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My Subscription Addiction

I Had Lost My Hair By Age 20. Here’s My Best Advice.

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsJul 12, 2022In Partnership With Keeps

I had basically just graduated from college and already noticed that my hair was 35% gone. Bald. In my 20s. As a little kid, it was always preached to me that while hair loss is inevitable, it wouldn’t start happening until later in life. But, here we are. 24, basically bald and feeling like my best feature, my luscious hair, is gone forever.

The main piece of advice or “wisdom” that I just couldn’t get over was the fact that “hair loss is inevitable.” It makes sense, to some degree, but in this day and age, I just don’t see how it could still be true. With all of the advances in science and technology, it started to seem like a total lie to me that hair loss was something that all men will have to deal with at some point in their lives.

Well, as it turns out, hair loss is actually preventable and something you can control, if and only if you take action. Taking action is the crucial part – if you don’t take action and find the right personalized treatments for you, then yes, hair loss might be unavoidable, especially if you are already dealing with it.

But through my research, I learned that if you act early and act often, then you can absolutely avoid it. And that is exactly what Keeps Hair Loss Treatment helps me to do.

Keeps is everything I’d been looking for to treat my hair loss

Keeps is an online service that offers monthly subscription plans focused on hair loss treatments for men. Keeps is the most affordable way for men to receive expert-backed treatment plans with FDA-approved products.

It’s actually affordable and you'll also get connected with a licensed physician who's an expert on hair loss. That’s the biggest benefit for me - I get connected with a real hair loss expert who can help me make a customized treatment plan to fit my exact needs.

For me, it was overall thinning that I wanted to treat (or recoup my losses) but Keeps also has fantastic programs to address receding hairlines, thinning at the crown, and much more. Not only is your first televisist with your Keeps hair loss expert free but ongoing support from this doctor via chat is included with your Keeps membership for no additional cost.

A few other things I’ve done in my hair loss journey

Although signing up for Keeps and staying consistent with my plan, a few other things I’ve done to help myself in my hair loss journey are ensuring that I’m consuming a balanced diet as well as trying to reduce some of my stress.

Something I learned from my Keeps hair loss expert was that my diet can have a significant role in my hair loss. I’ve always been told to “eat healthy and eat my vegetables,” and I’ve followed that advice to some extent, but recently I’ll admit that my diet has slipped away from me. And, of course, recently my hair loss was starting to accelerate. My expert from Keeps told me that while my diet definitely didn’t cause my hair loss, it certainly could have exacerbated it.

Another thing I learned was that too much stress can also play a role in hair loss. While not all of my stress can be mitigated, there were definitely key areas of my life that caused me too much stress than they should have been causing. I learned that stress can actually cause your hair to stop growing in some cases and cause excess shedding – it can be a major culprit behind hair loss.

According to Michelle Green, one of NYC’s most popular dermatologists, stress “can cause an autoimmune response where the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting in hair loss. The hormones that our bodies release when it's stressed is what disrupts the hair growth cycle.” TL;DR - it makes biological sense why stress can have a hand in hair loss.

Overall, I’d say start your journey early with Keeps

While there are a lot of things you can start doing to prevent your hair loss from starting or accelerating, I would say the most impactful action you can take is to sign up for Keeps today.

Keeps has really played a huge role in my journey from actually stopping my hair loss from continuing to worsen, to recouping some of the lusciousness I had lost. Not only do their expert hair loss physicians guide you on every step of your journey, but they also help create a journey that is 100% personalized to you, your hair, and your challenges.

If you’d like to sign up for Keeps or learn more, then use our special link here to save 50% on your first three months of treatment.