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Birchbox vs Ipsy: Which Beauty Subscription Box Is Best for You?

birchbox vs. ipsy beauty subscription box comparison 2019

In this round of our comparison series, we’re matching up Birchbox vs. ipsy, two affordable, extremely popular beauty subscription boxes. (Both boxes scored in the top 5 of our readers' favorite beauty subscription boxes of 2019!)

If you’re deciding between these two popular favorites, we're here to help you pick the box that's perfect for you! We'll break down the information you care about most: the types of beauty products you’ll get from each box, their customization options, and what loyalty programs and other benefits these brands offer.

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birchbox vs. ipsy popular beauty boxes comparison

Beauty Samples vs. Full-Size Items

What sizes of beauty products can you expect from each of these popular subscriptions? Here's the scoop:

Does Birchbox include full-size items?

Birchbox offers 5 to 6 items each month. Most are sample-sized with the occasional deluxe size item (that’s bigger than a sample, but not quite full-size.) Every so often you’ll receive a full-size product as a surprise.

Does ipsy include full-size items?

ipsy product sizes also vary from month-to-month, with their primary focus being on sample sizes. However, it’s possible that 1 or 2 full-size items will show up in your monthly bag, too. Remember, with ipsy, your 5 products per month are delivered in a cute, cosmetic bag—you can count it as a bonus item!

If you're interested full-size items, ipsy does offer the Glam Bag Plus subscription. This box costs $25 per month, but the difference is that you get 5 full-size items. The Glam Bag Plus has a retail value of $120, so it's a great deal if you love trying full-size items. (Check out our ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews here.)

If you love the ease of sample sizes, both subscriptions are a good fit. Sample sizes let you try products and buy full sizes of what you love later.

birchbox vs. ipsy makeup and beauty subscription boxes comparison


Both of these beauty boxes are surprisingly affordable, but one does come out on top.

How much does Birchbox cost?

Birchbox costs $15 per month (or less when you sign up for a longer subscription). Each month, you'll get 5 to 6 items that often include specialty and luxury brands. (To learn more, check out our Birchbox cost information.)

How much does ipsy cost?

ipsy costs $12 per month (or less when you sign up for a longer subscription). Each month, you'll get 5 items, but you also get a cute makeup bag with each box. (The design changes every month.) ipsy features some high-end brands, but they mix it up with beloved drugstore brands, too. (To learn more, check out our ipsy cost information.)

ipsy is the more affordable monthly beauty subscription box, plus you can always count on getting a new makeup bag in addition to great beauty products!

birchbox vs. ipsy which beauty subscription box is right for you?


ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox are super affordable. (Both boxes made our readers' list of the top 15 subscription boxes for $15 or less!) But which has a better value, given what's inside? Each month, we look at the value of what we got in each box, comparing the amount of product we received with the retail value and amount associated with full-size versions. A little bit of math later, and we can estimate about how much each assortment is worth.

To compare the boxes overall, we looked at the values we came up with for 6 months of reviews and estimated the average value for each box across those months. Remember that the contents of each Birchbox or ipsy Glam Bag can vary a lot month to month, but this system should give you a general sense of the value you can expect with each shipment.

Is Birchbox worth it?

Birchbox costs $15 per month, but consistently has a value of upwards of $30 per month, according to our estimates.

Is ipsy worth it?

ipsy costs just $12 per month, but the value of what's inside ranges between $30 and $50 per month, according to our estimates. Sometimes it's worth even more!

Value-wise, both bags pack a similar punch. But according to our math, ipsy has the edge.

birchbox vs ipsy beauty samples subscription box comparison


Both Birchbox and ipsy cater to your personal beauty preferences. However, there’s way more personalization with ipsy. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Is Birchbox personalized?

Birchbox has two primary subscription options: curated and sample. With the curated box, all of the items are revealed before it ships. You'll know what Birchbox-approved products you're getting ahead of time, but it’s the same assortment as other subscribers who choose the curated option will get. With the sample box, you choose one sample item and leave the rest to Birchbox to pick. The items Birchbox picks for you will reflect the preferences in your beauty profile. You can also choose to include full-size items as add-ons in your box. (Check out our Birchbox spoiler posts to learn more about what you get.)

Is ipsy personalized?

ipsy is known for featuring over 40 different beauty products in their Glam Bags every month! That means that the samples in your ipsy bag could be way different from the samples we review each month. The items you receive will align with the preferences you set in your beauty profile. You can update them anytime if you're looking to shake things up. We recommend checking out our ipsy spoilers to get an idea of what products you could get, but remember that you won’t know exactly which products you're getting until you open your box!

ipsy's subscription is specifically designed to cater to your personal preferences. Birchbox gives you the option of getting items specifically chosen for you or simply an assortment of Birchbox-recommended crowd-pleasers. 

birchbox vs. ipsy examples of products


Both subscriptions feature beauty products such as makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and even nail polish and perfumes! Remember that individual boxes vary month to month, so the breakdown of what categories of beauty products you get will likely change.

What do you get with Birchbox?

Birchbox focuses on makeup, hair products, and skin care, but you can also expect body care and fragrance samples. What exact items you receive depends on your subscription (if you sign up for a custom subscription, for instance, you'll get products geared towards your preferences), but expect items from a few different beauty categories in each box.

What do you get with ipsy?

With ipsy, you’ll get a little bit of everything related to beauty. You can expect a mix of makeup, skincare, and nail polish, with occasional perfume samples. We’ve also seen makeup tools like brushes featured pretty regularly. Remember, the breakdown of which beauty categories are represented in each box is inspired by the preferences you set in your profile.

Both boxes offer a great mix of products across different beauty categories. But in our experience, Birchbox is a great pick for people who love skincare. ipsy’s inclusion of nail polish makes it the better choice for nail art fans. 

(Check out our Birchbox reviews and our ipsy reviews to get a better look at the products you can expect from each subscription.)

birchbox vs. ipsy subscription boxes comparison

Coupons & Discounts

These beauty boxes are already affordable, but did you know there are ways you can save even more? 

Is there a Birchbox coupon code I can use?

Yes! Check out our Birchbox coupons page to see the most current offers. Note that you get the best value from Birchbox when you subscribe to their 12-month subscription, which brings cost down to $13 per month. (You can find more details on our Birchbox cost information page.)

Is there an ipsy coupon code I can use?

Unfortunately, ipsy doesn't offer additional discounts on their subscriptions, though they do offer programs such as ipsy Rewards that help existing members earn points towards new beauty products. Like Birchbox, ipsy's 12-month subscription is the best value, bringing the cost down to $9.17 per month. (You can find more details on our Ipsy cost information page.)

When it comes to coupons, it's Birchbox for the win!

birchbox vs. ipsy comparison between two popular subscription boxes


Most subscribers don’t like to call customer care to cancel a subscription. But—good news! It’s relatively easy to cancel your subscription at both Birchbox and ipsy with just a few clicks.

How to Cancel Your Birchbox Subscription

  1. Log into your Birchbox account
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click Cancel Subscription under the Subscriptions heading

Birchbox subscriptions automatically renew, so if you need to cancel, do so before the next billing cycle. You can cancel Birchbox at any time, and you also have the option to pause and resubscribe.

For more information, read our Birchbox cancelation instruction page.

How to Cancel Your ipsy Subscription

  1. Log onto your ipsy account.
  2. Hit edit account settings
  3. Click “membership”
  4. Select “cancel subscription”
  5. Click the cancellation link in your email

We found that this process was a touch less streamlined compared to canceling with Birchbox.  Since your subscription automatically renews, be sure to cancel before the next billing cycle. (Note that you have the option to pause and resubscribe to ipsy, too.)

For more information, read our ipsy cancelation instruction page.

When it comes to canceling, Birchbox has a slightly easier process.

birchbox vs. ipsy comparing two top beauty subscription boxes

Shipping & Tracking

Both Birchbox and ipsy offer free shipping! Here are some more shipping details you should know before subscribing:

Birchbox shipping details

Birchbox subscriptions usually ship the 10th of each month. New subscriber boxes will ship within 10 business days of the order date. If you purchase a product that you’ve sampled from a box, that will also ship free! Birchbox ships to the US, with international orders through Birchbox France, Birchbox Spain, and Birchbox UK.

Birchbox will send you an email with shipping and tracking info once your package is on the way. You can also log into your account and click on "Purchase History." (You can find more details on our Birchbox shipping information page.)

ipsy shipping details

ipsy subscriptions typically ship mid-month (from North Carolina) and arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Shipments are sent in batches so expect timing to vary. ipsy ships to the U.S. and its territories, APO, DPO, and FPO boxes, and Canada.

ipsy will send you an email with shipping and tracking info near the middle of the month. You can also track your package by logging into your ipsy account. (You can find more details on our Ipsy shipping information page.)

birchbox vs. ipsy what you get in two popular beauty subscription boxes


In-demand boxes can sometimes mean waitlists for potential members. So, do either of these subscriptions have a waitlist to worry about?

Does Birchbox have a waitlist?

Birchbox does not currently have a waitlist.

Does ipsy have a waitlist?

ipsy's new members start out on the waitlist, but ipsy aims to make the wait short. Past members skip the waitlist if they resubscribe.

Want to skip the waitlist entirely? MSA readers can skip the waitlist just by clicking here!

When it comes to waitlists, it's a draw as long as you use MSA's special ipsy link!

birchbox vs. ipsy sample beauty products subscription box

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Both beauty boxes provide special programs to help subscribers get even more out of their membership.

What is the Birchbox loyalty program?

Birchbox offers rewards through its Loyalty Program. There's also one for VIPs (more on that below). You'll earn 1 loyalty point for each $1 you spend, and points can be used toward Birchbox purchases. You earn points through purchases of subscriptions and full-size products but note that you can't redeem them on your own re-billable subscription. You also get 50 loyalty points when one of your referrals subscribes. You can earn points through product reviews of box items, too, but only for the first five reviews you complete. They also need to be posted by the 9th of the month after the date received. It's a tight window, so you have to be organized not to miss it!

Points expire 6 months from the date they were earned. You can redeem them during checkout by clicking on "Payment Details." Points equal out to a value of around $10 per 100 points.

Birchbox also offers an "ACES" Loyalty Program for VIPs. You automatically become an "ACE" once you've spent $300 in a calendar year, and subscriptions count towards that total. Once you're an ACE, you'll earn 1.3 points for each $1 you spend. The additional benefits include early access to promotions and launches, concierge service from their Discovery Specialist team, and other exclusive offers and surprises. The "ACE" program also gives you free standard shipping on full-size orders and free two-day shipping on orders of $100 or more. The biggest perk of the ACES program is the subscription discount. ACE members pay only $10 a box.

What is the ipsy loyalty program?

ipsy offers rewards through a points program that lets you redeem earned points for products. So how do you earn points?

You have four ways to earn points from ipsy as an active subscriber:

  • Referrals: Receive a unique referral link and earn 250 points for each sign-up within 24 hours.
  • Follow creators: Earn 10 points following ipsy creators on Twitter and Youtube.
  • Product reviews: Review Glam Bag products for 15 points each.
  • Full Glam Bag Review: Review your monthly Glam Bag "experience" for 10 points each time.

As you can see, the best way to earn points is by referring your friends. Keep in mind, you can still earn plenty of points through follows and reviews. You'll get 85 a month for product and Glam Bag reviews—that adds up to a free product every 4 months or so since the products you can redeem typically start at around 350 points, and those products will be included in your next monthly Glam Bag. You can find your point total on your Points tab, and they expire 12 months from the date earned. You can see the type of reward products they offer on our ipsy Rewards page.

Both Birchbox and ipsy have great rewards programs (especially referral programs). ipsy is definitely more hands-on if you want to earn points through reviewing products. Birchbox gives you points just for spending money. 

birchbox vs. ipsy which one is the better beauty subscription box

Should I Get Birchbox or ipsy?

Real talk: both of these subscriptions are awesome! That’s why they’re consistently popular with our readers. It’s easy to recommend both to your family and friends. When you look at them side-by-side, you can see that they each have their own perks and values when you break it down.

Birchbox: It’s a classic subscription in the beauty genre and a great way to try out niche brands and luxury items at a reasonable price. You get to test specialty items before making a big commitment. You also get a great variety, and usually, you'll something to fall in love with in every box. If you want control over your subscription and the option to pick a sample (or even the whole box) each month, this is the right choice for you. Sign up for Birchbox here!

ipsy: You can’t beat the $12 price point. It’s an affordable option that makes it an easy subscription to try. The cute makeup bags are a definite plus! We also find ipsy to be a great starter subscription for folks who are new to the beauty box world. If you’re looking for to try a makeup subscription, ipsy’s great because of the variety, personalization, and surprise factor. If retail value of the products is the most important factor to you, we recommend Ipsy. Sign up for ipsy here!

Remember, if you really can’t make a decision, there’s no harm in subscribing to both! And don't forget to explore other popular women's subscription boxes like these top readers' picks!

Molly Pennington
Molly Pennington
Packages on my doorstep filled with all things lush and lovely? I am so here for subscription boxes! I love them best when they’re chock-full of tiny luxuries, natural beauty products, and any kind of lip gloss. I’m also a big fan of books, tea and stuff that sparkles.

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I have subscriptions to both. I’ve been quite pleased with the majority of the items, however I have no need for all the little Ipsy cosmetic bags and find them wasteful. Burchbox products, so far, have come in cute boxes or useful bags, such as a silicone sandwich bag or mesh beach bag.

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I used this company for over a year and loved it so much I upgraded my bag to the glam plus in Feb. 2021 and also bought a make-up palette. I’ve been charged monthly now for not one but BOTH subscriptions and have received ZERO merchandise since placing my order and being charged for my monthly bag(s) since Feb 2. This company is literally impossible to reach since the chat is simply an automated response stating I haven’t received my item due to extended shipping times because of covid. I can’t find a number to contact them or speak to an actual person. The automated chat stated they don’t offer refunds so I’m now having to dispute $118.72 in charges with my credit card company. I feel that this company is a scam now and would highly advise against using them to save yourself the headache down the road.

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Gretchen Tripp

I had ipsy for a few years and rarely got suff i like. When i cacelledi had to jump through a million hoops. Im going to give birch box a try. I had a million cometic bags. U an only use one…maybe 2.

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I had Ipsy for 1 month. While I understand they can send whatever products, I clearly stated that I wasn’t a fan of eyeshadow or mascara (as I’ve gotten older they both make my eyes tear, regardless of what brand I use). First bag had both in it. Also thought about it and I don’t need a new makeup bag every month. Seems like a huge waste.

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I subscribed to Ipsy then had several friends tell me about Birchbox and they liked it better so I tried it and by no means was I impressed after three months of trying it. Birchbox first of all is more expensive, second your products come in a cardboard box, not a cute makeup bag, third the products are always tiny samples and last they are never name brands ( items you could get full size at the dollar store for a buck a piece- $5 instead of $15 and full sized). To top it off their business practices are not honest. They have no phone number for customer service and when you try to cancel the month to month subscription they tell you you can’t! Ipsy is by far a much better deal you will be much happier with. Birchbox is a total rip off. You could get better products for free just by going to the cosmetic counter at a department store in the mall. Ipsy also gives you makeup brushes a lot so you can have a nice collection of them as well as allow you to pick one of your monthly items if you choose to do so each month or whenever you’d like!

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It looks like this was updated in September 2020… The basic Ipsy subscription hasn’t been $10 for some time now. It’s $12.

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This was really helpful! I just cancelled Ipsy and am trying Birchbox. I did get some items I like with Ipsy but they also sent me eyeliner in three out of five glam bags, despite me marking that “rarely” in my profile. I also feel like the makeup bags are wasteful – I’d rather just get a box that I can recycle. So here’s hoping Birchbox is a success! I also liked the bonus for signing up for the six month (in May): a full-size Sunday Riley CEO Cream.

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I switched to Birchbox, I cancelled ipsy due to the fact that they just sent me an empty package. I paid for a piece of pink packaging envelope.

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I have never received a full sized item from ipsy. And probably 4 out of the 8 months I’ve gotten ipsy bags one item was either missing or shipped to me Dana he’s (like it was obviously put into the mailer damaged if nothing else was damaged in the shipment). And my bags come later and later each month. The items are not in line with my preferences. And i no longer receive high end brands like they advertise. It’s usually drug store brands or stuff I’ve never heard of in cheap packaging. And the sample sizes have gotten smaller and smaller over the months. I cancelled today and signed up for Birchbox. Hoping for a better experience.

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Do you have an updated review for birchbox??

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Cindy Hatchett

This ia question.can you pick what you want in the box each month?

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Julie Anne Newkirk

Ipsys customer service is amazing, Birchbox has terrible customer service. I had cancelled my Birchbox subscription because the choices this month were terrible. I received a $5 coupon to come back. I also saw on msa that you get a free tarte palette with year membership (no coupon code needed). The “customer service” person that answered my email refused to give me the palettle because I used the $5 off. Ipsy on the other hand will bend over backwards for their customers.

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After birchbox raised its price to $15 — it became a no brainer to switch to ipsy. Birchbox boasts the ability to pick one of your samples (or a curated box), but this can also be done to some extent with ipsy’s add ons. If you add just one of the $3 stuff, you’ll still end up spending less than the cost of one birchbox. You’ll get one sample you liked/picked/bought, plus the 5 samples that ipsy picked for you. Both ipsy and birchbox miss with customization more often than we’d like, but that’s just the nature of subscription boxes. In my experience though, sadly when birchbox misses, it misses by a mile.

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I understand what you are saying, but I think with the competition of ipsy and sephora play, birchbox was losing a lot of subscribers, and had to reinvent itself. By raising its price to $15, it’s now completing with allure and maybe boxy. It’s supposed to have higher item values as compared to previous boxes.

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I think “no brainer” was too strong of a choice of words, it’s not my intent to disrespect people who have chosen and are happy with birchbox.

Dia, now that i think about it, i agree it don’t seem right to pit birchbox against ipsy anymore. Its now against allure and macy’s, and against those two birchbox is the only one that offers customization.

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Lisa Koski

I have had both. Dropped Ipsy for a while. Birchbox has really gone downhill and Ipsy has stepped up its game.
Ipsy has way better products and the option of adding 3 more products to your box. Ever since Birchbox went into business with Walgreens their subscription service really took a hit. The products they were sending were in no way “deluxe” samples. Then they raised the price.
Ipsy and Sephora are the two “must haves” they will save you money in the long run. I don’t buy mascara, primer, highlighter, or perfume. Very rarely buy anything else. These samples keep me stocked with high end products.

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Great info! One thing I would add that I don’t think I saw mentioned- I actually prefer the Birchbox boxes over the Ipsy cosmetic bags.

Birchbox boxes are beautifully decorated every month and are fantastic for repurposing as gift boxes, storage/organization, using in upcycling projects and some are even pretty enough to use as decoration around the house. Love those things!

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Agree on the boxes. I’ve just started Ipsy for myself (previously Mom had it and shared 😊). I did Birchbox a year ago, started Allure a couple months ago and am happy with it.

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Thank you. I think that you under-represented the full-size items in the ipsy bag. I typically get two full-size items in each ipsy bag. Remember that a sheet mask is a full-size item, a makeup brush is a full-size item, and an eyeshadow that is packaged “solo”, not in a pan made to go into a magnetic palette, is a full-size item.

Of the 46 ipsy bags I’ve received, only three had zero full-size items (that’s 6% of the bags). Nine bags had one full-size item each (19% of bags). Eighteen bags had two full-size items each (that’s 39% of bags). Twelve bags (26%) had three full-size items, and four bags (10%) had four full-size items.

Aaaand the big one – Birchbox is in love with hair items, and will send you shampoo and conditioner samples as 40% of your box on a regular basis. That makes me feel cheated. ipsy doesn’t do that.

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Hmmm. This is good to know – I’m not a big fan of the hair care items and if that’s a focus for Birchbox then I will definitely not renew after the six-month subscription I just signed on for. I also didn’t know Bb had partnered with walgreens. Well… I may be going back to Ipsy after all. Or trying boxycharm (though I prefer the under 20 price point). We’ll see. Appreciate the reviews and comments here.

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Kudos on a very informative analysis. Liz needs to hire you. I would love to read reviews by you

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You are very kind Adeline! Thank you!

MSA would never hire me because I go for logic (“this dispenser is designed badly because there’s no way you could get the lotion out with one hand while holding your baby in the other”) and don’t do “Pollyanna”-type reviews (“it arrived broken and they refused to replace and the smell is rancid and it’s past expiration date and the design is not comfortable to hold but it was sent to us at no cost so in an alternate universe, it would be an awesome product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

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Thank you for the comprehensive comparison! That was a lot of work.

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