received my item.. forced to reach out again .. I now have been told I was sent a refund which NO, I have not. I went into a monthly subscription with them through Ipsy so I have all these razor heads and NO razor?!????? & now they are saying they can’t send me the item because it is sold out !?! I’m furious .. it’s not even about the money … it’s about the integrity of this company .. they have literally lied.. taken my money. Sent me an empty box & have made no attempt to make it right!!!!

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I just received the same box and mine smelt like fish and looked used I’m extremely grossed out and disappointed by this company 0/10

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So……..I’m an old lady but I don’t want to smell like one!!!!👵I’m fussy about scented products so this sub is an easy pass.

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Refreshments does this thing where they’ll sneakily add “something extra” into your order a few days before shipping is confirmed and treat it like it’s a fun bonus item… except you have to pay for it. Total deal breaker for me. Don’t charge people for things that they haven’t agreed to pay for!

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Wow, that’s really messed up! Thanks for letting us know

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Great review! I was curious about these products. This isn’t for me though. I like picking out my own body wash and lotion scents. I need the maximum strength deodorant, and I use the cheapest razors lol. I don’t use the rest of the stuff.

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Thanks everyone for mentioning the free trial! I had no idea. Just signed up and I’ll be receiving the body wash and lotion.

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Lynne Kelley

Oh my God try the facial wipes I have very sensitive skin these were fantastic I got no breakouts it removed all of my makeup and I am a heavy Foundation user like I said I have very sensitive acne-prone skin these are great will definitely order more

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Nope. I signed up for the free trial when they were offering the razor handle and 2 blades and it wasn’t even in my bag when I got it, despite severely delaying my shipment. I JUST got my GBP today (March 23rd). So just keep in mind if you do refreshments it will cause your GB to ship later than everyone else’s. Not worth it to me especially when they left out the refreshments products altogether. I mean, what the heck?

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I didn’t order anything from Refreshments and my GBP bag got here yesterday, too, which is highly unusual. My regular glam bag still hasn’t arrived.

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Also Beth

I love that ipsy offered us free products to try out refreshments, but I wish they had given free credits or let us choose 1–2 samples of their refreshments products rather than giving everyone the same trial products. I can see myself LOVING their deodorant, but man oh many am I not ever gonna spend eight bucks on a deodorant I can’t sniff before I buy!
A subscription to boring staples is, in theory, such a good idea. But in practice, not sure they really hit the mark, like, at all.

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I had Refreshments as part of my Ipsy for several months. I love the hand cream. I don’t know why people complain about the scent. To me, it smells clean and I wear it every night before I go to bed. Same with the body lotion. The same CANNOT be said about the wipes or the razors. The wipes don’t even budge my mascara, and it’s not waterproof at all. I was excited to try the razors but they were a huge letdown. I actually had to re-shave with my tried and trusted Harry’s. There were huge swaths of stubble on my legs and arms. HUGE. And the “moisture strip” ended up being downright slimy. All in all, not impressed with Refreshments. Beyond the hand lotion and body lotion, I feel like the products are over-hyped and under-perform. And, are a bit high priced for what they are. $9 for body wash? Really? It’s ok, but not $9 ok.

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I appreciate your comment Kelly. This is the kind of information I expect to receive from a “review”, or whatever this is. These things read just like a paid advertisement. But what you have written here, Kelly gave me what I came here to get. ;^} thanks

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I feel like Ipsy bungled the launch by only offering Citrus Spritz scent for everything. I haven’t seen many people say they like it, & I’ve seen a LOT of “grandma’s potpourri” type comments. I’ve been scared off of even opening the free trial products Ipsy sent me. Maybe the next time I run out of makeup wipes I should dig them out.

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I have tried the razor/blades and I really like it. I used it for the 1st time to shave my bikini area and not only did it remove all my stubble in one pass, but I also had no issues with bumps or irritation. I have continued to use the same blade now for several times on both my legs and underarms as well as my bikini area and it is still doing a really good job for me. I like the results better than what I get from using the Gillette Proglide razor/blades(less irritation). I am very surprised by this because I have tried a few other brands such as Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club and didn’t like them at all(they rusted rather quickly in my experience). I just hope that I continue to have such a good experience.

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Jen R

I’ve only tried the freebies I got in the “starter set” so far, and feel pretty meh on them. The face wipes are fine, I do like that they’re very soft and a nice size, but nothing special at all. And my Ipsy orders are so late these days, that there’s frankly no convenience in the autoship feature to me. The hand lotion smelled so bad that I had to just throw it away. Like musty grandma. Definitely NOT a sweet lemon scent like I expected. I wanted to try the shave lotion, but since it’s the same scent, it’s a big no for me. Still may try the deodorant one day since those scents sound a little more appealing.

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hmm this is a no from me but good for ipsy for trying something new!

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So far, I have tried the hand lotion, wipes, and razor. I didn’t like any of them. The lotion left my hands feeling slippery and then dry again. The wipes also felt dry, and just didn’t leave my skin with a clean feeling. (I ended up stocking up on my favorite wipes, by Rooted Beauty, from Grove Co. after using this pack, I hated them so much). The razor is fine, I liked the weight the handle had, but the moisturizing strip got bloated and gummy and I had to peel it off because it was so chunky that the razor skipped right over my leg hair. And I’m talking inch-long, haven’t shaved for 2 weeks leg hair. I canceled any refills and will continue using my Billie razor.

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Kimberly Sifford

I found all the smells , in all products I have received, to be very strong and old ladyish. Haven’t tried the razor yet, but so far not impressed with refreshment.

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You lost me at “prices start at $5 per item.” As far as forgetting to get something in the store, it’s called a shopping list. Many people use such a tool. Stick a piece of paper on your fridge or desk and when you get low on something, write it down.

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I always write a list… and I always manage to forget something, whether it’s the kids or husband tugging at you asking for this and that it’s bound to happen!🤷‍♀️

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I’m pro at the list making, and just as pro at managing to not bring it with me somehow. I don’t have kids or a husband or even a dog I can blame my absent-mindedness on. I’m just awesome that way! It makes everyday exciting…is that the right word? Anxiet-ing? Did I coin a new, yet much needed, word?

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Luna, i happens to me often! It’s on the list,but doesn’t make it home, lol.

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Or worse, I write something down, bring the list to the store, check the list at the end of my trip taking my time going item-by-item thinking “yep, got it”, “got it”, “got it”, am happy I got everything, get home then realize I forgot something… on the list. doh! I don’t know how but on occasion even when I take my time to check everything very carefully (which I always do since I have a habit of forgetting at least one thing on the list) I can still forget something because I skimmed over it during my normal shopping & final check. ugh lol

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Or like me, your distracted trying to just get out the door to go to the store and you forget the list, lol.

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