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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How I Curbed My Dog’s Extreme Chewing (And Really Got to Know My Dog)

Danielle Palko
ByDanielle PalkoJun 28, 2022In Partnership With KONG Club

For Paisley, it was shoes. I’d only left her alone for a couple of hours, but when I got home one of my favorite pairs had been demolished! Sound familiar? Most dogs love to chew on stuff — sometimes our stuff. So, what’s the best way to promote their natural instinct, while keeping our furry friends from going to town on our homes and their contents? I'm turning to KONG Club.

Chances are you’re already familiar with KONG, the brand best known for its wildly successful toy shaped like a sturdy snowman. Well, now they have a membership service, KONG Club, which offers toys and more for your dog.

Catering to all ages and breeds, from Yorkie pups to venerable Great Danes, KONG understands that dogs need enrichment and play. That’s why their products promote good health and encourage the right types of behaviors.

What’s In the Box

With KONG Club you get a subscription box full of toys and treats — plus expert guidance to manage your pet’s wellness journey.

Each box contains one KONG training toy, a “personality toy,” three types of treats, as well as recipes and tips. You’ll also get a Classic KONG in your first box — their signature toy that’s super durable and perfect for extreme chewers.

Every KONG Club box features a bonus item — that’s twelve free toys per year! June’s gift is a KONG Cleaner Brush, perfect for keeping KONG Classic shaped toys clean and ready for more treats. And check out the QR code on the insert to your monthly box, which takes you to cool content like pet coach videos!

But Also… Treats!

Food is a great motivator for most dogs, right? And it can be an equally good source of distraction, so KONG toys are designed to be stuffed with treats for even more fun. Each box contains different KONG treats, recipes, and tips. Loading up a toy with a favorite snack gets Paisley doing that thing where not only her tail but her whole body wags!

While many toys on the market claim to be robust, very few live up to their hype. KONG toys are built to last, even in the chompers of a big and very active dog like Paisley. But remember that dogs who chew need to eventually succeed in tearing up their toy. Just like us, they find it frustrating to fail continuously, so it’s actually a good thing for your pet to eventually chew-chew-chew to the point that the toy gets ripped and breaks up. Just keep an eye on your dog, folks — we don’t want them to swallow any little pieces!

More Than Just a Box

Here’s where the mic drop happens. KONG Club offers great ways to have fun with your dog, playing fetch and watching them chew on awesome toys, but it’s more than that. Really, it’s all about having a healthy and synchronous relationship with your pet! You see, the membership offers other benefits — like getting to know your dog’s brain!

When you sign up for KONG Club, the first thing to do is fill out some info about your pet. This helps you tailor the experience to their needs, addressing issues like boredom, diet, chewing, barking, and separation anxiety. From there, a veterinarian-designed Personalized Pet Plan will help with the many daily decisions that matter to your pet’s lifestyle.

Support When It’s Needed

Because the health of our four-legged friends is not static, KONG Club evolves to meet their specific needs, based on their medical conditions, environment, breed, and stage of life. They also offer 1:1 pet coaching, to help guide through all the steps of pet parenting. Access to the AskVet Clubhouse allows you to join fellow pet families and animal experts as part of an online community that shares experiences, advice, recipes, and more.

One of my favorite things about KONG Club is having access to live support from licensed veterinarians. They are available — 24/7 — to help with pet behavior, nutrition, health concerns, and preventative care. I was able to meet with our pet coach who helped us address the shoe eating problem. And I’ve since used the app a few more times to ask questions about Paisley, and I always received prompt and helpful answers.

Saving For a Rainy Day

A sweet perk is that every month $45 is added to your AskVet Rainy Day Fund. I’m thankful to have this fund to help protect Paisley and cover emergency care for up to $1,000 in case anything happens.

Final Thoughts

I love the benefits of KONG Club, from the toys to a supportive community, to expert advice and all for a cost starting at only $34.99 per month. But maybe the best part is watching Paisley pick up her new favorite KONG toy … rather than my favorite pair of shoes!

Danielle Palko
Danielle Palko

My name is Danielle and I'm a photographer located in a coastal town in central Florida! My dog Paisley is a Saint Bernard/American Bulldog mix and is always ready for a beach or river trip. We've done lots of training to perfect her modeling skills and she LOVES it when I bring my camera on our adventures. We enjoy being outdoors at the beach, paddling on the river, or just enjoying a nice park.