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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Have Been a FabFitFun Subscriber for 5 Years – These Are my Favorite Finds

Jordyn Mannino
ByJordyn ManninoOct 24, 2022In Partnership With FabFitFun

Nothing says self-love like buying yourself a gift – that’s why I’ve been an adamant subscriber to FabFitFun for the past five years. Not familiar with FabFitFun? You’ve been missing out on the latest and greatest wellness, beauty, fashion, and home items from top brands (for way cheaper than you’d buy at retail price).  

When I first started with FabFitFun, I was a seasonal member, but I’ve since upgraded to the annual plan to get the best value FabFitFun has to offer. For only $219.99, I receive four boxes throughout the year, each packed with the season’s best picks from some of my favorite bands. Plus, each box is customizable, meaning you can pick up to six of the season’s featured products to build the box best suited to your lifestyle.

Fast forward a few years, and I have yet to be disappointed with the selection and quality of the products featured in FabFitFun. Here are some of my favorite finds…

1. Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer

I’m no beauty guru, but I tend to pack my box full of makeup and skincare products – many of which are full-sized bottles of product, no less! As we all know, beauty products are expensive. Through FabFitfun, I’ve received a variety of skincare and makeup products from brands like NARS and Glossier for way less than I could snag at my local beauty store.

My absolute favorite cosmetic find was the Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer – this item is a staple in my Sephora basket, so when I saw it as an option, I had to have it. This brightening and hydrating moisturizer typically retails for $39, which is just a tiny bit below the cost of the entire seasonal box!

2. Mali + Lili Weekender Bag

While I'd say that most of FabFitFun’s featured items fall under the skincare and cosmetics category, I can’t brush over the amazing fashion items and accessories I’ve found over the years. FabFitFun has expanded their horizons into some big-name fashion brands like Alice and Olivia, Coach, Free People, Mali + Lili, and Kate Spade. To top it off, all of the featured products and brands I've seen in department stores like Macys, Nordstom and Bloomingdales…only this time, they’re much more affordable!

I love any excuse to travel, so I had been looking for a high-quality weekender bag. Unsurprisingly, FabFitFun had the perfect Mali + Lili Weekender Bag waiting for me in my box, and it’s now a staple in my travel routine. It’s super stylish, and I don’t have to lug around a bulky bag or shove everything into a backpack.

3. Epare Vegetable Chopper

Better yet, FabFitFun has a knack for including lifestyle items that you’ll genuinely get some use out of. I have a slight obsession with trying to bring my “home decor” Pinterest board to life, and FabFitFun’s cute yet functional blankets, candles, and kitchen gadgets haven’t disappointed.

My latest FabFitFun box had an Epare Vegetable Chopper in it, and it has saved me so much time cooking! This vegetable chopper is something I wouldn’t have thought to buy for myself, but now, I can’t live without it – I love that FabFitFun has introduced me to some true ride-or-dies.

My Thoughts

Still not convinced to give FabFitFun a try? Well, it gets even better! FabFitFun also has the Boost My Box feature, which allows members to purchase popular items for up to 70% off the retail price. There are also tons of sales throughout the year, so definitely keep an eye on your email to get exclusive offers!

Ultimately, subscribing to FabFitFun means getting high-quality items from big-name brands for a fraction of the cost (plus, you get to pick items you’ll actually use). I’m a firm believer that self-love means treating yourself to a little something every once in a while. Thanks to FabFitFun, that love can be delivered right to your doorstep, four times a year!