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Flamingo Head to Toe Wax Kit Review – Does It Work?

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichMay 19, 2020 | 19 comments

Flamingo Head to Toe Wax Kit Review - Does It Work?

Flamingo Head-To-Toe Wax Kit Review

Will These No-Heat Wax Strips Do The Trick?

Flamingo is a women’s personal care brand that includes wax strips in addition to their razors and other body-care products. They’re the sister company to Harry’s (of razor fame) and offer a couple of way ways to remove unwanted hair.

I’ve never tried at-home waxing before and I thought this would be a great time to try it since salons aren’t open right now in many parts of the country, including mine. Microwavable wax seems dangerous so when I saw that Flamingo offers ready to use wax strips that don’t require any heat, I thought I’d give theirs a whirl. What do I have to lose (besides unwanted hair)?

by Marne Orenich, MSA Reviewer, Self-Quarantined Waxer
September 2, 2020| 19 comments

About this At-Home Waxing Kit

The Product: Flamingo Head to Toe Wax Kit

The Cost: $19.00 (face or body wax kits are also available separately for $10/each)

What You Get:

  • 20 Soft Gel Face Wax Strips
  • 24 Soft Gel Body Wax Strips
  • 12 Post-Wax Cloths
  • 1 Calming Serum

Ships to: Anywhere in the U.S., including overseas territories.

Good to Know: Flamingo is also available at Target stores and

Learn more at a glance >>

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Pros & Cons

The Pros
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Includes essential after-care.
  • Clear how-to instructions online as well as in the kit.
  • Easy to use.
The Cons
  • Lots of waste.
  • Face wax strips a bit messy.
  • Not as strong as salon waxing.
  • Face wax strips not recommended for eyebrows.
Is It Worth It?
  • For $19.00- yes! It’s not as clean as a professional wax, but it gets the job done at a great price and lasts longer than shaving.
I’d Recommend Flamingo Wax Strips If: 
  • You’re not able to visit your favorite salon but hate shaving.

Why did I try the Flamingo Head to Toe Wax Kit?

Since salons have been closed for over two months now in many states across the US, I got to wondering what people who normally had regular waxing appointments are doing to keep up with their hair removal regimen. While I’m fine letting my body and face hair flow, I think there are a lot of people champing at the bit right now to pay a visit to their Estheticians. I’ve never tried at-home waxing and since I (up until recently) was learning how to wax with professional-grade wax in beauty school, and I was curious how the Flamingo Wax Kit compared since I am already familiar with their razors (which I reviewed here).

Ordering Flamingo

Since Flamingo isn’t a subscription, it’s super straightforward and easy to order. Just add the kit to your bag and check out. It’s that simple! Shipping is free and I only had to pay $1.14 in tax on top of the cost of the kit. It took six days for my order to ship once I made the purchase (not bad in these COVID-19 times), and it arrived just two days later via USPS.

What comes in the kit?


The Head to Toe Waxing Kit is essentially a bundle of the face waxing kit and the body waxing kit in one. You’ll save a dollar getting both this way since each one is $10 on its own. They come in a branded cardboard Flamingo box, in their own respective boxes.

Face Wax Kit

The first kit in this duo is for my face. Everything comes neatly packaged with super clear instructions and photos on how to use them. The only downside is that when I read the fine print on the nice vellum info card, I saw that these strips are NOT recommended for eyebrows which is one of the main things I wanted to try it on. I’m not sure if it’s just a legality thing since getting anything too close to your eyes can be scary or if they think waxing your own brows with what I assume would be partially impaired vision is not a smart directive.


20 Soft Gel Face Wax Strips

The kit comes with 20 soft gel wax strips that come stuck to each other. What that means is that you’ll only see 10 pieces, but each one peels apart to reveal two single-sided wax strips. The actual wax strip on the cloth backing is 2.25″ long by 0.75″ wide. Smaller strips for smaller areas- makes sense!


6 Post-Wax Cloths

The kit also includes six single-use post-wax cloths. Each cloth unfolds to be roughly 5.5″ squared and is pre-moistened with oil. This is how you’ll remove any leftover sticky wax and make sure your skin is nice and clean. It’s also soothing to the skin after the trauma you just put it through.


1 Calming Serum, 0.17 oz.

Finally, the face wax kit comes with a small tube of calming serum. The tube has a metal rollerball which allows for easy application to the sensitive areas of the face with a nice cooling effect. The calming serum has some nice soothing ingredients like aloe, squalane, and lavender oil although it doesn’t have much a scent at all. There is a slight medicinal smell to it that is barely detectable.

Body Wax Kit

The body wax kit is the other half of this duo and is much like the face kit, but larger. It too comes with step-by-step directions (also available online) and a vellum info sheet with important precautions.


24 Soft Gel Body Wax Strips

In the body kit, there are four more wax strips and they’re much larger. These strips are 5.25″ long by 2″ wide so that they’re more suitable for larger areas like legs, arms, or armpits.


6 Post-Wax Cloths

The only other item included in the body kit is six packets of the same post-wax cloths from the face kit. Same 5.5″ squared size as well.

How do I use the wax strips?

The soft gel wax strips have no added fragrances or artificial colors and are made of a unique blend that Flamingo is the first to bring stateside. Not only does each kit come with instructions, but there is also a guide online right here. Anyone new to waxing should definitely read it over before moving forward. Each type of wax is different and needs to be applied and removed in specific directions.

  • First things first- there are certain criteria that Estheticians call “contraindications” which you should be aware of before you wax. If you meet any of the criteria- you should postpone your home wax sesh. These include things like sunburn, breakouts, rashes, etc. Even older (over 65) delicate skin should be handled with caution. Do a quick check of the ingredients in your skincare too. Products with retinoids, vitamins A and C, alcohol, or any recent exfoliation could make your skin overly sensitive or generally a no-go for waxing. Be sure to not double-wax any delicate areas like your face, AKA, don’t do a second go ’round on the same day. Wait 24-48 hours to give your skin a breather. Best thing to do? The ol’ patch test! Try a small part of skin and see how it reacts before proceeding.
  • Next, you’ll want to make sure the hair you’re about to wax is the right length. Flamingo suggests at least 1.5mm long. How the heck long is that? About the thickness of a toothpick, they say!
  • Your skin should be nice and clean before proceeding so that the soft gel can easily grab the hair. Make sure you haven’t used any lotion or body oil pre-wax. That won’t allow the wax to grip the hair properly.
  • Now that you’re all set- you will slowly pull the wax strips apart from each other to expose two one-sided strips. I noticed the face strips are quite a bit softer than the larger body strips. Almost a bit melty which made them potentially a little messy. At this time, you’ll want to pay attention to the direction that your hair grows. Generally speaking, leg and facial hair grows down, but everyone is different. Armpits can be really tricky and grow in spirals so that it’s not just a simple direction.
  • Placing the strip wax-side against your face, you’ll want to gently rub it against your skin in the same direction of your hair growth. For my legs, that means I’m gently rubbing all four of my fingers downward. For my upper lip, I rub from the center of my lip outward or down.
  • Give yourself a moment here. Reflect for a second before the pain that you know is coming. Then take your left hand (if you’re a righty) and hold the skin of the area you’re about to wax taut. If you’re waxing your shin, that means you’ll grab both sides of the back of your leg (basically, your calf) and pull tightly backward to brace the skin on your shin. The looser the skin is, the more it can hurt pulling the wax off, so this is key!
  • Now, with your other hand, take one end of the strip and pull against the direction of your hair (so for my leg, bottom-up). As Flamingo says, just like pulling off a bandage, in one swift motion. Try to keep your hand parallel with your leg as well while you’re pulling. Don’t just pull up to the sky.
  • The worst part is now over and you can reuse that same strip at least one more time if it still has a stickiness to it. You might be able to reuse that strip a few times if you have finer hair. Not every single hair came up with my first pull, so I went back and sort of spot-pulled the ones that I missed. If you’re curious like me- it’s also time to examine the strip to see all the satisfying hair that came out.
  • For the body- you’ll want to complete a full area (say, the entire bottom half of a leg at the least) before using a post-wax cloth. These babies have quite a bit of oil on them, so you can cover a large area and since they’re single-use you should toss them afterward. You may be able to use a single cloth for a full leg though. For the face, I’d complete a full area like the whole upper lip, or heck, even the full face before applying the cloth.
  • Finally, if you’re waxing your face, you’ll want to use the calming serum since the skin on our face is more sensitive.

How long do they last?

I don’t have a particularly hairy face, so my upper lip was the only area I ended up being able to use the face strips on. That is until I remembered how hairy my toes are, hahaha! I found these to be the perfect size to take care of that area without using the large body strips. Other uses for the smaller face strips could be the chin, sides of the face, or even to clean up the back of your hairline if you have a trusted friend or family member available. I think this kit has plenty to go around.

Although the body wax strips are larger, my first time using Flamingo, I found that one kit would most likely only take care of a pair of the lower part of my legs (below the knee) with perhaps some leftover for armpits (the worst pain I have ever felt and do not recommend). Everyone has different hair types and are different sizes though, so you’ll really need to figure out what’s right for you through trial and error. For me- I think I’d need two kits to get a full double leg wax taken care of.

One week after waxing my lower legs, I’m just starting to see the slightest hair growth with a stubbly feeling. For me, the hair that the wax strips pulled out lasted at least twice as long (if not longer) as shaving usually does. The fine hair on my lip still feels and looks completely gone, so it’s safe to say that these are more effective on vellus (fine) hair.

So, what’s the verdict?

I don’t think that Flamingo’s wax strips are as good as having a professional wax at a salon, but it sure beats shaving as far as how long it lasts. Flamingo has made a product that is super easy for anyone to use and without the potential to burn delicate skin with hot wax. That’s certainly a plus! In these non-operational salon times that most of us are currently living in, I think these wax strips are a good alternative and they’re also a heck of a lot cheaper than going to a professional Esthetician.

I found the body wax strips to be a bit less messy compared to the face strips since they were curiously a bit more solid. I found the face wax to be a little too soft so that it didn’t pull off as clean as the body strips but it was still able to grab my fine vellus hairs. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t advised to use them on my brows which were one of the main areas I wanted to clean up. These don’t perform without a little pain, but I think Flamingo’s aftercare cloths and serum are smart items to include and quite frankly, very necessary.

Have you tried the Flamingo Head to Toe Wax Kit?

"Flamingo makes body care for women with hair. We’ve made a collection of high-quality, effective products that start with hair removal. We all have hair in places we want and in places we don’t. And removing it shouldn’t be complicated."
Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.
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Wax strips worked ok. But “soothing lotion” burned like crazy and left my
upper lip red and oozing. Looks like a burn for sure. Anyone else experience the same???


Yes! I just tried the wax strip on my upper lip and it irritated the left side of my upper lip 🙁 looks like a burn. Feels dry. Overall they were okay to use on my face but probably won’t use them on my face! I am going to try other parts of my body next. Just going to wait


I just tried ordering these and it keeps saying my zip code is not the right one. Has anyone else had this problem!!? TIA!


I’ve been using these for a little over a year. They get a decent amount of hair pulled up and it’s not too painful. You do need to go over some areas a second time but they do well on both dark hairs and peach fuzz.


I have been using the flamingo strips on my upper lip area, once a month for about six months now. Every time I do, I want to cry because ouch, but it really does work and so I persist. I have found it most effective to use one set of strips for each use – it takes about two passes on each side to remove the majority of hairs, and I use tweezers on the remaining 5-6 clingers-on. My biggest issue is that I end up getting little whiteheads on the waxed skin that start about 2 days post-wax and pop up for another few days afterwards. If anyone has any advice on dealing with this, I’m all ears! I’ve tried washing my face pre and post-wax to minimize bacteria, and i have even applied triple AB once post-wax but nothing I have done seems to help.


Try dabbing a bit of tea tree oil (make sure it’s high grade stuff) on your face as soon as you finish waxing and then again on any white heads if they appear.


I had that problem on my chin and the thing that worked for me was wiping the area with 70% rubbing alcohol after I had cleaned any wax residue off and had washed the area with soap and water and dried it.


I use the Gigi heated body wax kit on my armpits- and the first time was def horrible. I’ve found that doing it every 2 weeks means the pain is minimal, I don’t have to shave, and I actually sweat less (gross, but true). I think the worst was trying to use that on my legs- messy and left my shins swollen from the pain for a day. Thinking of trying these strips for that instead! Thanks for the review!


These sound great! I would want want these for the very fine hairs around my upper lip. Do you think the larger strips could be cut down for smaller uses? If they could one kit would last practically forever!

Marne Orenich

Oh, I definitely think they could be cut down, as long as you keep them stuck together. That did not even occur to me! Haha.


Thanks for the review. I have eyebrows for 4 right now and I would be tempted by the kit if it was recommended for eyebrows. I am looking forward to the salon bring safe soon.


Good review. I have up on the wax strips that they sell in drug stores because they just aren’t strong enough. But maybe these would be worth a try. The only drugstore thing that has worked for me are the little Sally Hansen plug in pots of wax. But those can get messy.

I didn’t know Flamingo was owned by Harry’s!

Marne Orenich

The More You Know🌈🌟


meant to say “I have given up”


Thank you so much for the review! I am definitely missing my regular wax sessions for bikini and legs. I may give these a try because I shaving is the worst. I’m saving up for laser hair removal so it can done once and for all! I joke to my sister that I want to remove all the hair from my eyelashes down to my toes.


I’ve used them on my bikini area in the past, and they worked just fine and didn’t cause me any irritation–just make sure you’re mentally prepared for the pain! 😀

Marne Orenich

Laser hair removal- the dream! I hope it happens for you, Nicole!
Give the photo of the vellum info card above a glance (or check their site) to make sure the strips are all-good for the bikini area. One would assume, but just to be safe… 🙂


Thanks for the detailed review! I’ve seen these kits and wondered how they perform. I like the Flamingo razor.

Marne Orenich

My pleasure! They’re quite strong.

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