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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Blueland Cleaning Products: Is This The Future Of Clean?

Sara San Angelo
BySara San AngeloApr 5, 2022

As a professional house cleaner for 20 years, I have tried hundreds of cleaning products and I’m always eager to try the “next big thing” to make my job easier. Let’s face it, cleaning sucks, especially cleaning for my train wreck clients. But as I’ve gotten older and more concerned about my health and the environment, I want easy cleaning that won’t take out my lungs or any baby seals. That’s why I was super excited to try Blueland cleaning products.

Blueland boasts it is the “Future of Clean.” And rightfully so. They were one of the first companies to come up with refillable and reusable cleaning bottles. And their products are eco-friendly and zero-waste.

Just order a starter kit to get you going, plop in the cleaner tablets and go! To make it even easier, Blueland offers a subscription service that will send refills on your schedule and you get 10% off.

But does it work?

I decided to try the Blueland products at home first and if I like them, roll them out to my clients. My client Midge shouldn’t be a problem. She is on board with saving the planet. She asked me the other day what she could do to chip in. I told her recycling her vodka bottles would probably be a good start. The Artist would be a hard sell. She is a self-proclaimed germaphobe and ever since the pandemic has readied an arsenal of harsh chemicals for me to clean with. She would probably have me clean with fire if it came in a spray bottle.

Testing Blueland At Home

But not to fret, my house is dirty enough. Some people think that cleaners have immaculate homes themselves. This could not be further from the truth. After cleaning other people’s houses all day, the last thing you want to do is come home and clean your own. I mean, my house is “kept”, but I wouldn’t open the microwave right now if I were you.

So here are some of the products that most impressed me from the Blueland Clean Suite Kit ($83 or $74 if you choose to subscribe for refills), a starter kit that includes 7 different kinds of cleaner tablets for different areas in your home and 7 reusable bottles:

The Forever bottles: Every cleaning lady knows that sometimes a cleaning solution is only as good as the bottles they come in. It’s so frustrating when the sprayer on a bottle goes out in the middle of a big job. Or the spray is too weak. I really like the design of the bottle and spray apparatus on the Blueland Forever bottles. They are comfortable to hold and sturdy. The sprayer is powerful with a full spray to cover a surface easily.

The Multi-Surface Cleaner: What struck me first was how pretty the bottles are. I tend to keep a cleaner on the counter for quick clean-ups and this would be much more aesthetically pleasing than Mr. Clean’s face guilt-tripping me into cleaning more. PRO TIP: Keep separate cleaning supplies in the kitchen and bathrooms for quick cleans.

I decided to put it to the test on the dreaded microwave. I sprayed the solution and let it sit for a few minutes. PRO TIP: Most cleaners actually have to sit on the surface for several minutes to clean effectively, especially disinfectants like bleach.

It did a great job and I was surprised it cut through the grease so effectively.


The Glass and Mirror Cleaner: The glass cleaner cut through my toothpaste-riddled mirror with ease and left no streaks. PRO TIP: Use a microfiber cloth to clean your mirrors. This will reduce the lint left by paper towels.

The Dishwasher Tablets: I think I was most impressed with the dishwasher tablets. I tend to throw the dishes in the dishwasher without rinsing at all. So I was pretty surprised that they came out so clean and sparkling.

So all and all, I was pretty impressed with Blueland Cleaning Products. Now to try them on the little train wrecks:

Testing Blueland With My Train Wreck Clients

Client #1: Midge

Age: 72

Status: Widowed, rumored to be a millionaire

Cleanliness Level: Nonexistent

  • Moldy dishes under bed
  • Broken glass on the floor covered with towels until I arrive (I like to call these my little Love Mines)

Blueland Challenge: Bathroom

  • After years of hoarding bottles, there’s more leaking in there than just the faucet, if you know what I mean

Results: Anyone who has ever cleaned a toilet knows that poop is the hardest substance on the planet when stuck to porcelain. I’ve used tons of products on Midge’s throne and I just find myself scrubbing and scrubbing. That’s why I was so impressed with Blueland’s bathroom spray. It cut through that stuff like butter! This gave me time to clean up the little Love Mines and order her plastic sippy cups.

Client thoughts: I explained to her that she would only have three bottles of cleaner under the sink for the whole house and she got really excited about the prospect of having more room for her vodka bottles.

PRO TIP: Cleaning supply clutter underneath the sink can be dangerous. Bottles can tip over and spill and mix with other chemicals, causing toxic fumes. Blueland eliminates this hazard.

Client #2: The Artist

Age: 25

Status: Single, sells portion of Adderall script to pay me

Cleanliness Level: Manic

  • Self-proclaimed germaphobe with an arsenal of harsh chemical cleaners

Blueland Challenge: Getting through the door

  • Would rather clean with fire

Results: I placed the Blueland bottles on the counter and told her this is a new way to clean. She seemed mesmerized by the aesthetically pleasing form and color. She agreed to give it a try. I cleaned the whole house while she cradled the glass cleaner.

Client thoughts: Seemed pleased with the results but asked why her nostrils weren’t burning when I was finished. I told her that was a good thing and that her house did not have to be a completely sterile environment. Being exposed to some germs can be good for the immune system. Her eyes glazed over while I was explaining this so I showed her some pictures of baby seals. Seemed happy.

PRO TIP: Burning nostrils is not a good thing.

So for now, my little train wrecks are happy and my house is clean. Now if Blueland could make me a wine glass that doesn’t spill…

Sara San Angelo
Sara San Angelo

Sara San Angelo a.k.a The Cleaning Lady is a professional house cleaner with 20 years of experience cleaning houses.  She also runs a sucessful blog, www.confessionsofacleaninglady.com full of great cleaning tips, product reviews and hilarious stories about her train wreck clients. She's been featured in Woman’s DayApartmentTherapy.comYahoo NewsRealhomes.com, Homes and Gardens Magazine and Mel Magazine.