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My Subscription Addiction

Ekster vs. Ridge: My Choice Was Easy

Joey Capo
ByJoey CapoOct 27, 2022Sponsored

I was fed up with my bulky wallet and wanted to find something more slim and functional. My search for minimal carry options led me to smart wallets – but could a high-tech metal wallet also be sustainable, durable, and reliable? I was definitely intrigued by the idea though, so after a bit more research, I narrowed down my wallet search to two brands: Ekster wallets vs. Ridge wallets.

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If you want a slim and modern wallet that can fit everything…Ekster

With Ekster, I can carry over 10 credit cards and not deal with a bulky wallet. The quick card access button makes it easy to fan out all my cards at once so I can grab the one I need without having to take all of them out. It’s just so much easier than going through the slots of my old wallet.

If you prefer hard-case wallets…Ridge

I personally like leather wallets over aluminum wallets, but if you want a hard-case wallet, Ridge has an incredible array of wallets in excellent materials like aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. But these are also a tad more expensive than Ekster wallets, FYI.

If you want a smart wallet that goes with your tech…Ekster

Ever wish you could track your wallet as easily as you can track your phone? Me too! And since I started using my Ekster wallet, I now know where it is all the time. I got the optional tracker card that’s solar-powered and connects to my phone, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. I can literally just ask, “Hey, Siri, where’s my wallet?” to find it! That reassurance is absolutely priceless.

If you need help choosing the right wallet…Ekster

Switching from my not-so-cool wallet to a smart wallet was trickier than I expected. I had no idea wallets could be so tech-savvy! Ekster has a quiz to help you find the right one. You only have to answer a few questions, and Ekster gives you at least three different wallet options.

My final choice…Ekster!

After looking at the different options and features from Ekster vs. Ridge, my clear choice was Ekster. Here’s what I love the most about Ekster:

  • Ekster uses environmentally certified leather. The company’s commitment to sustainability is a huge plus, and I really appreciate companies that give back to our planet.
  • Ekster wallets are slim and functional. I can finally store my 10+ cards in a wallet without it looking bulky or taking me forever to sort through them. This has been a life-changing thing for me; I used to hate bringing my wallet to the beach or whenever I headed out for a walk because it was so bulky. Now, I can bring my credit cards, ID, entry cards, and whatever else I want, and it’s all perfectly packed in a slim wallet!
  • Last but not least, what sold me the most was the tracker and AirTag integration wallets. If you’ve ever lost your wallet, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now I can keep track of my wallet no matter where I am. I cannot tell you how many search hours I’ve saved in my life after getting this wallet!