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My Subscription Addiction

Vegamour vs. Rogaine: Discover My Hair Hero

Valerie Alvarez
ByValerie AlvarezOct 24, 2022Sponsored

I don’t know about you, but as I’ve aged, my hair has started to thin. It falls out easily in the shower and doesn’t have the life that it once had. I tested clean beauty powerhouse Vegamour against big name Rogaine to see which hair growth product is the best for me.

If you want natural, toxin-free products: Vegamour

Vegamour’s products are free from hormones, sulfates, parabens, keratine, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. Rogaine contains minoxidil, which can potentially cause irritation, scalp itching, or burning.

On the other hand, I was relieved to read Vegamour's GRO and GRO+ lines are 100% vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, eco-ethical, and cruelty-free ingredients. Instead of minoxidil and keratin, Vegamour turns to eco-friendly plant actives such as turmeric, red clover, and Karmatin™ for shiny, boisterous locks.

If you're looking for a holistic routine: Vegamour

Both Vegamour and Rogaine require long-term use for the best results, but Vegamour makes it easy to incorporate hair growth actives into your routine.

Vegamour’s GRO and GRO+ lines of shampoos and conditioners, serums, and more make hair growth maintenance a breeze. Rogaine’s formula has to be used indefinitely to see results, meaning there may be no end in sight. So, if you’re looking to maintain hair growth results with a unique line of products rather than just a treatment serum, Vegamour wins.

If you’re looking for an FDA-Approved Brand: Rogaine

Though Vegamour users report 76% less shedding and a 52% increase in hair density, Rogaine boasts FDA backing. For those who feel comfortable with a brand that has been around for decades, Rogaine may be the better choice.

However, Vegamour excels in ease of use. Vegamour's GRO Hair Serum is applied topically to the scalp once per day–easy! Conversely, Rogaine is applied twice per day, so Vegamour is the more convenient option of the two.

If you want an easy subscription option: Vegamour

One of Vegamour’s advantages stems from its flexible subscription model: subscribers can choose their frequency and pause, cancel, or update anytime. On the other hand, Rogaine doesn’t offer a subscription model, so you’ll have to be mindful about placing another order before you run out.

The Ultimate Winner: Vegamour

Overall, I definitely think Vegamour is the best option for kickstarting your hair growth journey. Vegamour’s clinically proven ingredients are efficacious, hormone-free, and plant-based, so you can feel good about continued use. I’ve already started replacing my hair care routine with Vegamour’s GRO Collection!