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20 Unique Subscription Boxes and Gifts For History Lovers

Samantha Sendor
BySamantha SendorApr 27, 2021 | 6 comments

Ah, the history lover. They're certainly not one-size-fits-all. Some love diving into the enigmatic past of the ancient Egyptians. Others are all about military history. Many find themselves captivated by great philosophers of the past, while a good number of us prefer to connect the past with our present by tracing our own lineage. Whatever the subject and the medium, we have found the perfect gift for every type of history lover—the bookworm who loves to read old letters, the history nerd that can't get enough novelty items on their desk and in their wardrobe, the know-it-all who can't get enough trivia into their day. These unique gifts will be sure to pique the interest of every history buff on your list!

Unique Subscription Boxes For History Lovers

Do you have a history lover in your life, for whom you're looking to find the perfect gift? Whether you're seeking a history subscription or old school item—no matter the genre, size, or budget—we've got you covered so good, you may just geek out and become inspired to dust off the history books yourself!

1. Madmen & Heroes

history documents murder whodunnit

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $29.50 per month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Gift: Do you know someone who loves a good mystery puzzle rooted in history? Then Madmen & Heroes is the gift that will keep them engaged! This monthly subscription box is full of mystifying enigmas that include challenges based on non-fiction stories from real-life historical events. While The CRAAAFT box is unraveled from folklore, The Resystance box includes a standalone challenge each month that can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group, with confounding puzzles to dissect and solve, using actual events from the past.

Check out our Madmen & Heroes details to learn more. Ships to the U.S. for $5.00 and Canada for $15.00.


2. Arts in Letters

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $19.00 per month for delivery of a weekly letter. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

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CODE: msa15for you

About the Gift: Who says snail mail is a lost art? Arts in Letters is a subscription service that sends one letter in the words of history's great thinkers and creators each week! The recipient receives a real letter written by a historical figure in the fields of Science, Literature, Art, or Music (or go for the Grand Slam and rotate with all four!), along with biographical and historical info. An old school journey through history, this subscription delivers fascinating stories weekly, and makes a great gift idea for the quotable history buff!

Ships worldwide for free.


3. Venture in History

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $19.99 per month + shipping. Subscribe here!

About the Gift: Know of a history collector who would appreciate a little dough? Why not send currency from around the world with Venture in History? Each month, its experts pick 7 or more great genuine and colorful world paper money notes to send to subscribers. Venture in History guarantees at least $20 worth of currency will be included in every packet, and selection will always be different. A fun, educational, and profitable venture every history lover will love and appreciate!

Ships to the U.S. for free and worldwide at varying rates.


4. The Hidden History Club

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $16.50 per month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Gift: Invite your curious loved one to uncover the mysterious, captivating, and intriguing stories behind the people and events that impacted and shaped our world. The Hidden History Club is for the person that wants to know more about the forgotten people, places, and events from our past. Inside each monthly box is a professionally designed and printed maps, posters, vintage magazines, and more, in addition to access to a monthly e-newsletter and free audio highlights on a quarterly basis.

Ships free to the U.S., $10.00 to Canada, and $25.00 to other international countries.


5. Ancestry.com

Image via Ancestry.com.

The Cost: $24.99 per month for U.S. Discovery access, $39.99 per month for World Explorer access, and $39.99 for All Access. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Gift: Open your favorite history lover's world to a catalog of information that tells the story of very special events in history...their own. As part of the membership, subscribers of Ancestry.com gain access to family tree building, documents and records, access to potential relatives, hints about their ancestors' past, and guidance through one's genealogy research journey. DNA testing kits are also a wonderful gift option to facilitate the discovery of lineage that traces back generations, helping people understand where they came from and how.

6. Mysteries in Time

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: £8.95 (approx. $12.26) for the Classic Pack, £15.95 (approx. $21.84) for the Bumper Box. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Gift: Kids can be history lovers, too! Foster a life-long interest in all things from the past with a monthly subscription to Mysteries in Time. Geared toward kids aged 7 to 11 years old, this subscription box is a time machine bursting with fun, educational activities, where each month introduces a new time in history. With puzzles, crafts, stickers and more, children are inspired to love history as they learn about all periods from Ancient Egypt to WWII.

Ships worldwide from the U.K. Shipping to the U.S. is £2.95 (approx. $4.04) for the Classic Pack and £4.95 (approx. $6.78) for the Bumper Box.


7. HISTORY Vault

Image via HISTORY Vault.

The Cost: $4.99 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Gift: History lovers like to stream their entertainment too, so why not give them unlocked access to The HISTORY Channel's wide selection of documentaries and series? This service's offerings include everything from The Civil War and American Revolution, to World War II specials and lessons learned from ancient empires. A monthly access subscription to HISTORY Vault is the ultimate binge source for history junkies, no matter their interest.

Available for streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast.

Clever Gifts For History Buffs

8. Established Titles

Image via Established Titles.

The Cost: Starting at $49.95 for 1 square foot of plotted land and digital certificate. Add-ons available include a printed certificate for $30.00, and frame for an additional $59.00. Get it here!

About the Box: Established Titles is the unique gift they'll never see coming. A Scottish lordship and lairdship title pack service that allows you to literally appoint yourself or a loved one as Lord or Lady, owning a small plot in Scotland and taking on a new fancy prefix is easier than you think. Select from 1, 5, or 10 square feet of land to call your own, and not only there be a new rightful Lord or Lady in the house, Established Titles will also plant a tree for every plot. A great gift for couples too, there is a special title pack that may name two persons, with options of 2, 10, or 20 square feet of Scottish land. Whether you're an Outlander fan, history nerd, or simply like the idea of using Lord over Mr. and Lady over Ms., this is one creative gift that will knock their socks off!

Certificates ship free worldwide. Airfare to Scotland plot not included.

9. This Day In History Calendar - 2021

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $7.49. Get it here!

About the Gift: What history buff wouldn't love to dive right into remarkable people, extraordinary events, and fascinating facts for 365 days!? The HISTORY Channel's This Day In History Calendar for 2021 offers a fun tidbit of historical info that will bring new meaning to each and every day of the year. The material within makes for a great conversation starter and will fill your trivia cup.

Ships free to the U.S. with Amazon Prime membership, or on orders of $25.00 and over.


10. New York Times Titanic 500 Piece Puzzle from Bespoke Post

Image via Bespoke Post.

The Cost: $50.00. Get it here!

About the Box: Bespoke Post always seems to have that special something for every person on your list, and history lovers are no exception. Featuring one of the most storied events in history, this 500 piece puzzle captures the front page of the New York Times when it broke news to the world about the Titanic's sinking. Sure, it's a tricky monotone jigsaw, but that leaves plenty of time to recap events in history, and once complete, your favorite history buff can read the news coverage as it appeared in 1912.

Standard shipping is $4.95 to the contiguous U.S., and all orders over $75 qualify for free shipping. There is an additional $10 charge for all shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.


11. "Don't Make Me Repeat Myself" - History T-Shirt

Image via Etsy.

The Cost: $10.49-$33.53 depending on style and sizing preference. Get it here!

About the Gift: If you're looking for gift ideas with a touch of humor, this T-shirt from Etsy is sure to inspire a chuckle. With several shirt, sweatshirt, and tote bag styles to choose from in multiple colors, this one makes a quick and easy go-to for your favorite historian.

Ships worldwide at varying rates.


12. Shackleton Soft Wash Wool Scarf

Image via Shackleton London.

The Cost: $34.00. Get it here!

About the Gift: Blending warm wool and cold Antarctic history, this scarf from Shackleton is designed and developed in London by a brand that is driven by exploration and innovation, built on the life and values of polar titan Sir Ernest Shackleton. Although you don't need to be in extreme polar climates to make use of their performance apparel, the Shackleton enthusiasts in your life will love it for its roots in history, quality manufacturing, and commitment to sustainability standards.

Ships worldwide.


13. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $6.85. Get it here!

About the Gift: Get your quips in and plaster your booboos with a little help from William Shakespeare himself! These Shakespearean Insult Bandages aren't just useful for your first aid kit, they're downright hilarious. This small novelty gift will come in handy after a papercut when looking for the wittiest, most classical way to express your displeasure.

Ships free to the U.S. with Amazon Prime membership, or on qualifying orders over $25.00.

14. Henry VIII Disappearing Wives Mug

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $15.95. Get it here!

About the Gift: Does your history buff have a mildly dark sense of wit? If so, this mug featuring Henry VIII and his wives tells the tale of marriage in hot water! As soon as a hot beverage is poured into the mug, his wives begin to disappear, and what will appear are their names and cause of untimely fate. A little salty? Perhaps. But there's plenty of historical value packed into this cup of morning joe!

Ships free to the U.S. with Amazon Prime membership, or on orders of $25.00 and over.

15. Historic Women Who Dared Stemless Wine Glasses

Image via Uncommon Goods.

The Cost: $60.00 for set of 4 stemless wine glasses or $16.00 for one glass toasting the feminist icon of your choosing. Get it here!

About the Gift: The Historic Women Who Dared Stemless Wine Glasses Set is the perfect addition to the cupboards for the person who celebrates human rights, women's suffrage, and the powerful and courages figures that led the way. Featuring Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Clara Barton, and Marie Curie, this set serves as a wonderful reminder of girl power and the unstoppable potential for change that lies within. Although these glasses are intended for wine, they make a great everyday drinking glass too!

Ships to the U.S. at varying rates depending on purchase order amount.


16. Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $22.99. Get it here!

About the Gift: Can one really call themselves a history buff without at least one novelty form of Julius Caesar to grace their workspace? This finely detailed bust made of heavyweight painted resin has indeed a hidden pun (Brutus, anyone?) makes the perfect gift for history fans, Shakespeare enthusiasts, and office emperors alike.

Ships free to the U.S. with Amazon Prime membership, or on orders of $25.00 and over.

17. Presidential IQ Trivia Game

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $29.99. Get it here!

About the Gift: Put your history fan to the test with this game of presidential knowledge. The Presidential IQ Trivia Game features over 1,200 questions to challenge its players with factoids about American history, from the inception of the Declaration of Independence to little known truths about Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin.

Ships free to the U.S. with Amazon Prime membership, or on orders of $25.00 and over.


18. First-Edition Book Cover Art Print

Image via Uncommon Goods.

The Cost: $65.00. Get it here!

About the Gift: Thrill the historical bibliophile with an incredibly lifelike First-Edition Book Cover Art Print in a beautiful shadow-box frame. Each cover has been carefully photographed to show the original marks and wear, then recreated to highlight every detail of the design. They're made by designer and photographer Mister Arthurious in his New York City studio. You can choose from over 40 classic book covers including Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, Mark Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and many other classic old books that'll make the best gift for history lovers with a penchant for first edition books.

Ships worldwide at varying rates depending on location and purchase order amount.

19. Printable Party Kit - History Buff

Image via Uncommon Goods.

The Cost: Free to download. Get it here!

Get the Gift: Planning a party for your favorite history buff? How about a completely free set of printables to give them the celebration that will make everybody party like it's 1899? This Printable Party Kit for History Buffs is filled with eye-catching decorations, fun party games, clever cake toppers, straw markers, and more. No waiting, no faff—just the perfect decor in honor of the history guru.

20. Remarkable Books: The World's Most Historic and Significant Works

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $20.99. Get it here!

About the Gift: From the Art of War to Anne Frank's Diary, Remarkable Books captures 75 of the most impactful works of literature to grace the history of the printed word. This all-encompassing volume spans centuries of iconic works, detailing their impact, beauty, and interesting facts that might surprise even the sharpest historians. This hearty book is a page turner from start to finish; one that will make your gift stand out and above all the rest.

Ships free to the U.S. with Amazon Prime membership, or on orders of $25.00 and over.

That's it for our Unique Subscription Boxes and Gifts For History Lovers! What are your favorite picks for the history buff in your life?

Samantha Sendor
Samantha Sendor
Samantha is a two-time zone editor based out of London and NYC, working (mostly) behind the scenes as MSA's Head of Content. She enjoys making discoveries, whether through her travels to remote parts of the globe, or diving into the latest subscription boxes right from home. When she's not editing or creating content about all the things that make her happy, she can usually be found cooking, painting, fanatically organizing, or simply cuddling up with her daughter Penny.

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Cool stuff. My boyfriend is so hard to buy for.

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I don’t mind the items that are not subscription boxes. MSA is still covering a large inventory of subscriptions and adds new ones here and there. Thank you for this post. I was happy to learn about the puzzle, I will be getting that for a friend. Plus there are a lot of new subs on this list I haven’t heard of. It was interesting to see those.

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Molly Honey

These are not all subscription boxes. Yep. Here we go again. Lol It is what it is. You guys are going in a different direction. That’s it. The end. It doesn’t matter what we say. You’ll just find a way to spin it that we want it this way because of some poll. It’s time to mourn and move on I guess. It’s been real.✌️

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Arts and Letters is a good one I’ve subscribed to!

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This is a really cool list! Thank you!

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What a fun list – thank you! 🙂

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