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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Boycotting the Pink Tax: A Break-Up Letter to My Drug Store

Jordyn Mannino
ByJordyn ManninoJun 27, 2022In partnership with Flamingo

Truth be told, there was a time when I was excited to shave. Back in my preteen days, I was so jealous of my older sister – I thought she was so cool with her pink razors and fruit-scented shaving cream. Then I got older and started using my own pink razors – unfortunately, the glam of it all ran out as quickly as my first bottle of shaving cream.

Getting Around the Pink Tax with Flamingo

I shave way more of my body than just my legs, which causes razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs in sensitive areas. Turns out the way to alleviate this irritation is to regularly use a fresh blade. Desperate, I would buy a variety pack of razors and use each color for a different body part. Keeping up with this was as ridiculous as it sounds – I needed a new pack of razors every few weeks and high-quality razors at my local drug store are ridiculously priced. Also, men’s razors tend to be cheaper than women’s – I first noticed this when I saw men’s and women’s razors from the same brand side-by-side at my drugstore. Seemingly the only difference between them was that the women’s razors were pink.

Reality is, women are not only paid less than men but they are also charged more for the same stuff. To overcome this disparity, I knew I needed to find a product for women that was made by women. Through some online research, I stumbled across Flamingo. Flamingo provides high-quality feminine body-care products for shaving, waxing, shave-irritation treatment, and moisturizing. As a plus, all these products are listed at a fraction of the cost of their name-brand counterparts!

All the Shaving Essentials that Fit in My Budget

I tried their $5 Starter Set, which included a razor handle, 5-blade cartridge, foaming shave gel, and shower hook. Not only was this set packed with high-value products, but it’s also extremely well-priced! A name-brand razor handle and blade cartridges alone would have cost me well over that price at my local drug store.

Eager to try my new product, I ran to the bathroom right when it arrived. Out of the box, it was already amazing – as we know looks aren’t everything, but as far as razors go, Flamingo is the most attractive razor I’ve ever had. They had a lot of cute colors like Rose and Lilac but I decided to go with Sage. The soft rubber handle promotes practical and aesthetically pleasing use in the shower.

The Smoothest Shave for Every Body Part

As for razor quality, words don’t do it justice. The 5, ultra-thin blades glide friction-free over my skin and the razor head is equipped with aloe and shea butter to promote total comfort and capture every hair while leaving your skin smooth and silky. To top it off, the razor also has a flexible hinge to use in hard-to-shave areas, so the razor moves with your body rather than against it. From my bikini line to my underarms, Flamingo’s razors have left me totally unscathed – I’ve been using my original blade cartridge for a month and have not had razor burn, bumps, or ingrown hairs.

You’ll probably still get a high-quality shave just using soap and water, but for an even better experience, I highly recommend using Flamingo’s Foaming Shave Gel. This shaving cream adds a thick, creamy layer between my skin and the razor, leaving my skin silky, soft, and smelling great. A little goes a long way with Flamingo’s Foaming Shave Gel – so it’s totally worth it.

Final Thoughts

I have to say: Flamingo is hands down the best razor and shaving cream duo I’ve used. To ensure I never look back, I’ve thrown out my old brand-name razors and exclusively use Flamingo now. I’ve also shamelessly recommended Flamingo to all my friends and family, to not only get high-quality products but to also protect them from the Pink Tax we’ve been subjected to.