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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How to Dress Your Kid in Insta-Worthy Outfits (While Saving Time & Money)

Maider Xiong
ByMaider XiongAug 19, 2022In partnership with Dopple

Ever wonder how all of these parents on Instagram seemingly have their you-know-what together? Curious about where they get all those perfect outfits that their kids always seem to love? I’ll let you in on a little secret. 1. We don't. And 2. We use companies like Dopple.

From the moment your child is born, you want to be able to experience as much as you can with them; every day is precious. I didn’t want to waste time shopping in a store but I also happen to be picky about the clothes I purchase. I was looking for quality, classic clothing, but at an affordable price and great value. I found exactly that in Dopple. Dopple is effortless shopping for children’s clothes that are timeless, affordable, comfortable, and best of all, promotes sustainability.

A Kid’s Brand That Thinks About Parents, Too

When I first headed over to Dopple’s website, I honestly couldn’t believe that it was a kid’s clothing subscription box. I mean I knew that it was, I just wasn't used to this kind of elevated shopping experience for kids. I even went to read the FAQ to double check the sizes that Dopple caters to (secretly hoping they had mine) and sure enough…newborn to 14. I was annoyed I hadn't found them sooner!

Before receiving my first box from Dopple, I wasn’t sure what to expect, although perusing their site got me extremely excited about the possibilities. They had some seriously cool children's clothing brands on there! I’m talking Bonpoint, Rylee + Cru, Maison Me by Maisonette, Alice + Ames, Petit Bateau, Misha & Puff and so many more! These classic brands were right up my alley. They also have some special-edition Drops on their website with clothing styled after popular shows like Stranger Things and Bridgerton, plus other fun themes. How cute would a little Anthony or Kate be running around!?

How does Dopple work?

When you sign up there’s a quick style quiz to determine your kids’ size and style, as well as your budget. The entire quiz takes a few minutes, and once you hit submit the real magic begins! Dopple will assign a Stylist to put together 2 to 3 complete, head-to-toe outfits personalized specifically for your kids—shoes and accessories included.

Once your box is delivered, your kids can try everything on so you can decide what to keep. In general, Dopple’s prices are 30% off retail and here’s the best part: You only pay for what you keep. If you decide to keep the entire Drop—which you likely will—you’ll save an additional 25% off the entire order, which means prices that are waaaaay below retail. Plus, the $10 styling fee is credited towards anything you keep. So much easier than having to head back to the store! The shipping is always free both ways, and I received my first box in a matter of days.

Plus, Dopple keeps it fresh - there are always cool brands and amazing products that would take hours for me to find myself (let alone find in the right sizes). For anything you don’t want to buy, you just pop it back into the prepaid bag and send it on its way.

When you’re ready for more cute outfits, you can order a Drop at anytime or Dopple will check in with you 3 months later to ask about sizes and style preferences. You’ll never receive a Drop that’s not requested.

Kid-Friendly Sustainable Fashion

Yes, Dopple makes life easier, but their business model is actually based on sustainability. Every year millions of tons (yes, millions of tons) of clothing gets thrown into landfills. Between excess inventory, low-quality clothing that doesn’t hold up, and seasonal fashion changes, the landfills fill up fast. Dopple hopes to change that by procuring excess inventory from amazing children’s brands at a great price. Then they extend that great pricing to the consumer via their curated Drops.

Dopple also has a great buy back program called ReDopple where you can send in items from previous Dopple Drops or even things you purchased elsewhere, giving your gently used clothes a second lease on life. As a bonus when you send in your clothing to be ReDoppled, you also earn money you can use on future Dopple Drops. ReDopple then resells the clothing at an even further discount enabling even more families to purchase quality, timeless clothing. It’s a win-win-win!

Final Thoughts

If you can't tell, I'm a fan of this company. And when I like something, I want to make sure that other people have the chance to check it out as well. Quality (and stylish) kids clothing should be available to everyone at a price point they can afford and with brands who actually want to help this beautiful planet. I love that Dopple is doing both.

Maider Xiong
Maider Xiong

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