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Green Chef Vs. HelloFresh – Which Is Right For You?

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaFeb 21, 2022

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POV: You're looking for a healthy meal subscription that offers a wide variety of options and has something for everyone in your family.

If you’re all about going organic ... Green Chef

One of the most important factors for me when choosing a meal subscription is finding a brand that's dedicated to using organic ingredients as much as possible. While it's impossible to completely remove toxins from our lives in the 21st century, going organic is one step in the right direction in lowering our toxic burden.

As such, Green Chef is the major winner in this area as all of its produce and eggs are certified organic and all of its protein sources are raised with high animal welfare standards. Additionally, the company itself is certified organic which means it meets strict standards for quality and testing and provides a level of traceability in its food which is unmatched by most other meal subscriptions.

I feel much more confident in both the safety and ethical handling of my food by going with Green Chef and appreciate that the company prioritizes organic and humanely-raised ingredients.

If you need more kid-friendly options  ... HelloFresh

HelloFresh strives to provide meals that everyone in the family will enjoy and features several meals each week that fall under the category of Family Friendly. Some of its most popular Family Friendly meals of all time include Cheesy Beef Tostadas, Pork Teriyaki Meatballs, Tex-Mex Cheese-Stuffed Burgers, and Baja Chicken Quesadillas.

If you're on keto ... Green Chef

Finding a meal subscription that actually works with keto can be quite challenging, as low-carb alone just isn't strict enough in most cases. Thankfully, Green Chef has an entire section of its weekly menu that's dedicated to keto and paleo meals. In fact, several of its meals contains 18 grams of total carbs or fewer, with most only having 10-14 grams of net carbs.

Green Chef is one of the few meal subscriptions that I would trust while on keto as many others claim to be keto-friendly but in reality, contain anywhere from 1/2 to all of your daily limit for carbs per meal - it's definitely not worth taking this risk if you want to remain in ketosis and keep using fat as fuel.

If you're pinching pennies ... HelloFresh

I get it - sometimes you have to go with the most affordable plan for your family. If you still want to try a meal subscription but are a bit strapped for cash, then HelloFresh would be better suited for you.

On average, each serving per meal starts at around $7.99, whereas Green Chef starts at $11.99 per serving due to its stricter and higher-quality ingredient sourcing.

If you need more options for plant-based meals ... Green Chef

Green Chef chickpea bowl

As most plant-based dieters know, the majority of meal subscriptions available today skimp on options for plant-based meals, especially those that are strictly vegan - FYI veggie does not always equate to vegan. However, Green Chef provides a minimum of 5 vegan meals per week and offers 9 or more plant-based meals per week in total.

Not only does Green Chef provide a full description of each and every ingredient included within its meals, but it also clearly labels whether its plant-based meals are vegan or not.

Ultimate Winner: Green Chef

If consuming organic ingredients and sticking to your preferred diet are major priorities when it comes to choosing a meal subscription, then Green Chef is definitely the right choice for you. Despite HelloFresh offering more options for kids and having a somewhat cheaper plan, its ingredient sourcing and dedication to certain diets are nowhere close to that of Green Chef. I definitely trust Green Chef the most when it comes to eating clean and I always know that there will be an option for my specific dietary needs.

Order Green Chef here. You can also read our Green Chef details and reviews.

Kat Giuffrida
Kat Giuffrida

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