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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Tried Care/of — And I’ll Never Look Back

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunJul 20, 2022In Partnership With Care/of - Personalized Daily Vitamins

I have a new favorite self-care brand. It’s called Care/of, and it’s the most convenient wellness subscription. I love everything I’ve tried — especially their personalized vitamins.

Care/of offers a ton of great products – collagen powders, probiotics, protein powders, immunity supplements, and “boosts” — designed to meet all of your nutritional and wellness needs.

Given my busy schedule, I also appreciate that Care/of has a convenient app that reminds me to take my vitamins every day because let’s be real — it’s not always easy to remember. I also use the app to order my daily vitamin packs, add new supplements, and basically make sure that I’m being consistent with my routine.

Here’s why I'm never going back to other brands.

Reason 1: Personalized Guidance Tailored to My Needs

There are so many vitamins and supplements available these days, but Care/of takes the guesswork out. No more randomly browsing the vitamin aisle at my local store. The personalized guidance from the app means that my body is getting the right support.

But how does it know what to recommend? The first thing you do when you sign up for Care/of is take a quick online quiz to find out what will work for your unique needs. For example, the quiz asks which supplements you’re currently taking, how you feel about trying new products, your thoughts on Eastern medicine, and more. That way, they understand both your health and your values. Care/of reviews your responses and provides a personalized vitamin recommendation based on thorough research studies.

When I took the quiz, Care/of identified gaps in my diet and lifestyle and provide products tailored to my individual well-being and health goals. I like that the quiz pointed me to some supplements that I hadn’t considered before that have actually helped with my concerns. This brings me to my next point…the quality and effectiveness of Care/of products!

Reason 2: Quality Products Backed By Sustainability 

I can say with total confidence that Care/of is committed to the highest standard of quality. Their products are backed by extensive scientific research. They have a Scientific Advisory Board, with medical doctors, health scientists, and nutrition experts, all working on product development that uses the latest research findings. The company is also committed to ethical harvesting methods and sustainability, another big benefit for me.

There are so many companies on the market, either selling “miracle cures” or products with labels full of impenetrable fine print. But Care/of is totally upfront about its sourcing practices, supply chain, and ingredients. They guarantee that what’s printed on the label is what's in the product.

Reason 3: I’ve Formed a New (Healthy) Habit! 

If you’re like me, it can be difficult to maintain a daily vitamin and supplement routine. That’s become a lot easier thanks to the way that Care/of makes the experience enjoyable and informative. Safe to say I have developed some great new habits thanks to them.

Every day I just pop out my convenient little daily pack — that has my name and an inspirational quote I look forward to reading printed on it — and I’m good to go.

And most importantly, the app reminds me when it’s time to take them so I never forget.

Reason 4: Results Measurement 

Last but not least, Care/of truly cares about my results. The combination of their physical products and digital experience makes it feel like I have a whole support team on my wellness journey.

Now that I have my tailored plan, Care/of helps me stick with it. I can track my vitamin routine, manage my subscription, and even earn rewards for being consistent, all with their nifty app. And Care/of wants to keep the conversation going. Working with them, I can adjust my vitamins and supplements as my health needs change.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their own path to personal health, and there are so many possible combinations of vitamins, supplements, and more that you can take. Care/of helps to fulfill my needs, and it even manages what I thought was impossible — getting me to take my vitamins every morning

Amy Sun
Amy Sun

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