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Busy Mom Life: How My Child Eats Healthy & Nutritious Meals On-The-Go

Brittani Krebbs
ByBrittani KrebbsNov 11, 2022In Partnership With Little Spoon

If you are a mom on the go - or let's be real - just anyone who needs healthy snacks and meals for your toddler, you need to check out Little Spoon.

I am the type of parent who brings healthy snacks for my toddler everywhere we go (I didn't think I would be that mom, but here we are). The hardest part about that is although the snacks I bring are healthy, they’re just that… snacks. If I'm out during lunchtime, I have to stop somewhere for us to get lunch, or rely on all the snacks to be her lunch. And that just doesn’t cut it.


Here is where Little Spoon saves my life: with 30+ different meal options and new recipes every month, Little Spoon makes it easy to have quick nutritious meals in literally seconds. All you do is pop it in the microwave and you have a healthy meal. Our current favorite is this one with chicken nuggets, sweet potato bites, and broccoli. My hack for leaving the house and not stopping at fast food restaurants (because that’s so tempting) is popping the food in the microwave right before we leave, putting it in some Tupperware, and then I have ready-to-go food for my toddler.

I may be the type that packs all the healthy snacks and food items on the go, but I am not skilled in the meal prep department. Little Spoon makes ready-to-go meals that much easier. My toddler wants to try different foods all the time - if it wasn't for Little Spoon, that just wouldn't be possible.


Let's talk about the price. Little Spoon’s Finger Foods and Kids Meals start at $4.99 PER MEAL. For a time-strapped parent, that is a steal. If you consider the cost of time, effort, and money in purchasing fresh produce and other ingredients, you really can’t beat Little Spoon’s price, quality, and convenience. Plus, you can keep Little Spoon Plates, Babyblends, and Smoothies in the fridge for up to 14 days and up to 3 months in the freezer.

Before Little Spoon, I would resort to getting the healthiest fast food option I could find, which usually meant a kids' meal with chicken nuggets, a small fruit cup, and water. But even then, that would cost $6.25+ and provide way less health and nutrition. So, I not only save money with Little Spoon, but my daughter also gets something packed with protein and veggies.


I highly recommend trying Little Spoon for your growing toddler. Like I said we get busy, and sometimes meals are the last thing we want to think about. Having a go-to meal that is jam-packed with everything your toddler needs is so worth it on those days life feels like a struggle.

Brittani Krebbs
Brittani Krebbs

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