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My Subscription Addiction

Health Care Sucks. Here’s How I Made it Better.

Valerie Alvarez
ByValerie AlvarezSep 30, 2022In Partnership With Wild Health

I was always under the impression that going to the doctor, getting my yearly physical, and taking the recommended supplements were enough to keep me healthy. But it turns out I was wrong.

It wasn't until I heard about Wild Health that I realized how much traditional healthcare had been failing me. Wild Health is a preventative healthcare company that uses cutting-edge technology and personalized care plans to help people achieve optimal health. And unlike traditional healthcare, which often relies on a wait-and-see approach, Wild Health takes a proactive approach to keep its patients healthy.

Everything about Wild Health was easy and convenient, from the in-home genome testing to the virtual telehealth appointments. After getting my health report and advanced testing results back, I had a clear picture of my health and what I needed to do to improve it.

What is Wild Health exactly?

Wild Health is a personalized healthcare company that offers in-home genome testing, virtual telehealth sessions, and fully customized health reports. Its focus on preventative care sets Wild Health apart from traditional healthcare providers or competitors like Hims&Hers and Parsley Health. Rather than waiting until you get sick, Wild Health provides you with the tools and resources you need to maintain your health proactively.

A seamless, personalized process

I started by taking an easy at-home genetic test, I just had to spit into a tube, which gave me valuable insights into my specific health risks. Next, I filled out an in-depth intake form covering my health history and lifestyle. Then I had a quick and easy bloodwork appointment at a local lab – Wild Health ran 55 lab reports to get a full picture of my health.

While waiting for all of my data to be analyzed, I had a virtual consultation with my personal Wild Health health coach to review my health history, set some goals, and start on a plan of action for better health. Once all of my tests came back, I met with my doctor and health coach who helped me interpret my results (all 50 pages of them!) and develop a care plan tailored to my needs.

Finally, I had a fully customized health plan that outlines all the steps I need to take to stay healthy and prevent disease.

What did I learn?

One of the most important things I learned from my experience with Wild Health is the importance of preventative care optimized for our individualized health. Wild Health’s individualized plan for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle factors to optimize health and prevent disease are exactly what I need to take steps to stay healthy now. Additionally, I learned about specific risks that I am more susceptible to, thanks to my genetic testing, and this information was essential in developing my care plan.

How has Wild Health changed my life?

Since starting my Wild Health journey, I have extensively understood my genome, health, and the impact of things like nutrition, sleep, and movement on my overall well-being. I am now implementing this into my everyday life by being more mindful of my diet, stress levels, and physical activity. Thanks to my genetic testing, I have changed my diet to include more beneficial foods, such as SMASH fish for healthy Omega-3 levels, based on my specific needs.

Learning about the preventative measures I can take to prevent Alzheimer's--as it runs in my family-- through lifestyle and diet changes, establishing a better sleep schedule, and creating goals to hit my daily protein intake are all things I'll be working on with the Wild Health coach.

What value does Wild Health add to your life?

Now that I’m armed with this knowledge, it’s made implementing these small changes easy and approachable in making a difference in my overall health. Plus, having the ability to message my coach and doctor anytime, do monthly check-ins with my coach, and get access to even more advanced testing are all included benefits I'm excited to explore next. If you're looking for a more optimal and personalized approach to healthcare, I would highly recommend giving Wild Health a try. This proactive approach is a more optimal way of preventing illness before it even has a chance to start.


Wild Health is worth checking out if you're dissatisfied with traditional healthcare or simply looking for a more proactive approach to keeping yourself healthy. With its in-home genome testing, virtual telehealth planning, and fully customized health profiles, Wild Health makes it easy and convenient to achieve optimal health, and it's well worth the monthly investment in your health and well-being.