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My Subscription Addiction

Charlotte’s Web vs. Rejuvia: Which Is The Better Product?

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsJan 7, 2023Partnership

Why have over 200,000+ people switched over to Rejuvia's oral sprays in the past year? Is the fame and publicity from the health industry real?

Well, we decided to do the ultimate comparison: Charlotte's Web vs Rejuvia. Both brands offer high quality hemp products that can offer relief from stress, discomfort and trouble sleeping... but Rejuvia has been receiving tons of fame and publicity recently for their breakthrough oral sprays.

Not only have they already amassed a loyal customer base of 200,000+, but they 5-star reviews are coming in left and right.

So we compared them against Charlotte's Web in terms of effectiveness, quality and price. There was a clear winner between them and it most certainly is going to surprise you...

Product Effectiveness: Rejuvia's Oral Sprays Win By Far!

I squirted two droppers of Charlotte Web's oil under my tongue and waited about 60 minutes to judge the effectiveness. For Rejuvia's oral sprays, I sprayed them 6-8 times under my tongue and waited the same period of time.

Right away, I could feel that Rejuvia's oral sprays worked significantly faster. I noticed the effects kicking in after just 10 minutes or so. I expected that, though, because the oral sprays are able to be absorbed by your body significantly faster and more efficiently.

I'm also a fan of how fun Rejuvia's oral sprays are to use! You just spray them 6-8 times under your tongue and swallow. They have a delightful mint taste.

With Charlotte Web's oil, I noticed effects after 60 minutes of waiting around. While I did notice them, they weren't as strong as those as I felt with Rejuvia's oral sprays. They did last a bit longer, but, honestly Rejuvia's world-famous oral sprays had a significantly faster impact and helped me feel much less stressed, anxious and worried.

So, in terms of overall effectiveness, Rejuvia's oral sprays definitely win this one.

Product Quality & Ingredients: The Two Companies Tie!

For this comparison, I used both Charlotte Web's tincture oil that I used in the effectiveness category as well as Rejuvia's oral sprays.

I could tell Charlotte's Web had quality products: they're organic, clean and contain all-natural ingredients. So I felt comfortable ingesting them. But, the same goes for Rejuvia! Their oral sprays are Certified Organic, all-natural, vegan and gluten-free and really fun to use.

Rejuvia's oral sprays contain a blend of more than just hemp: they contain herbs, minerals adaptogens and more, which is probably why their products are a bit more effective. Both companies display their lab reports on their website and confirm that all of their products are triple lab-tested for purity and potency.

Both Rejuvia and Charlotte's Web are leading the industry in terms of product quality, so this comparison is a tie!

Rejuvia Oral Sprays

Price and New Customer Deals: Rejuvia Wins With Better Prices and Deals

While I was hoping for this comparison to be a bit closer... it wasn't. Rejuvia really offers better prices for their customers and better deals for new customers who haven't tried their oral sprays yet!

Charlotte’s Web’s standard tincture oil starts at $95.99 which requires a serious investment. I was also not able to find any deals they offer new customers when I went to their site.

Rejuvia, though, starts at just $40 and offers all new customers $15 off their first order, free same-day shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee. It's really an incredible deal for the value you get with their premium oral sprays.

So, in terms of price point and deals for new customers, it seems like Rejuvia is the clear winner!

The Overall Winner: Rejuvia Beats Charlotte's Web!

Overall, Rejuvia definitely beats Charlotte's Web! While the two tied on product quality, Rejuvia offers significantly more effective products, better prices and better deals for new customers.

I'd highly recommend you try out Rejuvia's oral sprays if you haven't before. Their oral sleep spray is one of the most effective sleep aids I have ever used in my life. I wholeheartedly swear by it!

I was skeptical about the 200,000+ loyal customers Rejuvia has and their 5,000+ 5-star reviews, but now I get it. Their products have been featured everywhere too, like Heathline, Health Magazine, Women's Health, Men's Health and more.

I'd highly recommend you purchase your oral sprays in a bundle from Rejuvia that offers you more sprays for less:

Sleep Spray Pack: Get 4 x Sleep Sprays (4-month Supply) For 50% Savings

Oral Spray Pack: Get 2 x Sleep Sprays & 2 x Stress Sprays For 50% Savings

Stress Spray Pack: Get 4 x Stress Sprays (4-month Supply) For 50% Savings

But seriously, if you’re in the market for an alternative to Charlotte's Web or simply want to give a unique, breakthrough product a shot, then these oral sprays from Rejuvia are 100% worth it!

RC Williams
RC Williams
RC is the newest member of the MSA team and a consumer product fanatic! In his free time, RC loves reviewing health products, discovering new restaurants in Philadelphia and going on long outdoor runs!